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256 Verbs to Use for the Word watching

Slowly, and keeping a careful watch in all directions, I made the circuit of the Pit; but found little else, that I had not already seen.

Scott took the first watch, while Charley and I made a bed in the hole.

Let go-o-o!" The "coffee-mill" stopped, and Jack Vance pulled out his watch.

The Boy woke at four o'clock, and after the match-light, by which he consulted his watch, had flickered out, he lay a long time staring at the dark.

The stars stole out silently, and set their watch in the sky, and calmness and repose rested upon everything around us.

" He drew out a great silver watch.

They tower so far above the surrounding highlands, that they seem always to be peering over the intervening ranges, as if holding an everlasting watch over the broad wilderness beneath them.

The Nigger, being cook, stood no watch.

On her next visit they had chosen as schoolmistress a young woman, Mary Connor, recently committed for stealing a watch.

when Mr. BUMSTEAD was in yesterday for the regular daily new crystal in his own watchhow does he break so many!he said that his beloved nephews wore only watches and rings, or he would buy paste breastpins for them.

Here, during the greater part of the day, I maintained a strict watch over the gardens.

I thought I must be going to be ill, and got out my watch and felt my pulse: it was beating furiously, about one hundred and twenty-five throbs in a minute.

and then he gives us light watches, and all the time our pay goes on just the same.

After staying away three years, one fine day he came back, bringing with him one of these Swiss, Hans Reuter; and the two, being great friends, set up a shop together, where they made and sold watches and jewelry.

Zalli had found the night-watch.

She wound King's watch, guessing at the time; she judged it sensible to force a little nourishment upon him at regular intervals and brought him his broth every two hours.

"She left a gold watch to Chet," Mrs. Bradley told them.

Bill told him he had won it fairly, and that he proposed to have it; furthermore, he declared his intention of carrying the watch across the street next morning to military headquarters, at which place he had to report at nine o'clock.

Why, you'd never forgive me, sir, and I should lose the gold watch besides.' "'No, you won't,' ses Mr. Bunnett, speaking very fast.

Then began the long, long night-watch.

Something I said however, gave him knowledge that I was a seaman, and he paused a moment more civilly before resuming his watch, even pointing out what resembled the gleam of a distant sail far away on our starboard quarter.

M. Goulden examined the watch with great care and said, "Do not be offended, gentlemen; I, too, served France under the Republic, and I know it must cut to the heart to be forced to sell something which recalls sacred memories.

" Godfrey flushed a little at the words and laid down the watch.

He was in debt, had fraudulently drawn cheques when he had nothing at the bank to meet them, and was so reduced to poverty that he had pawned his watch and his case of surgical instruments.

Mr. Rollwage (dead now but was a lawyer at Forrest City) gave Scott a tie and white vest and lend him his watch and chain to be married in.

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