93 Verbs to Use for the Word whistle

When he reached the end of the road he stopped again, and, leaning against the fence adjoining the broad gate which led to the house, gave a low whistle.

About a block from the station they heard the whistle of the train, and the girls would run for it, though they really had plenty of time.

He pounds, and sets up vibrations of pleasant noise; he clashes ten-pins, he blows his whistle, squeezes his rubber horse and man, rattles the newspaper, flings about his bottle and his blocks.

Polly's face fell; her mother gave a despairing sigh; Toady, who had hovered about the door, uttered a suppressed whistle of dismay; and Mrs. Kipp looked about her with vengeful satisfaction.

He put his hands in his pockets, and drew a long whistle.

The son of the president of the Mound City Oil Company emitted a long, amorous whistle.

On it Riley now concentrated his attack, making the short ax whistle over his shoulders.

[Slang], tipple &c (be drunken) 959; empty one's glass, drain the cup; toss off, toss one's glass; wash down, crack a bottle, wet one's whistle. purvey &c 637.

He played two brown fingers in his mouth and sent out a shrilling whistle that was answered immediately by a whinny, and a little chestnut gelding, sun-faded to a sand color nearly, cantered into view around the corner of a shed and approached them.

" So Beltane, sighing, let her go, whereupon she took a small silver whistle that hung at her girdle and sounded it.

" Toot! too-oo-oot! sounded a whistle up the river.

How in the name of heaven we ever got half the things on the cars is more than I know, but it seems as though the circus company had a man to look after everything, and he had men under him to look after his regular share of things, so when the cars were loaded, and the boss clapped his hands, and the engineer tooted his whistle, there wasn't a tent stake or a rope, or a board seat, or anything left behind.

" The young sailor coloured, bit his lip, cast a glance at Mary, and began a nearly inaudible whistle.

I guessed there would be enough men answering that whistle without me, however, and I slipped back into bed.

Does any one remember the deep bass whistle of the Gray Eagle, the combination whistle on the Key City, the ear-piercing shriek of the little Antelope, and the discordant notes of the calliope on the Denmark?

Guidebook for teachers fifth year to accompany Engine whistles.

Mr. Hills gave three long, penetrating whistles, and then, placing his cigar with great care on the counter, hid his face in a huge handkerchief.

Meantime, the Friar stood watching keenly for what might come to pass, holding in his fingers the while a pretty silver whistle, such as knights use for calling their hawks back to their wrists, which whistle always hung at his girdle along with his rosary.

His mother met him at the door and said, "Well, my child, what did you do with your pennies?" "I bought a whistle!"

" "Why then,I've got a couple o' very good whistles,if you're so minded we might try a doo-et, sir, arter tea.

"Oh, we'll use the signal whistle; and I feel sure Lieutenant Beverly himself will be listening to catch it, for he expects us any minute now.

" Kurt repressed a whistle of surprise.

He sat in a big chair by the fire-place, and carved whistles and ships and fantastic toys for the children, listening all the time intently to every word which fell from Draxy's lips.

Even above the clatter and roll of the wheels and the hammering hoof-beats the whistle and rush of another heavy shell could be heard.

He hated the whistle that told them when they could stop and when they must start.

93 Verbs to Use for the Word  whistle