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174 Verbs to Use for the Word  wagon

174 Verbs to Use for the Word wagon

All that I would have to do would be to take the place of any man who became sick, and drive his wagon until he recovered.

We remained in this camp only one day, and then the whole troop pulled out for the Tongue river, leaving our wagons behind, but taking with us a large pack train.

An old fashioned stile was set in a rail fence which separated the grounds from the lane, and Hucks drew up the wagon so his passengers could all alight upon the step of the stile.

Over to the left the main road into The Corner crossed the wide, shallow ford of the Young Muddy River and up this road he saw half a dozen wagons coming, wagons of all sizes; but nothing went out of The Corner.

Telling Wilson, the chief wagon-master, to bring on his mess-wagon, which was at the head of the train, I said I would try the experiment at least.

"All right, Colonel, send along a wagon or two to bring in the meat," I said.

He had taken no wagons with him and his supply train was composed only of pack mules.

"But never mind, Billy," said he, "we can stand it till the snow goes off, which will not be long, and then we will pull our wagon back to the settlements.

We commenced loading our wagon with our few things.

Later on, after we pass the wagon, Jerry will act as guide, as he's been up there before, and knows a lot about the country," called Will.

George and I hurried to fill up our wagon, telling our wives to get in, as there was no time to losewe must go at once.

Obstacles confronted us at every step, but we struggled forward, dragging the wagons ourselves when the horses gave out, as they soon did, and finally, toward the end of May, we won through to a pleasant valley named Great Meadows, dominated by a mountain called Laurel Hill.

The next day, Friday, we hired a two horse wagon, and made preparations to start on our perilous undertaking Saturday morning.

"Hitch up that air wagon, fill hit full o' bacon and meal, and drive it up thar to my tent.

Come then and turn us the wagon, and drive straightway to the village, There the good maid to woo, and soon bring her home to thy dwelling.

My wife, Aunt Kitty and nine other servants followed the wagon.

Presently they met the first farm-wagon with its load of worshippers for the little mountain church beyond.

I would have got a milk wagon, only Wilbur carelessly blew the horn and scared him up a side street.

Others turned around so short that they broke the wagon tongues off.

While they were thus engaged, one of the Mexicans called Jerry's attention to a solitary Indian who was approaching our wagons from the rear.

It was nearly ten o'clock when Sing Pete stopped the grub-wagon at the bunk-house; Pedro wrangled the saddle cavallard into the pasture below the barn; Parker and the cowboys jogged their bronchos to the stable door and the Ramblin' Kid, riding the Gold Dust maverickCaptain

Some proposed to abandon the wagons and make the oxen carry out the children and provisions; some wanted to take the children and rations and start out on foot; and some sat brooding in dazed silence through the long night.

" I had just begun to grease my farm wagon and was experiencing some difficulty in lifting and steadying the heavy rear axle while I took off the wheel.

"We are to destroy all our powder and stores, burn our wagons, and flee back to the settlements, like so many children.

This left us without a team; but we cared little for that, however, as we had made up our minds to remain there till spring, when, and it was decided, that one of us should go to the nearest settlement and get a yoke of oxen with which to haul our wagon into some place of safety where we could leave it.

Meanwhile, Frank would escort the wagon to the camp, feeling quite able to take good care of the supply train, as Jerry called it, when he tired of saying "chuck-wagon.

As yet Millville is scarcely large enough to require a delivery wagon.

The latter finally found the wagon he was after.

We then started the wagon down the hill.

In the stable-yard stood some high steps, used for the convenience of passengers when they mounted the wagons and diligences.

After selecting a good camp, he unloaded the wagons and sent them back to Fort Lyon for fresh supplies.

R71271, 5Dec50, Rosemond Grant Fletcher (W) LOST WAGONS, by Dane Coolidge.

He had to fix the wagons and the plow too.

We overtook similar wagons, heavily laden with goods bound for Santa Fรฉ.

When the negro entered the wagon they overpowered him and drove on.

The constable took it swiftly with long strides, reached a wagon, and dodged under it.

On one occasion a petrol bomb was successfully exploded in a German bivouac at night, while from a diary found on a dead German cavalry soldier it has been discovered that a high explosive bomb, thrown at a cavalry column from one of our aeroplanes, struck an ammunition wagon, resulting in an explosion which killed fifteen of the enemy.

A strong and convenient running gear, so arranged as to be easily attached and detached at pleasure, is furnished, if desired; forming, when separate, a useful wagon.

At Junction City we sold our wagon and furs and went with a government mule train to Leavenwortharriving there in March, 1860.

In the morning, before starting, the officer in charge of the escort rode along the line, examining every wagon carefully, asking the names of the drivers, and referring to a paper with which he had been furnished by the owners of the carts, at starting, giving the names of the drivers.

The horses could not hold back the heavily laden wagon, and they broke into a gallop.

" Tradition may be said to still survive in the country cartwright, who produces the farmer's wagon in accordance with custom and tradition, modifying the method of construction somewhat perhaps to meet altered conditions of circumstances, and then ornamenting his work by no particular set design or rule, but partly from inherited aptitude and partly from playfulness or fancy.

Will and Bluff had spied the wagon by now, and they shouted a noisy welcome.

A strange certainty that he had died in the night settled upon her mind as soon as she waked from her troubled sleep; and when she reached Lizzy's door, and saw standing before it the undertaker's wagon, which she so well remembered, there was no shock of surprise to her in the sight.

I remembered bitterly what work we had had to obtain those wagons.

I had to buy this light wagon and a team of horses in Dubuque, and it took a little time, it took a little time.

Occasionally they heard a wagon creaking along the distant street.

An' with that he went an' gethered up his books, deliberate, an'fetched his hat, an' picked up a nest o' little chimbly-swallows he had dislodged in comin' down (all this here it happened thess las' June), an' he went out an' harnessed up his goat-wagon, an' got in.

So it was chartered, and ordered round,an open mountain wagon, with four horses; their remaining luggage was secured upon it, and they themselves took their seats gayly.

You are acquainted with Mis' Root, I guess?" Nal removed his cap with a flourish, and Mrs. Root, a large, lymphatic, prolific female, entreated him to ascend the wagon and sit down.

I said to him, 'If this ferryman can cross our wagon for me, and you fellows will open out a little and let me in, I'll show you all a crossing, and it'll be no miracle either.'

Toward evening, Jakie gathering his cows on the opposite side, noticed our emigrant wagon, and oxen, and as he drew nearer recognized Mrs. Lennox.

Ferguson parked his baggage wagons along the northeastern part of the mountain.

They had to number the wagons to avoid trouble and they made them keep their places.

from the cannonading to the westa supply-train, an overturned motor-van, and here and there packed ammunition wagons and guns.

Kohlhaas, who was occupied in dressing his boys, likewise noticed the commotion and intentionally kept the wagon waiting in front of the house longer than was really necessary.

None the less, he ran to the baggage-room end of the building and, capturing an express wagon, had himself trundled out to the Court House.

Here rolled the covered wagons.

The mural decorations in the corridor caught his eyethe covered wagon, drawn by oxen plodding patiently into the sunsetthe incoming settlers of the pioneer days.

I landed this buzz wagon out of a ten dollar pike bet.

It took two days to repair our wagons and get our baggage readjusted, and finally, on the thirteenth, the army set in motion again, winding along the narrow road through the forest like some gigantic, parti-colored serpent, with strength barely sufficient to drag its great length along.

We soon lifted the wagon out of the ditch, and then resumed our drive, running into camp under full headway, and creating considerable amusement.

Billy, as soon as the thing was over, mounted in not quite the best humor and rode away to join his wagons.

Frank Hall had a grievance against the Indians, and during their absence from their camp went there and cut their wagons and harness to pieces.

So we set forth, the sturdy wagon, the serviceable bays, with James Grayden their driver, the gentle lady, whose serene patience bore up through all delays and discomforts, the Chaplain, the Philanthropist, and myself, the teller of this story.

As they watched the rumbling wagons they were joined by one of businesslike appearance and swift step.

Lester Montague, of Sea Tack, Maryland, who makes the wagons of Romanys for all the Atlantic coast tribes, like his father before him, had done an especially good job of it.

No use smashing the wagon.

The wealthy, learned, and artistic city of Nรผrnberg possessed a public wagon which every night was led through the streets, to pick up and convey to their homes drunken burghers found lying in the filth of the streets.

" As if the whole affair had been premeditated and prearranged a patrol wagon at that instant backed to the curb and in spite of Arthur Weldon's loud protests he was thrust inside with his assailant and at once driven away at a rapid gait.

So he prepared a thousand wagons to bring stones, chose ten thousand of the most skilful workmen, bought a thousand priestly garments for as many of the priests, and had some of them taught how to work as builders, and others as carpenters.

On the outside of each road is a line of large blocks of stone set upright, which serves as a barrier to prevent wagons from going off into the ditch.

The general, too, was highly satisfied with my conduct in procuring him the wagons, etc., and readily paid my account of disbursements, thanking me repeatedly, and requesting my further assistance in sending provisions after him.

I purchased four stout wagons, and thirty mules with harness and outfit for the road, complete; and engaged the services of an old Texan named Jerry Vance, as wagon-master for the trip.

It is only necessary to place the off-railer (which, like all the lengths of rail of this system, forms but one piece with its sleepers and fish-plates) on the fixed line, adding a curve in the direction it is intended to go, and push the wagons on to the off-railer, when they will gradually leave the fixed line and pass on the new track.

When the roads became bad or hilly, the family quit the wagon and trudged along on foot, the mother carrying the baby Fernando in her arms.

Around a bend would rattle the wagons of the Double-Crank, with a lone rider trotting before to point the way; down to the very bank of the uncaring creek they would go.

"I think I recognize that wagon, don't I?"

Without a moment's hesitation, he galloped down a long slope, rejoined the creeping wagons, hurried them forward a mile or so, and turned into a ravine for the night's halt.

After that the frail carts had to relieve the wagons of a part of their loads, in order that the remaining animals could draw them, each cart taking on a hundred more pounds.

At last Benjamin Franklin, then deputy postmaster-general of the colonies, persuaded the farmers of Pennsylvania, who had plenty, to rent the wagons and horses to the general.

On the day of the total eclipse of the sun, it entered his head that it would be fine sport, knowing my my ignorance and superstition, to send me, just as the darkness was coming on, to return the borrowed wagon.

If a number of boys were going to ride a wagon, and their father put one of them in charge, he ought not to keep the best seat in the wagon for himself.

As he curved his horse round a freight wagon in front of the Blue Pigeon he saw three men issue from the doorway of the Happy Heart Saloon.

The prancing horses, rumbling wagons, screaming calliope, frolicking tumblers, tramp bicyclists weaving in and out in grotesque costumes, often on one wheel, the Tallyho stage filled with smiling ladies, old Sultan, the majestic lion, gazing in calm dignity down from his high extension cageall this passed, a fantastic panorama, before Andy's engrossed gaze.

she had expected to find heras Hermia had saidin Cleofonte's house-wagon.

Meanwhile, Frank would escort the wagon to the camp, feeling quite able to take good care of the supply train, as Jerry called it, when he tired of saying "chuck-wagon.

As we came upon the top of the ridge, from which we could view our camp, we were astonished to see the remainder of the train men disarmed and stationed in a group and surrounded by another squad of Danites, while other Mormons were searching our wagons for such articles as they wanted.

I nearly bought a horse for fifteen dollars, and did secure a wagon for one dollar and a half, which, after a few needed repairs, costing only twenty-six dollars, was my pride, delight and comfort, and the envy of the neighborhood.

The Justice kicked away the stones with which he had made the wheel fast, seized the wagon by its tongue in order to test the mended tire, and in spite of its weight hauled it without exertion diagonally across the yard, so that the hens, geese and ducks, which had been quietly sunning themselves, flew, with loud cries, before the rattling vehicle, and a couple of pigs jumped up, grunting, from their mud-holes.

Their main object so far was undoubtedly to frighten the mules into a stampede and thus separate the wagons.

I felt the girl in my arms a thousand times as I had felt her for those delicious hours the night she had invited me to share the wagon with her, and we had sat in the spring seat wrapped in the buffalo-robe, as she slept with her head on my shoulder.

She tuk me once a-settin' up on top a load er hay: My feet shets out the wagon, and my head's a mile away; She took her Ma in our back yard, a-hanging out the clothes, With hands as big as buckets, and a face that's mostly nose.

My cows settled slowly into the yoke, and standing, as they did now, on firm ground, they deliberately snaked the wagon, hub-deep as it was, out of the mire, and stopped at the word on the western side of the mud-hole.

But at the critical instant the mules gave way to terror, snatched the heavy wagon into the opposite plank walk, and tried to climb a near-by telephone pole.

We're going into the woods to spend a week or two; wagon following after with all the stuff.

You take the grease this time and I'll steady the wagon.

Sing Pete baked a supply of light-bread and stocked the grub-wagon with provisions.

The spires of Richmond, late beheld Through rifts in musket-haze, Were closed from view in clouds of dust On leaf-walled ways, Where streamed our wagons in caravan; And the Seven Nights and Days Of march and fast, retreat and fight, Pinched our grimed faces to ghastly plight Does the elm wood Recall the haggard beards of blood?

Beyond the river was a great swamp, where a road of logs had to be built to support the wagons and artillery, but we won through without accident, and two days later reached a place called Jacob's cabin, not above thirty miles, as the bird flies, from Fort Duquesne.