75 Verbs to Use for the Word  vocations

75 Verbs to Use for the Word vocations

Only when subjected to the positive does the negative find its true vocation.

Their weapons do not endanger life; and as each one knows that his adversary is merely following his vocation, they often fight without animosity.

Ah, for a child in the street I could strike; for the full-blown lady Somehow, Eustace, alas, I have not felt the vocation.

That an innocent man, peaceably pursuing an honorable vocation, should be forcibly carried on board a British man-of-war, and there be compelled to remain, shut out from all hope of ever seeing his family, seemed, to the robust sense of justice in the popular breast, little better than Algerian bondage.

He chose his vocation early, for writing poetry was the business of his life.

I'd like to know" Just then the ancient hall-porter of the club (who surely missed his vocation in life, and should have been a bishop, or at least a dean) ushered in Appleyard, whom Allerdyke immediately beckoned to join him amongst the window-curtains.

He was a fairly able judge, but he had mistaken his vocation; his rare talent for making third-rate jokes would have brought him a fortune in the world of musical comedy.

When, from the infirmities of age, she could no longer ply her vocation successfully, it happened fortunately that her son, by his labour as a farm-servant, was able to make up the deficiency.

He had been left an orphan at the early age of eleven, and his friends wished him to adopt the vocation of a landscape-gardener; but being passionately fond of music, and having acquired some skill on the violin, he left Dresden, his birthplace, in order to seek his fortune; wandering from place to place, until at Hanover, in 1731, he obtained an engagement in the band of the Guards.

But in an evil day he forgot his true vocation, and took upon himself the function of a priest by offering burnt sacrifices, which was not lawful but for the priest alone.

We who write, if we want the talents [talent], yet have the excuse that we do it for a poor subsistence; but what can be urged in their defence, who, not having the vocation of poverty to scribble, out of mere wantonness take pains to make themselves ridiculous?

In later times, however, though the formalities were quite simple, yet the hag of the sixteenth century exercised her vocation with all its ancient potency.

He said what’s important is not the doing but being with God in discerning their vocation in life.

It will be observed how John Yeardley, in after life so abundant in word and doctrine, and so catholic in his ideas and sympathies, received his vocation as a divine gift immediately from above, and served in it an apprenticeship altogether spiritual, and apart from human learning or instruction.

"If she hasn't got a vocation, nobody ever had one," said Jocunda, mentally.

I have asked the same question of several missionaries, but have never been able to discover a nautch dancer who has abandoned her vocation, or has deserted her temple, or has run away with a lover, or has been reached in any way by the various missions for women in India.

Neither his father nor mother had inspired this sense of affinity; and his sister Mary and his brothers seemed to him merely people whom he had known alwaysnot more than that; whereas Eliza was quite different, and perhaps it was this very mutuality, which he could not define, that had decided their vocations.

He had made almost every pilgrimage that the Church may dictatethat wise old Church, which fills so well its vocation in the minds of the restless and the unsatisfied.

Commissions of gallantry formed his vocation.

Always fulfill thy moral vocation, thy special destination.

No one meeting him for the first time and unfurnished with a clue would have guessed his vocation.

Isn't it so, brother Antonio?" "But if the darling hath a vocation?" said the artist, mildly.

The work illustrates one of the activities offered within the building, indicating its sports vocation.

The proposal makes it possible to further develop the natural attractions of the bay, while integrating its present and future vocation as a port.

"In this nation we have only two true prophets, Calhoun and Clayboth men of equal might, and resolution, and intellectgifted as beseems their vocation, masterful and heroic; and to these all other men are subordinate in the great designs of Providence."

And thus do I faintly realize, though but for a brief and flitting day, the serene joy which shall irradiate the Farmer's vocation, when a fuller and truer education shall have refined and chastened his animal cravings, and when Science shall have endowed him with her treasures, redeeming Labor from drudgery, while quadrupling its efficiency, and crowning with beauty and plenty our bounteous, beneficent Earth.

Did he not know her vocation?

"Mr. Lewes lacks the vocation of the scholar, which, indeed, is generally wanting in original minds.

Many of the men had high hopes of gaining a commission; many of the most worthy young men of the State, who left their peaceful vocations for the rough service of war, for they were, students, bookkeepers, real estate men, merchants, clerks and artists who responded to their country's callall looking to a much desired promotion.

A government will realise that a market is not a place like Mbare, but that it’s nothing more than countless individuals buying and selling, producing and consuming, not only to meet their basic needs but also to live out their vocations.

The costs and challenges of maintaining vocation as priority have been accompanied by encouragement, companionship, and the faithful surprises of our loving, creative Saviour.

PROOEMION (1816) In His blest name, who was His own creation, Who from all time makes making His vocation; The name of Him who makes our faith so bright, Love, confidence, activity, and might; In that One's name, who, named though oft He be, Unknown is ever in Reality: As far as ear can reach, or eyesight dim,

Each is faithfully obeying his own inward vocation, a voice unheard by other soul than his own, and the inability to calculate consequences makes the preëminent grandeur of his position; or he is urged by the high inevitable impulse to publish or verify an idea: the Divine Destiny works in their hearts, and plans over their heads.

Fr. Mateo, the great apostle of the Sacred Heart, promoted Night Adoration in the home as a means to obtain vocations.

In education, in philanthropy, in journalism, in literature, in art, they will be called to serve; many philanthropies will invite them; the organization of industry upon coöperative lines will offer some of them a vocation, and the government will be upon their shoulders.

The young man when at home may wish to practise the deadly vocation of an American soldier of the period over the garden fence at my birds, in which case he and I could readily fight a duel, and help maintain an honored custom of the commonwealth.

For two weeks Tom Gordon prosecuted his vocation as a newsboy in the city of New York, by which time he had gained enough experience to earn his daily bread, but nothing beyond that.

"Let no one say that reality wants poetical interest; for in this the poet proves his vocation, that he has the art to win from a common subject an interesting side.

The saints, as I said, must be reasonable, and oughtn't to be putting vocations into the head of an old woman's only staff and stay; and if they oughtn't to, why, then, they won't.

It was about this time, and partly owing to the influence of Schulze, the author of Aenesidemus, and then a professor at the University of Göttingen, that Schopenhauer came to realise his vocation as that of a philosopher.

A popular British author of our own day, in order to demonstrate the law of compensation, as regards the literary vocation, cites its inexpensiveness,arguing, that, whereas the artist must invest capital, however small, in colors, marble, canvas, and studio-hire, and the professional man occupy a costly locality, the author needs but a quire of foolscap and a pen and ink to set up in trade.

She did not regret the vocation which she had abandoned; she felt no curiosity about the fortunes of the newspaper.

Martínez said that the experience has reinforced his vocation.

The lull brought into action that Shefket Pasha who, the following year, inaugurated the "Bulgarian atrocities," and who, declining to attack the band of Peko, came to vent his prowess on the people of the Popovo plain, of whom about five thousand had returned from exile in Dalmatia under the guarantee of the Turkish authorities of freedom from molestation on resuming their ordinary vocations.

We will wait and see which vocation you select as your own, for the broken remnant of your days.

The opening of the Tunnel of the West (which shortens the time and the distance between the locality and Medellín) in 2006 has allowed hundreds of tourists to come each weekend, stimulating the vocation of the vicinity as a summer vacation site.

This is not a formula that sums up the vocation of the prophets solely, or of all those who, in the pulpit or in the tribune, by the pen or by the public discourse, exert an influence upon their contemporaries.

How often did he ask himself if he were surrendering his true vocation?

I think I began to suspect my vocation when you left the parish.

Rosalie swaps her vocation as a veterinarian for one of tap-dancing.