579 Verbs to Use for the Word wills

Yet in a while he raised his head and spake again: "And when Duke Ivo had wrought his will upon the city, he builded the great gibbet yonder and hanged it full with men cheek by jowl, and left Sir Gui the cruel with ten score chosen men for garrison.

Livingstone was deeply grieved about the capture of the children, but as to his own loss he merely says: "The Boers by taking possession of all my goods have saved me the trouble of making a will".

Had she left any will, any instructions, the slightest indication of what she wished to be done after her death?

His body was no longer able to obey his will.

I would not choose my position of work or place of service; only let me know Thy will, and I will readily comply!"

" "Well," replied the Doctor, "You will only have to call on me as you did last month, and then send for Spalding to draw your will, as you did the next day, when you were as well as I am, excepting that kink in your head about your going to die.

She had never executed any will, never made any disposition of her affairs, he said, almost with bitterness, in the tone of one who is ready to weep with vexation and distress.

I bore no ill-will to my captors; indeed, I viewed them with a respect I had never felt for Indians before.

I gradually overcame the prejudices of the students, and gained their good will, while he was always giving offence by his meddlesome disposition and overbearing manners: yet his talents and force of character always procured him a few followers, whom he managed as he pleased.

If the talents for speaking exist, but not the strong personality, then there are good speakers who perfectly receive and express the will of the audience, and the commonest populace is flattered by hearing its low mind returned to it with every ornament which happy talent can add.

But we have instances in history where terrorism has failed to impose the terrorist's will upon his victim.

Will it vex you to find how clearly your flower-bird has learned to read your will through your eyes?

how the lazy nurses find a masterful will over them!

I'll break the will.

No moreby Heaven, if you resist my Will, I'll make a strange Example of thee, and of that Woman, whoe'er she be, that drew you to this Folly.

She signed the will in the girl's presence, with Oscar and Susan to witness her signature.

And one must regretfully say yes, as long as it is possible for those who rule nations and desire war to carry out their will.

But above them; above the divine and wonderful order of the material universe, and the winds which are God's angels, and the flames of fire which are His messengers; above all, the prophets and apostles have caught sight of another divine and wonderful order of RATIONAL beings, of races, loftier and purer than manangels and archangels, thrones and dominions, principalities and powers, fulfilling God's will in heaven as it is not alas!

He wrote a will of his own.

Caesar for his part wished to distribute the territory to all such as had made the campaign with himself and Antony, according to the compact made with them after the victory, that by so doing he might win their good-will: the others demanded to receive the assignment that appertained to their party and settle the cities themselves, in order that they might get the power of these settlements on their side.

This new king, Henry VII (1485-1509), found no powerful lords to oppose his will.

"Yet say not that 'tis in thy power To yield or all my hopes to kill; For thou shalt learn that all the world, In leaguer, cannot bend my will. "And France can tell how many a time I fought upon the tented field, And forced upon their bended knee Her loftiest paladins to yield.

But I am quite sure that Patsy means just what she says, and that she will yet induce Aunt Jane to alter her will.

Constantine was too weak to resent the menace with vigor, and Mahomet treated his mild protest with contempt, denying the right of a vassal of the Porte to dispute the Sultan's will.

The case we set up was that the wife had been improperly influenced by her husband in making it, and that her mind was coerced into doing what she did not intend to do, and so we sought to set aside the will on that ground.

579 Verbs to Use for the Word  wills