14 Verbs to Use for the Word wettings

A sergeant came up then and invited us to go with him, in order that we might escape a wetting.

The rain poured, and I got a good wetting....

As we gradually progressed, the snow occupied the greater part of the way, and we were forced to betake ourselves to the extreme edge; and when at last we emerged into the Vallée de Lienz, trees and branches had to be scrambled over to avoid a wetting, although we were obliged to cross one or two drifts after all.

Do you mind a wetting!"

The unfortunate saddle and little trunk were then rescued, but not until they had received a pretty thorough wetting.

However, the rain was still falling, though without violence, when we came out of the church; so we waited awhile in the porch till the clouds had rolled away, many others who did not love a wetting doing the same as we, and there was much talking.

I knew that a slip might mean a wetting.

The regiment wrapped themselves in their blankets and took their wetting with more or less satisfaction.

Wherever the sickest or most helpless man chanced to be, there I held my watch, often visiting the other rooms to see that the general watchman of the ward did his duty by the fires and the wounds, the latter needing constant wetting.

He could have waded it as the water would not rise past his waist, but he did not like the look of the chill current, and he did not want another wetting on a winter day.

I might have been saved easily enough, and Mr. Ferrars need have suffered no inconvenience save a wetting, but for my own fault; for he was there long before the water reached the place where I had fallen."

Articles too valuable to be destroyed should be treated as follows: (a) Cotton, linen, flannels, blankets, etc., should be treated with the boiling-hot zinc solution; introduce piece by piece, secure thorough wetting, and boil for at least half an hour.

"It'll cost us only a wetting.

Once or twice a boat would capsize, giving the occupants a severe wetting, but as river costumes are always washable and the river is not deep, no harm ever seemed to come of these aquatic diversions.

14 Verbs to Use for the Word  wettings