106 Verbs to Use for the Word twig

But as they had to guard against breaking twigs or hurtling branches, which would have betrayed them, their advance was slow.

The Druids cut their misletoe with a golden hook, and the Persians cut the twigs of Ghez, or haulm, called bursam, with a peculiar sort of concentrated knife.

"Where does it lie, what is it like, how much is there of it, and how came you to own it?" "Ask him just so, ag'in," said Nick, taking up four twigs, to note down the questions, seriatim.

" "I'll clean 'em all after the Blow-Out," said Mac, and he went out, buried the charms in the snow, and stuck up a spruce twig to mark the spot.

In the meantime a man with some experience in exorcism had brought twigs of a tree of well-ascertained potency in expelling the devil, and advised that, in view of the known connection between serpents and Satan, it would be well to try beating the patient with these.

" Hence persons carry an ashen twig in their pocket, and according to a Yorkshire proverb: "If your whipsticks made of row'n, You may ride your nag through any town;" But, on the other hand, "Woe to the lad without a rowan-tree gall.

One day to the forest alone she did roam To get some good wood for the fire at home; She gathered some twigs that she found on the ground, And all of them fast in a bundle she bound.

a little flame that died down, leapt up, caught upon dry grass and bracken, seized upon crackling twigs, flared up high and ever fiercera devouring flame, hungry and yellow-tongued that licked along the eartha vengeful flame, pitiless and unrelentinga host of fiery demons that leapt and danced with crackling laughter changing little by little to an angry roar that was the voice of awful doom.

It was the privilege and glory of Hamilton to be one of the most influential of all the men of his day in bending the twig which has now become so great a tree.

But Hamsun now is a greater soul than in the days when Glahn, the solitary dweller in the woods, picked up a broken twig from the ground and held it lovingly, because it looked poor and forsaken; or thanked the hillock of stone outside his hut because it stood there faithfully, as a friend that waited his return.

Are you not strong enough to hold that twig?"

And then, sure enough, he looked around and broke a branch off a tree and pulled the twigs off it.

"Better separate, and attack 'em from two different angles, hadn't we, Tom?" panted Jack presently, as a shot was heard and something clipped a twig from a bush within a foot of his hand.

Look at the child that can scarcely keep himself erect, that can walk only with the greatest carehe sees a twig, a bit of straw; painfully he secures it, and like the bird carries it to his nest.

Thus cut down annually, it does not despair; but, putting forth two short twigs for every one cut off, it spreads out low along the ground in the hollows or between the rocks, growing more stout and scrubby, until it forms, not a tree as yet, but a little pyramidal, stiff, twiggy mass, almost as solid and impenetrable as a rock.

Blue-Star Woman was unable to find even a twig of her family tree.

If Man, the unjust, pay us by casting stones, For filling field and wood and eaves with song, For battling with the weevil for his bread, If he lime twigs for us, if he spread snares, Call to our memory Thy gentle Saint, Thy good Saint Francis, that we may forgive The cruelty of men because a man Once called us brothers, "My brothers, the birds!" THE SECOND VOICE Saint Francis of Assisi A THOUSAND VOICES

He collected dry twigs from the sunny places, cut slivers with his knife, built over the whole a wigwam-shaped pyramid of heavier twigs, against which he leaned his firewood.

She found out also that they could neither run swiftly nor walk silently, and they could be approached easily even by a tiger that cracked a twig with every step.

He put off his wooden shoes and pushed aside the twigs of the hedge until he had made a peep hole.

The principal thing was to scatter some spruce twigs on the floor, spread a few skins, and hang the big kettle, in which they cooked their reindeer meat, on a chain suspended from the top of the tent poles.

Now the hymn, accompanied by the organ, rushed like a big, full stream on through the church: "Thy Zion scatters palms And greening twigs for Thee, But I in glorious psalms Will lift my soul to Thee!

He kept his back against a good, stout tree; he poked the fire into a blaze the moment it showed signs of dying down; he was quicker than any of them to notice the least sound in the night about thema fish jumping in the lake, a twig snapping in the bush, the dropping of occasional fragments of frozen snow from the branches overhead where the heat loosened them.

"You must now go and get some large branches of trees, and trim off the twigs from the lower end, and stick them down in these, holes.

I was literally sickened by the horrible scene, and began to wish most fervently that I had been the one to draw the shortest twig, for it was by no means agreeable to remain there idle while murder was being done, even though it was a bitter enemy who had thus been cowardly done to death.

106 Verbs to Use for the Word  twig
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