181 Verbs to Use for the Word  winter

181 Verbs to Use for the Word winter

I had not skated for years, having spent all my winters in Italy, but on the principle that you never forget anything that you know well, I thought I would try, and will say that the first half-hour was absolute suffering.

Thus I passed the winter of 1862 and the spring of 1863.

Abbyville has hot, humid summers and generally mild to cool winters.

But I hope to stand another English winter.'

They did not even light a fire, for the room was always filled with a flood of sunshine, in which the flies that had survived the winter flew about lazily.

A fever had broken out in her beloved village, the vines had done badly, there was sickness among the cattle, there was already beginning to be suffering, and if something were not done for the people they would not know how to face the winter.

"Yew young folks," she affirmed, herself having seen ninety-nine winters, while Abigail had known but a paltry sixty-five, "yew allers go an' cut yer pity on the skew-gee.

The tender constitution of this tree could not endure our rude winters; and every spring witnessed the decay of a large portion of its small branches.

Uncle John's wife said the last time she was here that she dreaded the winter on your account,there!"

In the year 1823, the Mediterranean was one sheet of ice; the people of the south never experienced so severe a winter, or, if they did, there is no mention made of it in history." EMMA.

waters are heard the first mutterings of approaching winter; there are those who linger in the woods and mountains until the green of summer yields to the rich browns and golden russets of autumn, until the honk of the wild goose foretells the coming cold; these and their kind are nature's truest and dearest friends; to them does she unfold a thousand hidden beauties; to them does she whisper her most precious secrets.

To observe this triothe simple, complacent little man and his two young niecesno stranger would suspect them to be other than ordinary tourists, bent on escaping the severe Eastern winter; but in New York the name of John Merrick was spoken with awe in financial circles, where his many millions made him an important figure.

I would the secret members of the Three could have seen poor Jacopo, as I have seen him, coming from his toil, weary with labor and heart-broken with delay, enter the winter or the summer cellchilling or scorching as the season might bestruggling to be cheerful, that the falsely accused might not feel a greater weight of misery.

Accordingly they are represented as infecting the Stars and Planets with malignant Influences, weakning the Light of the Sun, bringing down the Winter into the milder Regions of Nature, planting Winds and Storms in several Quarters of the Sky, storing the Clouds with Thunder, and in short, perverting the Whole Frame of the Universe to the Condition of its criminal Inhabitants.

Sheer precipices of crystalline snow rise out of deep water on the south, keeping perpetual winter on that side, but there is a fine summery spot on the other, notwithstanding the lake is only about 300 yards wide.

Spring followed winter, summer succeeded to spring, and autumn came to reap the fruits of all the previous seasons, without bringing any further tidings from the adventurers.

Yet it was a very nice little parlour when one got down to it, and it enjoyed winter and summer a perpetual twilight, since the light that crept through the leaded casement was tempered by a screen of flowerpots, which were old Barlow's particular care.

The Man Of Grub Street Comes From His Garret I have come to live this winter in New York City and by good fortune I have found rooms on a pleasant park.

The summer, if it be kindly, will, I hope, enable me to support the winter.

The fuchsias are ten feet high, laden with ripe purple berries running over (for there are no birds to pick them off); and there in the front of the coast-guard lieutenant's house, is Cobaea scandens, covered with purple claret-glasses, as it has been ever since Christmas: for Aberalva knows no winter: and there are grown-up men in it who never put on a skate, or made a snowball in their lives.

Behind each man braving the Arctic winter up here, is some hope, not all ignoble; some devotion, not all unsanctified.

The chance for which I solicited him was that of going out to work the ensuing winter.

For the swallow follows not summer more willingly than men of these dispositions follow the good fortunes of the great, nor more willingly leaves winter than these shrink from the first appearance of a reverse; such summer-birds are men.

Here the fishermen lived, sleeping away the bitter winter.

His wardrobe was remarkably inexpensive, consisting of little more than a single plain suit, brown or gray, which he wore winter and summer, until it became threadbare.

When he had weathered seventy winters, he went to visit his eldest son, and being disappointed in meeting the stage to return, as he expected, he walked home, a distance of twenty-eight miles.

However, the market for Lisp machines collapsed in 1987, and funding was pulled again, starting an even longer AI winter.

I suppose it must come of their turning the months round, and having their winter in the midst of the dog-days.

I found the first winter in Paris as the wife of a French deputy rather trying, so different from the easy, pleasant life in Rome.

If it's anything on your side, it's not fair and honest to keep it from me after writing to me as you have written all winter.

Though Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell this week repeated his call for a fresh round of pump-priming, the economy for now is left to navigate a winter of disease and loss unaided.

He showed me every kindness and consideration my position and ignorance demanded; and I attended his school three winters, with pleasure and profit to myself at least.

I just love winter!"

The gate of the new cantonment is some three hundred yards west of my door, and there is thus brought within a small compass the means of transacting the affairs of the agency during the approaching and expected severe winter.

It would be very lonely at Midbranch, he wrote, without Robertathough why it should be more so this year, than during preceding winters, he did not explainand he felt a desire to see the changes that had taken place in the metropolis since he had visited it, years ago.

" I soon found that I must stay all winter at Slepington.

Further emigration for the time was out of the question, and the whole people prepared themselves for encountering another winter on the prairie.

He had always promised me a winter in Italy when he left office.

But instead of "getting cold feet," as the phrase for discouragement ran, and turning back as thousands did, or putting in the winter on the coast, they determined, with an eye to the spring rush, to cover as many as possible of the seventeen hundred miles of waterway before navigation closed.

" From the "Shepherd's Calendar" we learn that, "If in the fall of the leaf in October many leaves wither on the boughs and hang there, it betokens a frosty winter and much snow," with which may be compared a Devonshire saying: "If good apples you would have The leaves must go into the grave."

One connected with lumbering operations at Bangor told me that the largest pine belonging to his firm, cut the previous winter, "scaled" in the woods four thousand five hundred feet, and was worth ninety dollars in the log at the Bangor boom in Oldtown.

Here, too, he found them againa pitiful few of themwhen he returned the next winter with reinforcements for the colony.

He did this into the winter months and one day as he was riding on the snowy street with cars only inches away, his always active imagination came up with an interesting idea why not have an event that celebrated winter and healthy exercise?

What, shall old winter with his frosty jests Cross flow'ry pleasures?

This is a very dangerous slope under certain conditions as was shown this Winter, when a runner going along its top was carried down to the bottom of the valley by the avalanche he started.

Till your turn comes, and fortune smiles on you; If you can fight and lose and keep on fighting And to your early promises stay true; If you can go thru Hell to spend the summer And cuss, and freeze, and starve the winter thru And start in broke again another New Year You don't need this Land to make a man of you.

"Ah! that was real wisdom, for if we make up our minds to stay the winter, a sheltered position may make a great difference in our comfort," she said quickly, then stretched out her hand for the glass to have another look.

I observe with satisfaction how plump they are and how well they are bearing the winter.

No; Canada means winter, snow, quivering northern lights, log-fires, and sledge-bells!

Way back in the "eighties" when I'm just a kid, I crossed up with a breed gal I'd met One winter at Circle; she cleaned me that year And skipped out with all she could get.