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126 Verbs to Use for the Word  uniform

126 Verbs to Use for the Word uniform

The last time I saw you, you wore Her Majesty's uniform."

Jack donned the uniform, for the German was a big man.

Do you remember seeing our blue Air Force uniform when we were in town last week?

Accordingly, after calling them together, he took off his general's uniform and made an address of which the substance was that while they remained together they could render no lasting aid to one another or escape detection, but if they scattered they could more easily make good their escape; and he advised each man to look out individually and separately for his own safety.

Dave hurried away, washed, changed his uniform, and then stepped away swiftly to place himself on the report.

"You got a uniform?" he demanded.

After some indecision, my friends and I finally went up to one of the officers and offered to buy new uniforms with the money we expected daily from our families.

The landlord contributes the training, and the government gives the recruit her uniform and fifteen shillings a week to cover her board and lodging.

Fernando asked, as Malone unrolled the bundle containing the elegant uniform of a British officer.

The Charlotte Observer has the following editorial concerning some white troops that passed through Charlotte, N.C.: "Mustered-out West Virginia and New York volunteer soldiers who passed through this city Saturday night, behaved on the train and here like barbarians, disgracing their uniforms, their States and themselves.

After that they all went in ordinary morning dress, putting on their uniforms again on the last day only, when they signed the treaty.

The Bourbon forces, to the number of about two thousand, with some cannon, discovering a few of our men without distinguishing uniform and mingled with peasants, boldly advanced a few lines of bersaglieri, with sufficient support and two guns.

I recognized the Belgium uniform, and one of the soldiers leaned out and held up a German helmet!

"Perhaps we all ought to assume that uniform out of kindness.

Unlike the higher officers, he does not have to dress "smart," and he is very apt to discard his uniform and go clothed like a civilian teamster, excepting on special occasions when necessity demands braid and buttons.

What the rest of the Audience felt, I cant so well tell: For my self, I must declare, that at the end of the Play I found my Soul uniform, and all of a Piece; but at the End of the Epilogue it was so jumbled together, and divided between Jest and Earnest, that if you will forgive me an extravagant Fancy, I will here set it down.

When it was learned that the Germans were approaching Ghent, sixteen hundred civil guardsmen threw their rifles into the canal and, stripping off their uniforms, ran about in the pink and light-blue under-garments which the Belgians affect, frantically begging the townspeople to lend them civilian clothing.

Have you finished laying out my uniform?

They left their uniforms in the room where they had changed.

Long before this I had secured my uniform and accoutrements,which my three shillings a day were far from paying for,and was kept busy superintending the storage of wagons or drilling under Captain Adam Stephen, in whose company I was, at Alexandria.

"Steve says we issue one every time he brushes his uniform.

Alexander's successor, Nicholas I, had been known before his accession as a mere martinet, a good colonel for parade days, wonderful in detecting soiled uniforms, terrible in administering petty punishments.

My donkey, having served the purpose for which I had brought him, was speedily abandoned, and I hurried to a friend's house, where I exchanged my uniform for the garb of a civilian.

The aide-de-camp Fleury, concealing his uniform under his hooded cloak, stationed himself in the clerk's office.

The Commander must know and the Major of Marines, for I shall want a uniform and the free run of the ship, so as to be posted where I like.

And a very scared and humiliated midshipman it was who now stood up, a bit unsteadily, and tried to smooth down his uniform.

For an instant he stood with his back to the latter, peering intently down the aisle which Duchemin had been following, a stout body filling out too well the uniform of a private soldier in the American Expeditionary Forcesthat most ungainly, inutile, unbecoming costume that ever graced the form of man.

He noted anew the uniforms, mostly white faced with blue or violet or red or yellow, and with black, three-cornered hats.

Colonel George P. Bissell, who was marshal, noticing the uniform, put the wearers in front, where the novelty of the rig and its double advantage of utility and show attracted much attention.

On the front of the house they had hung a captured Belgian bugler's uniform and a French dragoon's overcoat, which latter garment was probably a trophy brought back from the lower lines of fighting; it made you think of an old-clothes-man's shop.

" "And stole our uniforms," put in Merritt.

It is to be regretted that a painter of such singular ability, almost unrivalled at moments in the expression of intense feeling and the representation of energetic movement, should have lacked a simpler training, or have been unable to adopt a manner more uniform.

They had been furnished a regular cavalry uniform and on this parade some of them had their heavy overcoats on, others their large black hats, with all the brass accoutrements attached; some of them were minus pantaloons and only wore a breech clout.

Such troops as were about had received new uniforms, and looked clean and tidy.

The appearance of the men and officers was wretched in the extreme; they had for weeks been beating through swamps and hammocks, thickly matted with palmetto bush, which had torn their undress uniforms in tatters, searching for an invisible enemy, who, thoroughly acquainted with the everglades, defied every attempt at capture.

I had little doubt that I could mingle, without great danger, with the rebels, seeing that my gum-blanket would hide my uniform, and was tempted to do so; the thought was rejected, however; time was lacking; it would soon be day; I knew enough already; I could not hope to learn from the rebels much more than I now knew, and every step farther away from our lines would doubly delay my report.

If the enemy's force were small, I might see it all from the outside; but if it consisted of brigades and divisions, I would put on the disguise and throw away my own uniform.

The enemy is now conqueror and master, and no one would dare to touch this uniform.

Europe was not ready with its great thrift schemes, nor had the adjustments been made which would enable a shop to turn out a needed uniform, let us say, in place of a useless dress.

" If it hadn't been for the pride he felt in still having the uniform on, Dalzell might not have been able to check the tears that tried to flow.

V. be uniform &c adj.; accord with &c 23; run through. become uniform &c adj.; conform to &c 82. render uniform, homogenize &c adj.; assimilate, level, smooth, dress.

She started nervously as her eye encountered the police uniform, but she waited to be spoken to. "Is your name Hill?" asked the inspector sternly.

There are instances where whole towns have been kept without the necessaries of life for several days together, in consequence of these interdictions; and I have known it proclaimed by beat of drum, that whoever possessed two uniforms, two hats, or two pair of shoes, should relinquish one for the use of the army!


Augustus is in a continual ferment, as the report that the rest of the Tilchester Yeomanry are going to volunteer for active service has cropped up frequently, and, while he likes the uniform and what he considers the prestige of belonging to such a corps, he has no ardor for using his weapons against the Boers.

for Sir Smees, as I have been taught to call the commander of the lugger, has one, too, that has an air of as much authenticity as this you have shown; and he wears quite as English-looking a uniform; how am I to judge between you?" "That difficulty has been foreseen, Signor Vice-governatore, and I come well provided with the necessary proofs.

How I love the coarse blue uniform!

I rather like you, young mannot your damned uniform, understandand the way you've acted toward my girl.

It is a wrong use of the Bible to manufacture cut of it any one uniform, system, of theology, as the fixed and final form of thought in which religion is to live.

"I will order a new uniform, Ethel," says her uncle.

If I appear to overemphasize this disguising uniform it is because, of all the details of the German outfit, it appealed to me as one of the most remarkable.

However, after more or less correspondence between Nan and the nurse who owned the uniform, the transfer was finally made, and Nan recovered her pretty blue gown, which certainly bore no evidence of having been worn in a sickroom.

A tall, burly officer was passing in the same uniform which De Catinat wore.

The English had come first, in clouds of dust which powdered their uniforms and whitened their sun-baked faces.

The regimental commander may prescribe that coats are to be worn and will prescribe the exact uniform for all drills, parades, and other formations, as well as for men going on pass.

I adopted the plan of allowing the scholars to sit, because I thought it would be pleasanter for them, and they have, in return, been generally, so far as I know, faithful in complying with my wish that they would all assume the posture proposed, so that the school may present the uniform and serious aspect which is proper when we are engaged in so solemn a duty.

But of all rules, the most important is that of preserving an uniform, even tenour of conduct.

But it was Dave Darrin to whom I gave that half promisenot a uniform of any sort.

"My pack?" One's actions in moments of excitement are apt to be largely directed by the subconscious, he knew; still he found it hard to believe that he could unwittingly have unshipped and dropped his rucksack while making ready to pursue the American uniform.

Sir Henry Clinton had recommended him not to quit his uniform; but, yielding to the insinuating Arnold, the unhappy young man had put on a disguise; he had been made prisoner.

They must have good eyes to recognise the uniforms at this distance.

And in connection with the provisional army he decided that "on reconsidering the uniform of the Commander in Chief, it has become a matter of doubt with me, (although, as it respects myself personally, I was against all embroidery,) whether embroidery on the Cape, Cuffs, and Pockets of the Coat, and none on the buff waistcoat would not have a disjointed and awkward appearance."

At La Roque, a tiny hamlet huddled in the shadow of Montpellier and living almost exclusively upon the tourists that pass that way, it was as Duchemin had foreseen, remembering the American uniform and the face smudged with sootthat favourite device of the French criminal of the lower class fearing recognition.

Indeed it was often impossible to distinguish between Insurgent soldiers, who removed their uniforms or had none, and brigands pure and simple.

There are troops in the Turkish army, to which is given the title of 'Pasha formation,' in compliment to Turkey, but the Pasha formations are under command of Baron Kress von Kressenstein, and are salted with German officers, N.C.O.'s, and privates, who, although in the Turkish army, retain their German uniforms.

Many of them were recognized as soldiers by the tatters that revealed an old uniform, or the metal identification tags on their wrists.

They took, therefore, the first opportunity of purchasing two suits similar to those worn by Polish peasants, and, entering a wood, dressed themselves in their new attire, and, rolling their dirt-stained uniforms into a bundle, thrust them into a clump of underwood.

Then a wet wind blew, and ruined all the uniforms of that gorgeous army; and the oaks, who had held themselves in reserve, buckled on their dull and bronzed cuirasses and stood it out stiffly to the last blown leaf, till nothing remained but pencil-shading of bare boughs, and one could see into the most private heart of the woods.

He saw how they scrubbed their uniforms with scrubbing brushes, and plenty of hot water and soap.

Each regiment settles its own uniform; and it is a strange sight to see companies in French, German, and Highland uniforms, all marching gaily through the streets.

Schlyter, the tailor, an occasional companion, was busied cutting and sewing a hundred uniforms for a war-ship's crew.

"Now, the first thing to do is shed these uniforms.

That is the one reason why the males fly about so boldly, showing their glossy uniforms with the red and gold epaulets.

What puzzled Carter most was how Hoff managed to smuggle the uniform in and out of the apartment without being observed.

Surgeons could do little without soiling their uniforms, but my dress had long been past soiling or spoiling; my old kid slippers without heels, could be slid, with the feet in them, quite under a man, and as I stepped sideways across them, they took care that my soft dress did not catch on their buttons.

Everywhere there are soldiersGerman soldiersin their soiled, dusty gray service uniforms, always in heavy boots; always with their tunics buttoned to the throat.

A few drops of rain sprinkled the British uniforms as battalions were formed.

" Giving the major the address of the tailor who could be trusted to supply Jack's uniform without loss of time, and accepting an invitation to dine at the "George" that evening, if he could possibly get away from the ship, Lieutenant Hethcote stepped into the gig, and made his way to the "Falcon.

The distance was too great to tell the uniforms of the party of horsemen; but, of course, they could be only Yankees.

Like most of her sex in Germany she has been reared to venerate the uniform so much that anything done by the man who wears it is quite excusable.

His tall figurehe was of equal height with Mr. Jefferson, who was over six feetwas enveloped in a light riding-coat with short capes over the shoulders, which, when he threw it off, disclosed to view the uniform of a major-general of continental dragoons.

Loyalty implies loyalty in misfortune; and when a soldier has accepted any nation's uniform he has already accepted its defeat.

Writers who look upon the Allies as deliverers who will free Germany from the degrading slavery imposed upon that country, will be disappointed to learn that Germans worship the bunte Rock (gay uniform) more than ever.

The youngest of the four received the deference generally accorded the uniform he wore, and returned the regard due age and station in the civilian world.

"Our not being able to act an uniform right part without some thought and care.

They form truly a fine sight, when one adds the splendid uniform in which the Elector has clothed them,red, and richly trimmed with gold.

The stops at the stations seem unnecessarily long to impatient Americans, but the time is utilized by the leisurely passengers in drinking big goblets of beer, and by the conductor in parading up and down the platform so that the patrons of the road can have an opportunity to admire his radiant uniform and fine shape.

In the course of that same morning we were allotted our uniforms.

They have altered their uniforms, but the spirit is unchanged.

By the same post arrived the new uniform from Dover Street, London, W. You will be glad to hear that Messrs. Blenkinson have done us proud, managing to carry out your many suggestions without departing from regulation.

c. It has authorized uniforms for letter carriers.

Where the French tents were spread, men were softly singing songs of their ancient land, and beyond them sentinels in neat uniforms were walking back and forth among trees that had never beheld uniforms before.

'I believe ye're ashamed o' the uniform,' said Willie, disagreeable under his own disappointment at the verdict.

As we sped through the level lanes of poplars, challenged as usual by every Belgian regular or Garde Civique who could boast a uniform, the smooth green meadows of Flanders with their trim hamlets of stucco and tile seemed to deny the reports of savagery we had heard the night before.

"But Dave, didn't you at least bring along a uniform, so that we could see what it looks like?" "I didn't," replied Dave, soberly, then added, quizzically: "You've seen the district messenger boys on the street, haven't you?"

Afterwards he became prominent in the American Legion and was the chief "cat's paw" for the lumber interests who were capitalizing the uniform to gain their own unholy ends.

There was considerable risk of confusion between friend and foe, as most of the Americans, especially Arnold's men, wore captured British uniforms with nothing to distinguish them but odds and ends of their former kits and a sort of paper hatband bearing the inscription Liberty or Death.

It was visible in the face of every Belgian soldier, and even the children cheered our khaki uniforms as we passed.

Erect in their saddles, their martial spirit defiant of weather, their black eyes flashing as they looked toward the reviewing officers, troop after troop of these sons of the East passed by, everyone seeming as fit for review as if he had cleaned his uniform and equipment in his home barracks instead of in French barns.

A rowdyish cap completed the uniform.