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594 Verbs to Use for the Word towns

Besides, a great many people had left town; and they were, themselves, in the rather unsettled state of intending to go away in a fortnight.

After journeying about eight miles, we entered a neat, well built town, which contained, as we were informed, about fifteen thousand inhabitants.

It was a little after midday when we reached the town, which is perched on a high bluff, overlooking the coasts, and contains about a thousand houses, built of bamboo, and covered with palm leaves.

"Another reason everybody comes," whispered Keith, "is because the side that wins always takes the town up to the Nugget and treats to hootch.

From that we went on to the use of bricks, and to-morrow we are going to dig, and make bricks to build a town.

I have visited several towns at Enyong and have found good enough places to stay.

For this purpose, his armies penetrated into the very heart of the Alpujarras, and ravaged the valleys and sacked and burned the towns upon which the city depended for its supplies.

We bought a stock of such articles as are usually found in a frontier store, and transported them to the place on Big Creek, where we were to found our town.

By day the din of his hammer rarely ceased, and by night the flame and sparks from his chimney were a Pharos to all travellers approaching the town.

The troops, who had repulsed the sally on the 22d, had as yet met with little resistance, and thought themselves strong enough to occupy an open town defended only by ill-armed traders and mechanics.

In the view we are examining it is proposed, first to kill the greater part of her combatants, next to invade her territory, destroy her towns and villages, and exact (for there are those who demand it) penalties in kind, actual tit for tat, for what Germans have done in Belgium.

" Nevertheless, these three poor-in-purse midshipmen enjoyed themselves hugely in seeing the quaint old town.

One officer, five grooms, and two signallers mounted on second horses formed a little party to reconnoitre Askalon, and riding boldly into the ancient landing place of the Crusader armies captured the ruined town unaided.

So don't be distressed for us...." X is passed, a large and prosperous town, with mills in a hollow.

I came to myself on the edge of the dark valley which surrounded the town.

The fact that Germany began the slaughter of babies and women in defiance of the rules of war, and has kept it up in frequent raids by warships, Zeppelins, and aeroplanes, whereas the Allies have very seldom attacked open towns, and then only as occasional reprisals following peculiarly barbarous German attacks, has won for Germany the condemnation, and for the Allies the commendation of the civilised world.

They plundered the coast towns of France and Italy.

In his progress he was struck by the advantages of a certain site for a city, and founded there the town which is now called Alexandria.)

Having completed all the arrangements, on June 26th the main body of this expedition had moved from the fort; and after a rapid but interesting march of eight hundred seventy-three miles, on August 18th it entered and took possession of Santa , the capital of New Mexico, the Mexican forces, numbering four thousand, which had been collected to defend the town, having dispersed, without offering the least opposition, as it approached.

As soon as the enemy's resistance shows signs of weakening the G.O.C. Desert Mounted Corps will be prepared to act with the utmost vigour against his retreating troops so as to prevent their escape, or at least to drive them well beyond the high ground immediately overlooking the town from the north.

South of Monte Nero, also on the east bank of the river, lies the town of Tolmino, the object of many fierce Italian assaults, but not yet taken.

During the course of our conversation, Mr. Rose incidentally remarked that he had some idea of laying out a town on the west side of Big Creek, about one mile from the fort, where the railroad was to cross.

Crossing the Jura, Charles besieged the little town of Granson, and after its capitulation he hanged or drowned all the defenders.

At the entrance to this hilly country stands the little town of Sainte Menehould, where there was severe fighting with the French.

"In Belsaye is that pale fox Sir Gui of Allerdale with many trusty men-at-arms to hold the town for Black Ivo and teach Belsaye its duty: how may we destroy my lord Duke's gallows 'neath the very beards of my lord Duke's garrison, wilt tell me that, my good, Black Rogerkin?" "Aye," nodded Roger, "that will Iwhen I have asked my lord."

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