35 Verbs to Use for the Word vans

The engineers reporting that the fortress on El Peñon could not be carried without a loss of one-third the army, Scott decided to move by the south of the lakes; and Worth accordingly advanced, leading the van, as far as San Augustin, nine miles from the city of Mexico.

M. du Rémusat had entered the van coupled with M. Duvergier de Hauranne.

In like manner the enemy's horse formed the van of the army: Arruns Tarquinius, the king's son, was in command: the king himself followed with the legions.

That is also why a detachment of Chinese soldiers has taken over the van at Kachgar, in relief of the Persians!

As they grow up much of it is merely economic acquirement: if they are to work on the land, or rear cattle, or drive a van through the country, it is all to the good; but one thing is noticeable, that they take very quickly to such allurements of town life as a cinema, or a picture paper or gramophone, and this points to unsatisfied cravings of some sort, not necessarily so unworthy or superficial as the means sought to satisfy them.

Was it for that reason that at Donchak they had so carefully watched the van which contained the corpse?

who, commanding Henry's van, deserted to the enemy during the heat of action, and spread a consternation through the troops.

"In districts where a number of shops were serving the same people and streets, they would be asked to co-operate so that butcher, baker and grocer would use the same vans.

At night it will be easy for me to visit the van, for it is only shut in by the doors at the ends of the passage arranged between the packages.

These fellows were awfully bad shots, though, never so much as hitting the van in which the show travels.

A selector at Dogtrap, on the Wyambeet run, at a point of the compass ten miles down the road from Caddagat, kept a hooded van.

I had just left the van after looking for him in vain, and supposing that he had been the first victim of the catastrophe.

When eighteen miles from Fort Washington Indians attacked his van, driving off a few packhorses; but Clark brought up his men from the rear and after a smart skirmish put the savages to flight.

And still the long line of heavy vehicles followed one another down the road: moving vans, delivery wagons, huge drays, and even little three-wheeled carts drawn by dogs, rolled on towards the south.

could they never, never hit it right? "When other lips and other hearts Their tale of love shall tell" and it was she who, as they crossed Calliope street, first espied the rear of the procession, in column of fours again, it was she who flashed tears of joy as they whirled into Erato street to overtake the van and she was first to alight at the station.

One carrierAllworthyhas come through to the bridge, but says he passed Solomon's van in a drift about four miles back, this side of the Cheriton oak.

The train must be run backward and pick up the lost vans.

as if I'd been pulling a van!

But that's what he asserted; So thereupon I went to Anne And told her of my brilliant plan, Which is, to purchase from a man A furniture-removal van, And have the thing converted.

And mangled and afflicted by the arrows shot by Partha the son of Pandu, Vikartana's son, quitted the van of battle, and quickly took to flight, like one elephant vanquished by another.'" SECTION LV Vaisampayana said, "After the son of Radha had fled from the field, other warriors headed by Duryodhana, one after another, fell upon the son of Pandu with their respective divisions.

"Send a furniture-van, one of those closed vans that the storage warehouses use, up to my laboratory any time before seven o'clock.

On the 18th, the police van containing them was returning from the Court to the County Gaol at Salford, and as it reached the railway arch which crosses the Hyde Road at Bellevue, a man sprang out, shot one of the horses, and thus stopped the van.

"On, on," I cried, for we were past the need for silence, and when I looked again, the kindly fog had swallowed up the van of the party.

The Mordaunt Estate took down the "To Let" sign, and went in search of a helper to unload the van.

A kind-faced policeman pointed out a massive stone archway where she must enter, and passing here, beside a stolid soldier in his sentry box, she came presently to a black iron door in front of which were waiting two yellow-and-black prison vans, windowless.

35 Verbs to Use for the Word  vans