28 Verbs to Use for the Word whirl

and he gave the disk a whirl.

The water, lashed by his powerful tail, surges and dashes in eddying whirls.

To sit forever at a feast, to see forever the merrymakers turn round and round, to hear in your ears forever the whirl of the music, the laughter, the cries of pleasure!

A cupola roof was generally built on the revolving apex to give a slight shelter to the apparatus; and in some cases a second roof, with the screw penetrating its peak, was built near enough the ground to escape the whirl of the arms.

Here is one: "His hand the good man fixes on the skies, And bids earth roll, nor feels the idle whirl.

In vain the stream In foaming eddies whirls; in vain the ditch 90 Wide-gaping threatens death.

And, oh, the broken hearts Which follow the rapturous whirl!

The first two are in deadly antagonism, and being forced into collision, form an endless whirl of movement.

The music is breathed'tis a soft strain of pleasure, And the light giddy throng whirl into the measure.

A burst of enthusiastic applause greeted the final whirl and bows of the "corn-stalk prance," and Sally, breathless, dropped upon the bottom step of the wide staircase.

Thou hast not known the giddy whirls of fate, Nor servile flatteries which enchant the great.

The doomed spectatress of this solemn, maddening whirl would fain have shrieked, or even whispered, to break the silence, but she could not.

Nissr obeyed their quickening whirl.

Among the slain was a son of Robertson, and also the unfortunate Jonathan Jennings, the man who had suffered such loss when his boat was passing the whirl of the Tennessee River.

We'd but bare time to get out one boat and push clear o' the whirl of her.

In a railway station, where the movements of trains represent the daily whirl of traffic in men, things, and ideas, every switch is a delicate instrument which may cause a derailment.

Both Constable and Ballantyne were men of great cleverness and aptitude for business; but, wanting certain higher endowments, they were unable to resist the whirl of excitement accompanying an unprecedented measure of financial success.

I shut my eyes for a moment and tried to realize all that had happened to me; but nothing save a whirl through my head of disconnected thoughts seemed possible, and some force was upon me to open my eyes again, to see the blank room, the dull light, the vacancy round me in which there was nothing to interest the mind, nothing to please the eye,a blank wherever I turned.

The light from the open door shone upon the grave, harsh face of the friar, but not a muscle twitched nor a feature changed as he saw the axe whirl up in the hands of a furious man.

But to set up these whirls it is not enough that the conducting wire be moved along the lines of force in the field.

Harold was stretched upon his cloak, striving in vain to win the boon of an hour's sleep, for he was weary with the toil of the preceding day; but he could not shut out from his brain the whirl of excitement and suspense which that night kept so many tired fellows wakeful when they most needed rest.

Keeps a fellow on the jump, I can tell youthis social whirl.

GABRIEL With speed, thought baffling, unabating, Earth's splendor whirls in circling flight; Its Eden-brightness alternating With solemn, awe-inspiring night; Ocean's broad waves in wild commotion, Against the rocks' deep base are hurled; And with the spheres, both rock and ocean Eternally are swiftly whirled.

Fire clasped to elemental fire, 'Tis thus the solar atom whirls; The butterfly in aery gyre, On autumn mornings, swarms and swirls, In dance of delicate desire, No other than these boys and girls.

The madman whirled about in the third corner and, as he ceased the wild whirl, ducked low and lunged, lessening the number of his enemies by one.

28 Verbs to Use for the Word  whirl