64 Verbs to Use for the Word whales

He killed the biggest moose with a blow of his fist, and caught whales with his crooked thumb for a hook.

Next day, being Saturday, September 22d, they saw a whale and several small birds.

Success in taking the whale was a thing that made itself felt in every fibre of the prosperity of the town; and it was just as natural that the single-minded population of that part of Suffolk should regard the bold and skilful harpooner, or lancer, with favour, as it is for the belle at a watering-place to bestow her smiles on one of the young heroes of Contreras or Churubusco.

The little turtle that could not stop talking and how Brother Rabbit fooled the whale and the elephant.

They say, kill plenty whale that one chief native.

Him I take with me to hunt the whale and seal, to gather the berries, and to trap the little animals who bear fur.

I helped you into port at Beaufort, and gave up the salvage; and now I'll help tow your whale alongside, and see you fairly through this business, too.

The flinty biscuit, watching whale or seal, Or listening, undaunted, to the crunch Of ice-floes at the keel, Say, Sir Intrepid!

They were as skilful with the plough and mattock as they were in steering a boat or hunting a deer or pursuing a whale.

These fish attack a whale in the same way as dogs bait a bull, and worry him to death.

The instant the harpoon was thrown, the Tyee paddled furiously away, for when a harpoon strikes a whale, he is likely to lash violently with his tail, and may destroy his enemy, and this is a moment of terrible danger to the harpooner.

Such a philosopher, detained on an almost barren island, resembles a whale left upon the strand.

The ocean, not to be behindhand with the earth, yielded up her mighty whales, that Mr. Gathergold might sell their oil, and make a profit on it.

I have often heard old Captain Wendall tell of the first voyage father made, when he was but ten years old, and how nimbly he ran up to the mast-head, and was always the first to discover the whale as she spouted, and would sing out, 'there she blows!'

" Trifling as this remark may seem to the reader, it was connected with a subject which always fired the blood of the old Udaller, who, glancing upon Triptolemus a quick and stern look, asked him what it signified, supposing a hundred oxen could not drag the whale upon the beach?

Then, I lost my own whale by means of this, and am entitled to some compensation for such a loss.

His astonishment was great when first he beheld the whales, those huge and fearful-looking monsters of the ocean, lifting their gigantic heads above the waves, and lashing the surface to foam with their powerful tails; or ejecting vast spouts of water like fountains, from their upraised heads.

"Mine Gott, I cud eat a whale," he growled rather discontentedly, "but what der difference say I dodat wus best, ach.

The natives go home, return in a few days, and, if lucky, find the whale in the same bay.

It was "haul inhaul in, boys," in both boats, without any regard to the danger of approaching the whale.

" Then turning to Tom: "Tom, I count on your companions and you," said he, "to assist us in cutting up the whale, when it is lashed to the ship's hullwhich will not be long.

And some is bound for the Bengal Bay To teach them whales a dance And away me Johnnie boys We're all bound to go Our pilot is a-waiting for The turning of the tide Heave away me Johnnies Heave away

Old Bill Lee was obliged to trust largely to the greater learning of his wife, but he chuckled over every word he managed to pick out, as if he had pulled in a twenty-pound bluefish; and the signature at the bottom affected him somewhat as if he had captured a small whale.

On the second or third day out we passed several spouting whales, but I could not arouse myself to make the effort to go to the other side of the ship to see them.

"A man is stationed at the mast-head to look out, and as soon as he perceives a whale, he shouts, 'There she blows!'

64 Verbs to Use for the Word  whales
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