363 Verbs to Use for the Word winging

That once seem'd pleas'd at Bellmour's Flame and mine, And smiling join'd our Hearts, our sacred Vows, And spread your Wings, and held your Torches high.

To ears less keen than the lad's the sound, which came from above, might have been some bird of the night flapping its wings as it soared overhead.

Can you find the Meebaw men again?" "Yea," said Shalah, "though they took wings and flew over the seas I should find them.

He gave her the wings of a bird, and she flew up in the sky.

" The vulture started, and reaching the frog's house began to beat its wings.

" And the weary soul folded its tired wings, all wounded with vain beatings against the prison bars of circumstance, and was hushed into a great stillness against the heart of its Father.

And as he leapt into the sand it was as if he flew, For love lent wings at his lady's nod, some glorious deed to do.

"Why, that about stretching out the wings of your spirit and flying.

" Perhaps the sight was a sufficient re-moon-eration to him for his past troubles; and the exhilaration of his spirits caused him to dance, to cut pigeon-wings, and otherwise gaily disport himself; consequently, "The little dog laughed to see the sport," which every intelligent dog would have done, under the circumstances.

" "Could not your eccellenza set me about clipping the wings of the lion, or painting a better picture than Tiziano di Vecelli?

Parmenio kept out of action as long as possible; but Mazaeus, who commanded the Persian right wing, advanced against him, completely outflanked him, and pressed him severely with reiterated charges by superior numbers.

The cloud was made all of little birds that kept fluttering their wings and talking to each other, and the fluttering of their wings made a wind in her face, and the wind made her very happy, and the moon kept looking through the birds quite close to them, and smiling at her, and she saw the face of the man in the moon quite plain.

He had left the home-nest in which he had been chafing; eager to go forth and try his restless wings.

It was here that the Sardinians and Piedmontese, forming the left wing of the Franco-Italian Army, attacked and drove back the Austrian right wing.

Loose to the wind their airy garments flew, Thin glittering textures of the filmy dew, Dipped in the richest tincture of the skies, Where light disports in ever-mingling dyes, While every beam new transient colours flings, Colours that change whene'er they wave their wings.

The Gallic rooster shall "cackle, cackle, clap his wings and crow," Unter der Linden.

LAY, BEIRNE, JR. I wanted wings.

Here he wades about ducking his head under water and deftly turning over pebbles and fallen leaves with his bill, seldom choosing to go into deep water where he has to use his wings in diving.

They usually grow wings in certain stages of their life and possess feelers or antennae.

Hasn't got wings, has it?

"Oh, poor bird," he cried suddenly, "open your wings and fly away!"

This plot of orchard-ground is ours; My trees they are, my Sister's flowers: Here rest your wings when they are weary, Here lodge as in a sanctuary!

Then wheeling in many an airy round, he stayed not till he alighted on the firm top of the mountain Pieria: thence he fetched a second circuit over the seas, kissing the waves in his flight with his feet, as light as any sea-mew fishing dips her wings, till he touched the isle Ogygia, and soared up from the blue sea to the grotto of the goddess, to whom his errand was ordained.

Hers was actually the titillating wonder of a bird which, captured, closes its wings, that surrender can be so sweet.

When I had thus seen and diverted myself with everything, I shook my wings and flew off, "To join the sacred senate of the skies."

363 Verbs to Use for the Word  winging
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