101 Verbs to Use for the Word umbrella

The new party is composed of Bombay Musulman youths, the tallest of whom carries an umbrella made out of pink, green and white paper, under which the rest crowd and sing the following couplet relating to the wife and daughter of Husein: "Bano ne Sakinah se kaha.

Sakra, Ruler of Devas, made a flight of steps of purple gold on the left side, where he was seen attending and holding an umbrella of the seven precious substances.

He shook his green cotton umbrella.

Here they catch sight of the Reverend OCTAVIUS SIMPSON and MONTGOMERY PENDRAGON walking together, near the former's house, in the moonlight, and, instantaneously, Mr. BUMSTEAD opens his umbrella over the head of OLD MORTARITY, and drags him down beside himself under it behind the wall.

" Then he took his green cotton umbrella and went upstairs.

And this piece of ancient cynicism has run through a thousand changes: "Of course if you leave your umbrella at home it's sure to rain!"

Mr. CLEWS could not exactly recall that particular case; but had a confused recollection of having lost several umbrellas himself, at various times, and had no doubt that the addition of a nephew must make such a loss still heavier.

I raised my umbrella as a defence, but the first blast snapped it in twain.

"Mr. McLAUGHLIN," he solemnly remarks, waving his umbrella at the graves around, "in this scene you behold the very last of man's individual being.

"We are goin' to visit the wrath of a down-trodden rase upon your frontispiece, that's what we is, d'ye hear, old Pilgarlick?" said the exasperated 16th Amendmenter, as she brought down her gingham umbrella over my shoulders.

" They had only gone a few steps when Mother Cotton-Tail called, "Come back, come back, you have forgotten your umbrella.

" More is said after this; but the speakers have strolled to the other side of the Gospeler's house, and their words cannot be distinguished Mr. BUMSTEAD closes his umbrella with such suddenness and violence as to nearly pull off the head of MCLAUGHLIN; drives his own hat further upon his nose with a sounding blow; takes several wild swallows from his antique flask; eats two cloves, and chuckles hoarsely to himself for some minutes.

At first I felt inclined to take a cab, but on second thoughts I changed my mind, and putting up my umbrella strode along in the direction of St. Martin's church.

He was very nice about it, and in returning my own umbrella took all the blame on himself.

"Well," mutters the Gospeler, "it couldn't have been a ghost, after all; but I certainly thought I saw an umbrella.

[Footnote A: During Mr. Home's address, we observed Mr. A., a planter, send his umbrella to a negro man who stood at the corner-stone, exposed to the sun.]

" "Spirits!" ejaculates the Ritualistic organist, shifting his umbrella for a moment while he hurriedly draws the antique bottle from his pocket.

Until very latelyuntil now, when you are nearly, but not quite, as much under the influence of cloves againyou have had a vague general idea that somebody else must have killed Mr. DROOD and stolen your umbrella.

He has got my silk umbrella.

Pouring though it was, and grovelling admirer of footlight favourites as I am, somehow I never thought to offer either of them my umbrella.

Well, now he had better buy a new umbrella at Trondhjem when he got there.

" The children saw an umbrella behind the door, and they thought they would go both together, and they actually laid down their book, spread the umbrella, and went to the door.

There had been discovered in the umbrella-stand an umbrella with a gold band and a gold tassle, and the name of a certain statesman engraved upon it.

I strolled up and down for half an hour, wrapped in an olive great-coat, and having a green silk umbrella over my head.

The carriage door slammed with a hollow clap; a footman furled an umbrella and climbed to his place beside the driver.

101 Verbs to Use for the Word  umbrella