66 Verbs to Use for the Word trembling

But now he felt Ivra trembling.

Now, looking within her glowing eyes, feeling the tremble of her passionate-pleading hands, Beltane bowed his head.

Whatever it was, it set Jig trembling until suddenly he shrank away, cowering against the rock behind.

" I bit my lips to keep back the angry retort which leaped to them, and I saw Washington's hand trembling on his sword.

And so full was she of the great things she had to say, that it was a surprise to her, and left her trembling, when suddenly the woman took away her clinging hand, and flew forward with arms out-spread and a cry of joy.

It sent a flush into her cheeks and steadied the sick trembling that was shaking her through and through.

Then she went slowly to her bed to hide her trembling, and lay down.

" I saw her hand tremble under the blow, but it had to be struck.

He saw her lift her eyes; he felt The soft hand's light caressing, And heard the tremble of her voice, As if a fault confessing: "I'm sorry that I spelt the word; I hate to go above you, Because,"the brown eyes lower fell, "Because, you see, I love you!"

Nor did he for a long while recover from this excessive rigor; his limbs still continued at intervals to twitch and shudder as with a convulsion, nor could he at such times at all control their trembling.

She didn't cry, but for a moment she ceased trembling, and her teeth no longer chattered.

Is it not well known that we must all appear before the judgment-seat of God?" There words seemed to cause a trembling on the still air, and the woman on the other side raised herself suddenly up, clasping her hands and some of those who had just entered heard the words, and came and crowded about the little Pilgrim, some standing, some falling down upon their knee, all with their faces turned towards her.

And now, that I have answered your questions, what is it to be between uspeace or war?" Her eyes drooped, and I could distinctly note the trembling of her slender figure.

Nor can we complain of the gods; for swarms of bees settling upon the standards, the reluctance of the eagles to move forward, and a great earthquake that happened at the commencement of the battleunless, indeed, it was the tramping of horse and foot, and the violent concussion of arms, that produced this trembling of the groundhad forewarned the rash leader of approaching defeat.

"Yes, Frances, I believe that what you say is the truth, and that we are in it with her"I meant to say I with loud, hostile emphasis, but instead I whispered it lest she should hear the trembling of my voice "and for that reason, my dear sister, we leave tomorrow, you and I today, rather, since it is long past midnightwe leave this house of the damned.

" "The man you locked up has escaped," I explained, holding her tightly to me, the very trembling of her figure yielding me courage.

" He went out, and the youth followed trembling, while Tom formed his plans in his mind.

Elizabeth was gazing steadily out of the room, a queer tremble at her lips, a look in her eyes which puzzled him, a look almost of fear, of some sort of apprehension.

It gives me the trembles.

And as a sky from which the sun has gone Trembles all night with all the stars he gave A firmament of memories of the sun, So thrilled and thrilled each life when that great kiss was done.

He thrust an abrupt arm around her shoulders, gripping them hard to still her trembling.

Can death, that hushes all music to a close, Pluck one sweet wire scarce-audible that trembles, As if a little child, called Purity, Sang heedlessly on of his dear Imogen?

Till fear and fascination overcame, And led her trembling into life and joy.

Elise was still leaning trembling and breathless on the chair near the door.

Coleridge thus describes it, in his poem beginning "This Lime-Tree Bower, my Prison," addressed to Charles Lamb: The roaring dell, o'er-wooded, narrow, deep, And only speckled by the midday sun; Where its slim trunk the ash from rock to rock Flings arching like a bridge;that branchless ash, Unsunn'd and damp, whose few poor yellow leaves Ne'er tremble in the gale, yet tremble still, Fanned by the waterfall!

66 Verbs to Use for the Word  trembling