174 Verbs to Use for the Word wagon

All that I would have to do would be to take the place of any man who became sick, and drive his wagon until he recovered.

We remained in this camp only one day, and then the whole troop pulled out for the Tongue river, leaving our wagons behind, but taking with us a large pack train.

An old fashioned stile was set in a rail fence which separated the grounds from the lane, and Hucks drew up the wagon so his passengers could all alight upon the step of the stile.

Over to the left the main road into The Corner crossed the wide, shallow ford of the Young Muddy River and up this road he saw half a dozen wagons coming, wagons of all sizes; but nothing went out of The Corner.

Telling Wilson, the chief wagon-master, to bring on his mess-wagon, which was at the head of the train, I said I would try the experiment at least.

"All right, Colonel, send along a wagon or two to bring in the meat," I said.

He had taken no wagons with him and his supply train was composed only of pack mules.

"But never mind, Billy," said he, "we can stand it till the snow goes off, which will not be long, and then we will pull our wagon back to the settlements.

We commenced loading our wagon with our few things.

Later on, after we pass the wagon, Jerry will act as guide, as he's been up there before, and knows a lot about the country," called Will.

George and I hurried to fill up our wagon, telling our wives to get in, as there was no time to losewe must go at once.

Obstacles confronted us at every step, but we struggled forward, dragging the wagons ourselves when the horses gave out, as they soon did, and finally, toward the end of May, we won through to a pleasant valley named Great Meadows, dominated by a mountain called Laurel Hill.

The next day, Friday, we hired a two horse wagon, and made preparations to start on our perilous undertaking Saturday morning.

"Hitch up that air wagon, fill hit full o' bacon and meal, and drive it up thar to my tent.

Come then and turn us the wagon, and drive straightway to the village, There the good maid to woo, and soon bring her home to thy dwelling.

My wife, Aunt Kitty and nine other servants followed the wagon.

Presently they met the first farm-wagon with its load of worshippers for the little mountain church beyond.

I would have got a milk wagon, only Wilbur carelessly blew the horn and scared him up a side street.

Others turned around so short that they broke the wagon tongues off.

While they were thus engaged, one of the Mexicans called Jerry's attention to a solitary Indian who was approaching our wagons from the rear.

It was nearly ten o'clock when Sing Pete stopped the grub-wagon at the bunk-house; Pedro wrangled the saddle cavallard into the pasture below the barn; Parker and the cowboys jogged their bronchos to the stable door and the Ramblin' Kid, riding the Gold Dust maverickCaptain

Some proposed to abandon the wagons and make the oxen carry out the children and provisions; some wanted to take the children and rations and start out on foot; and some sat brooding in dazed silence through the long night.

" I had just begun to grease my farm wagon and was experiencing some difficulty in lifting and steadying the heavy rear axle while I took off the wheel.

"We are to destroy all our powder and stores, burn our wagons, and flee back to the settlements, like so many children.

This left us without a team; but we cared little for that, however, as we had made up our minds to remain there till spring, when, and it was decided, that one of us should go to the nearest settlement and get a yoke of oxen with which to haul our wagon into some place of safety where we could leave it.

174 Verbs to Use for the Word  wagon