13 Verbs to Use for the Word weekly

(In King Features illustrated weekly, Oct. 7-Dec. 30, 1934)

King Features Syndicate, Inc. (PCW); 22Jun60; R258850. KING FEATURES SYNDICATE, INC. SEE King features comic weekly.

My friend, Cyril D'Cunha, started a sports weekly called Goal, and I was its Mumbai correspondent.

Of course, he has already announced plans to publish a weekly in Goa owned by the readers!!

I had been speaking to some wealthier Goans, my idea of launching a broadsheet weekly, which would, over a period, be converted to a full-fledged daily.

Mr. Morehouse, who took one or two French and English illustrated weeklies as well as New York daily papers, saw these things as soon as Theo Dene saw them; and, when Angela returned to San Francisco from Bakersfield, he told her of the Prince's project.

"She must have seen that pictorial weekly," thought the boy miserably.

He received his weekly from the parsimonious old man.

They met again, and agreed to insult each other weekly.

Is this too much to expect? Chapter 18: Romi Konkani, hanging on a cliff Peter RaposoPeter Rapose considers himself "just a five-year-old priest" given the responsibility of editing a seventy-year-old Konkani weekly.

This matter of the reform of the order of the psalter was brought before the Holy See by many bishops and chiefly in the Vatican Council, where the demand for the old custom of reciting the whole psalter weekly was renewed, with the provision that any new arrangement should not impose a greater onus on the clergy, now labouring more arduously in the vineyard of the sacred ministry on account of the diminution of toilers.

Then Joe arranged with a printery to set up the type weekly; with a bindery to bind, fold, bundle, and address the papers; and with Patrick Flynn, truckman, to distribute the papers to newsdealers.

After about ten years, instead of supping weekly, it was resolved to dine together once a fortnight during the meeting of parliament, and, their original tavern having been converted into a private house, they moved first to Prince's in Sackville Street, then to Le Telier's in Dover Street, and now meet at Parsloe's, St. James's Street.

13 Verbs to Use for the Word  weekly