347 Verbs to Use for the Word wits

"I do believe the man has lost his wits," remarked Mrs. H, handing the baby to the nurse.

I blow away my sorrows through the music of this my little pipe and, lying here, set my wits a-dancing and lo!

That will sharpen his wits.

"See for yourself, travel the country, and use the wits God gave you to form your judgment.

I knew that Darrow would hurry as fast as he could back to the valley by way of the upper hills; I knew that he had there several sporting rifles; and I hoped greatly that he and Dr. Schermerhorn might accomplish something before the men had recovered their wits to the point of foreseeing his probable attack.

In a twinkling the command was aroused, and before I had fully gathered my wits, which had been scattered by the old soldier's hail, I found myself in the midst of a large body of men, many of whom I had seen in my uncle's home at Cherry Valley.

" The pastor was so surprised that for a moment he could not collect his wits.

"May they not have exercised their wits as well on the subject of your secret project, my friend?" "What are you getting at?" "One is wondering what these 'wise birds, as tough as they make them' would do if they thought you wereas you saygetting away with something at their expense as well as the owner's.

How Van wants grace, who never wanted wit!

I know, though that my son's years be not many, Yet he hath wit to woo as well as any.

He is the only person I have talked with since I got my wits back.

I see, Sir, you have found your Wits again.

Nero himself might have fared as well as Augustus, had he possessed as much wit.

I pointed out to him now that, if his intuitions were correct, he would soon have a chance to match his wits with those of the Great Unknown.

There is little use in having grown-up wits if we snatch our happiness at the expense of other people's feelings, as young folk so often do.

Nor do they lack wit to apply these speeches to their own case or interest in such matters.

I thank the good Saint Wilfred that he hath given me a pretty wit.

I warrant we will bring his wits back to him again when we get him safe before our good Bishop at Tutbury Town."

I had known Godfrey rather intimately ever since the days when we were thrown together in solving the Holladay case, and I admired sincerely his ready wit, his quick insight, and his unshakable aplomb.

Put by one gentleman to another at a dinner-party, it would have been vapid; to the mistress of the house, it would have shown much less wit than rudeness.

On politics he used sometimes to express a high strain of what is now called Liberalism; but it appeared to me that the pleasure it afforded him as a vehicle of displaying his wit and satire against individuals in office was at the bottom of this habit of thinking.

No doubt, either indignant or loving rebuke has its end and does its work, but I fear that wit, while rousing the admiration of the spiteful or the like witty, comes in only to destroy its dignity.

The greatest geniuses of those times employed their wits with the most learned and eminent men, who deemed it an object by no means below their consideration.

We'll need all our wits.

Seem ingenious, I say; for seldom those persons really are such, or are capable to discover any wit in a wise and manly way.

347 Verbs to Use for the Word  wits
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