126 Verbs to Use for the Word uniform

The last time I saw you, you wore Her Majesty's uniform."

Jack donned the uniform, for the German was a big man.

Do you remember seeing our blue Air Force uniform when we were in town last week?

Accordingly, after calling them together, he took off his general's uniform and made an address of which the substance was that while they remained together they could render no lasting aid to one another or escape detection, but if they scattered they could more easily make good their escape; and he advised each man to look out individually and separately for his own safety.

Dave hurried away, washed, changed his uniform, and then stepped away swiftly to place himself on the report.

"You got a uniform?" he demanded.

After some indecision, my friends and I finally went up to one of the officers and offered to buy new uniforms with the money we expected daily from our families.

The landlord contributes the training, and the government gives the recruit her uniform and fifteen shillings a week to cover her board and lodging.

Fernando asked, as Malone unrolled the bundle containing the elegant uniform of a British officer.

The Charlotte Observer has the following editorial concerning some white troops that passed through Charlotte, N.C.: "Mustered-out West Virginia and New York volunteer soldiers who passed through this city Saturday night, behaved on the train and here like barbarians, disgracing their uniforms, their States and themselves.

After that they all went in ordinary morning dress, putting on their uniforms again on the last day only, when they signed the treaty.

The Bourbon forces, to the number of about two thousand, with some cannon, discovering a few of our men without distinguishing uniform and mingled with peasants, boldly advanced a few lines of bersaglieri, with sufficient support and two guns.

I recognized the Belgium uniform, and one of the soldiers leaned out and held up a German helmet!

"Perhaps we all ought to assume that uniform out of kindness.

Unlike the higher officers, he does not have to dress "smart," and he is very apt to discard his uniform and go clothed like a civilian teamster, excepting on special occasions when necessity demands braid and buttons.

What the rest of the Audience felt, I cant so well tell: For my self, I must declare, that at the end of the Play I found my Soul uniform, and all of a Piece; but at the End of the Epilogue it was so jumbled together, and divided between Jest and Earnest, that if you will forgive me an extravagant Fancy, I will here set it down.

When it was learned that the Germans were approaching Ghent, sixteen hundred civil guardsmen threw their rifles into the canal and, stripping off their uniforms, ran about in the pink and light-blue under-garments which the Belgians affect, frantically begging the townspeople to lend them civilian clothing.

Have you finished laying out my uniform?

They left their uniforms in the room where they had changed.

Long before this I had secured my uniform and accoutrements,which my three shillings a day were far from paying for,and was kept busy superintending the storage of wagons or drilling under Captain Adam Stephen, in whose company I was, at Alexandria.

"Steve says we issue one every time he brushes his uniform.

Alexander's successor, Nicholas I, had been known before his accession as a mere martinet, a good colonel for parade days, wonderful in detecting soiled uniforms, terrible in administering petty punishments.

My donkey, having served the purpose for which I had brought him, was speedily abandoned, and I hurried to a friend's house, where I exchanged my uniform for the garb of a civilian.

The aide-de-camp Fleury, concealing his uniform under his hooded cloak, stationed himself in the clerk's office.

The Commander must know and the Major of Marines, for I shall want a uniform and the free run of the ship, so as to be posted where I like.

126 Verbs to Use for the Word  uniform