43 Verbs to Use for the Word wax

"He is dry." said they, "and void of genius: he does not make the flea to fly, and stars to fall, nor the sun to melt wax; he has not the true Oriental style."

I never could seal a letter without dropping the wax on one side, besides scalding my fingers.

CHAPTER XXI Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax, and the third finger of the left hand

And, on examining that tree, the negroes were sure to find wax and honey, but knew not whether it grew there naturally or not.

Patsy turned it over once or twice, and then broke the wax and untied the cord.

To the picture of Our Lady of Kazan they were ever ready to burn wax and oil; to truth and justice they constantly omitted the tribute of mere common honesty.

How skilfully she builds her cell, How neat she spreads the wax!

Whoever sent that note had seen mine, I am certain, and of course would use wax, as I did.

Oliver laid the wax on the table.

No effort should be made to remove the ear wax unless it accumulates unduly.

" Ned held forth the sealing wax.

They rifle every flower, and lightly skim The crystal brook, and sip the running stream; And thus they feed their young with strange delight, And knead the yielding wax, and work the slimy sweet.

Over it all, sheeting ceiling and walls, lay the living and receptive wax.

Thou canst not see; I see, dearest; O, then, yet patient be, Though love refuse thy heart all rest, Though even love wax angry, lest Love should lose thee?

Strung on the midrib of a palm-leaf, the combination makes wax and wick, and has lighted many a council and many a dance in Polynesia.

For let whoso amid the cloud of war from his beloved country wardeth the bloody shower, and maketh havoc in the enemy's host, know assuredly that for the race of his fellow-citizens he maketh their renown wax mightily, yea when he is dead even as while he was yet alive.

Thus the life of a bee is one of intelligence and art, for man has learned from them to manufacture, to build, and to store his food: three occupations which are not the same but are diverse in their nature, for it is one thing to provide food, another to manufacture wax and honey, and still another to build a house.

This decided her to test herself, and, obtaining wax and the proper tools, she worked industriously until she had made a head that she was willing to show to others.

He paints wax, and calls it life; and you' 'Go on!please go on!'

Heat a large pan, pass ironing-wax over surface, lay in waxed paper, and drop spoonfuls of mixture on paper, same distance apart.

It was for this that they were beaten and exposed naked in the sun; and other torture, such as pouring tile wax of burning candles into their eyes, was used to make them disclose where they had hidden church vessels and church funds.

The Bisayas, Cagayan, and many other provinces, produce wax in considerable abundance, which the Indians collect from the natural hives formed in the cavities of the trees, and it is also brought down by the infidel natives from the mountains to the neighboring towns.

Or will the "hero"in form of Committee Really prove wax for the Hydra to mould?

What interested me most were wonderful life-like figures (some said wax, but they were no more wax than you are) of Laplanders, Swedes, and Norwegians, dressed in clothes that had been worn by real peasants, and done by an artistic hand.

Sohms' wax being a climbing wax is apt to stick to some kinds of snow and if Sohms' skins have been used, it is wise to scrape all this wax off before the run down and to polish the Ski with Parafine wax if it needs a finish.

43 Verbs to Use for the Word  wax