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85 Verbs to Use for the Word  wools

85 Verbs to Use for the Word wools

Or else he likes to pull the wool over our eyes, just for a joke.

The first of the time of living at my master's own place, I was pretty much employed in the house at carding wool and other household business.

Over the room where we sat, a girl was spinning wool with a great wheel, and singing an Erse song: 'I'll warrant you, (said Dr. Johnson.)

For what is the cost of producing wool, or the cost of producing mutton?

But it came to pass very soon thereafter, that DEDREW and PHYSKE fell out, some say about the division of the spoils which they had taken from the enemy, which, being interpreted, is the people, while others do state that DEDREW attempted to cut the wool from PHYSKE, but that it stuck so tightly that PHYSKE caught him.

One of the curses of the common people is, 'May the moon eat up your brains;' and in China they say of a man who has done any act of egregious folly, 'He was gathering wool in the moon.'

Passing through Culvacan, or Culiacan, he came into the province of Sibola, or Cinaloa, where he pretended to have found seven cities, and that the farther he went the richer was the country in gold, silver, and precious stones, with many sheep bearing wool of great fineness.

"Once our parents had us carry our wool.

He would never wear his (black) lamb's-wool, or a dark-colored cap, when he went on visits of condolence to mourners.

When had he ever been known to hold wool for Angy's winding?

But in the creatures bred to furnish wool, feathers, or the like, some single feature was always exaggerated into disproportionate dimensions.

Then when she had dyed her wools, it was red and blue dress material for herself and the little ones; at last she put in several colours, and made a bedspread for Isak all by herself.

Before the days of cold storage, Australia and New Zealand could not export their mutton to European markets, though they could export their wool.

In Mr. Carr's mills, learning to pick and buy wool? Not he.

Sometimes even in Sofia you will meet a shepherd patiently urging his little flock up a modern concrete sidewalk and stopping now and then for some passer-by to pick up a lamb, "heft" it, poke it, and feel its wool before deciding whether or not he should take it home for dinner.

Respecting these, Hugh Fitz-Otonis, the city custos, in the 54th of Henry III., made certain ordinances, in the presence of the aldermen, as that none "should make a cap but of good white or grey wool, or black; that none dye a cap made of white or grey wool into black, they being apt, so dyed, to lose their colour through the rain," &c. P.T.W. * *

There's several bars there, and the landlady always keeps cotton-wool in 'er ears, not 'aving been brought up to the public line.

"The sheep get scabby from a microbe under the skin, which causes them to itch fearfully, and they lose their wool.

Similarly, if you keep a flock of sheep, or a herd of cattle, you will obtain wool and mutton in the one case, or beef and hides in the other, in proportions, which indeed you can vary within certain limits by choosing a different breed, but which you cannot radically transform.

Then the shorter stick comes into play, picks the wool from the longer, throws it into the air, beats it this way and that, tosses it and catches it until every fibre is clear, when the fluffy mass is deftly cast aside.

First with nice eye emerging Naiads cull From leathery pods the vegetable wool; [Gossypia.

On the rise of standing armies princes began to regard their people as a means of sustaining themselves and their soldiers, and treated them, accordingly, as though they were a herd of cattle, which had to be tended in order that it might provide wool, milk, and meat.

They thanked Heaven for the "blessings of fatness and fleeces," as foreign weavers sought their wool and the gold of Flanders was poured into their treasure-houses.

Since that disaster the bat skulks about till midnight to avoid his creditors, the cormorant is for ever diving into the deep to discover its foundered vessel, while the bramble seizes hold of every passing sheep to make up his loss by stealing the wool.

The Doctor sat fanning himself with his hat in one of the garden chairs; Miss Dallas occupied the other; she was chatting, and twisting her golden wools about her fingers,it was noticeable that she used only golden wools that morning; her dress was pale blue, and the effect of the purples would not have been good.

And so it was, too, that he was now busying himself washing their wool, which he determined should shine like spun silver on the great night.

He would not let them build factories to weave their wool and flax into cloth.

Coarse complexions And cheeks of every grain will serve to ply The sampler, and to teaze the housewife's wool; What need a vermeil, tinctured lip for that, Love-darting eyes, and tresses like the morn?

But Lachesis, her hair adorned, her tresses neatly bound, Pierian laurel on her locks, her brows with garlands crowned, Plucks me from out the snowy wool new threads as white as snow, Which handled with a happy touch change colour as they go, Not common wool, but golden wire; the Sisters wondering gaze, As age by age the pretty thread runs down the golden days.

The knitting is ceasing now for the very practical reason that the military authorities have commandeered all the wool for the clothing of the soldiery.

Woollen stuffs, cloths, carpets, warm coverings of every sort were the chief articles of the manufactures and commerce of Flanders; there chiefly was to be found all that the active and enterprising merchants of the time exported to Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Russia, and even Asia; and it was from England that they chiefly imported their wool, the primary staple of their handiwork.

These have improved our wool, until now it surpasses the English in fineness.

A French writer puts it the other way, and more practically: "Providence tempers the wool of the lamb to the wind.

In a moment he deftly cuts the stitches of the mattress and lays bare the wool which he never touches with his fingers.

The chief use of these bells is to prevent the animal from leaving its best wool, that of the breast, upon the thorns of bushes.

Contrary to general belief, ants do more good than harm to a garden; but as they are unsightly on flowers, it is advisable to tie a little wool round the stems of standard roses and other things upon which they congregate.

Even a couple of them, that had mistaken Dick's wool for another sheep's-head, were secured without difficulty, in spite of the firmness with which they clung to their prize.

PEACHES AND PEARS.Pick out the finest, and wipe the wool from the peaches.

"He shore his sheep, and, having packed the wool, Sent them unguarded to the hill of wolves.

"Them pants all wool, now?" asked he, as he viewed them with various inclinations of head, like a connoisseur examining a picture.

It seems that Lampa is famous for its weavers, who utilize the wool of the countless herds of sheep, alpacas, and vicuรฑas in this vicinity to make ponchos and blankets of high grade, much desired not only in this locality but even in Arequipa.

The first is of wool, the weight and fineness of which depend on the quality of the pasture and the care bestowed on the flock; the other of hair, that pierces the wool and overlaps it, and is in excess in exact proportion to the badness of the keep and inattention with which the animal is treated.

He wanted wool, and his flocks soon overspread the plains of Australia, tendering him the finest fleeces, and his shepherds improved their leisure not in playing like Tityrus on the reed, but in opening for him mines of copper and gold.

There Mary Jane worked with other girls in a long dreary room, where giants sat pounding wool into a long thread-like strip with iron, rasping hands.

We made our own clothes, had spinning wheels and raised and combed our own cotton, clipped the wool from our sheep's backs, combed and spun it into cotton and wool clothes.

It is true he sees milking, harvesting, sheep-shearing, and many other operations, but he often misses the stage between the actual beginning and the finished productbetween the wool on the sheep's back and his Sunday clothes, between the wheat in the field and his loaf of bread.

"Most of these recommendations apply equally to those fine wool sheep which are called pellitae, because they are jacketed with skins, as is done at Tarentum and in Attica, to protect their wool from fouling, for by this precaution the fleece is kept in better plight for dyeing, washing or cleaning.

Mother and the girls washed, carded, spun, and wove the wool from our own sheep into good strong cloth.

During the month her needles would click unending wool into socks, and then on Saturday she would trudgeoften in a stiff Atlantic galesixteen miles to the market in Strabane.

Good housewives, moreover, stand near him with their knitting to see that he does it well and puts back within the cover all the wool that he took out.

We raised all the wool to make our wool clothes and made all of the clothes we wore.

A certain mineral is found in these mountains, which yields fibres resembling wool: After being thoroughly dried in the sun, this substance is pounded in a brass mortar, and then washed to remove all earthy impurities; and the clean fibrous matter is spun in the same manner as wool, and woven into cloth.

The stable should be in a suitable location, protected against the wind, looking rather to the East than the South, on cleared and sloping ground so that it can be easily swept out and kept clean, for moisture not only rots the wool of the sheep but their hoofs as well and causes scab.

The hump-back coughed, Rubbing his yellowish wool like tow.

for till this strange day Who e'er saw spinning wool, like village-maid, A royal scion? C. Wal.

Next he drew a good smooth arrow from his quiver and fitted it to the string; then, looking all around to see that the way was clear behind him, he suddenly cast away the wool from his head and face, shouting in a mighty voice, "Run!" Quick as a flash the three youths flung the nooses from their necks and sped across the open to the woodlands as the arrow speeds from the bow.

He had restored the Danegeld, or land tax, so often abolished, under the new name of 'carucage,' had seized the wool of the Cistercians and the plate of the churches, and rated movables as well as land.

And while Kirstie sold her wool in the town, Sandy splashed about in the brine.

On the Persian Gulf he noticed that they bore no fruit, but a capsule about the size of a quince, which, when ripe, expanded so as to set free the wool, which was woven into cloth of various kinds, both very cheap and of great value.

Democracy is the art of usurping the people's place, of shearing their wool off closely, in this holy name, for the benefit of some of Democracy's good apostles.

Moreover, Corio Harbour lies more convenient for the western districts, there being no other place where the sheep-farmers of those parts can, with safety, ship their wool, except Portland Bay.)

We'll have no saints, I say; far better for you, And no doubt pleasanterYou know your place At least you know your place,to take to cloisters, And there sit carding wool, and mumbling Latin, With sour old maids, and maundering Magdalens, Proud of your frost-kibed feet, and dirty serge.

One clipped an ear, another smeared the wool (or drew it over the eyes) and a third, as was the case with Friend Stephen Dighton, the quaker, put on an entire covering, so that his sheep might be known by their outward symbols, far as they could be seen.

[Shakespeare] was merely an operative, earning his bread by manual labor, in stitching gloves, sorting wool, or killing calves, no sensible man can possibly imagine" we applaud the decision; but can hardly do as much for the language in which it is expressed.

The cotton-gin, invented by Eli Whitney, was the first; an implement that could do the work of a thousand persons in cleaning cotton wool of the seeds.

Others spindled wool for new work.

During the breeding season the flock should drink only the same kind of water, since a change not only makes spotted wool but injures the offspring.

Many a manly robe ye'll fashion, much translucent maiden's gear; Nay, should e'er the fleecy mothers twice within the selfsame year Yield their wool in yonder pasture, Theugenis of the dainty feet Would perform the double labour: matron's cares to her are sweet.

Other birds, as for instance the blackbird and the lapwing, after they have constructed their nest, plaster the inside with mortar, which cements and binds the whole together; they then stick upon it, while quite wet, some wool or moss, to give it the necessary degree of warmth.

Here, in the vestry, the parish armor was frequently kept, and sometimes the parish powder barrels were deposited; here too, occasionally, country parsons stored their wool or grain.

All the while, through the beating of the wool, the two sticks beaten against each other play a distinct air, and each mattress-maker has his own, handed down from his forefathers, ending with a whole chromatic scale as the shorter stick swoops up the length of the longer to sweep away the lingering wool.

It is taken from these by an iron-hand or comb, which has a motion similar to that of scratching, and takes the wool off the cards longitudinally in respect to the fibres or staple, producing a continued line loosely cohering, called the Rove or Roving.

Going, we went the upper way, as we were told, but after we delivered the wool to the weavers, Stephen handed me an apple, which the weaver's wife had given him, saying he had another in his bag from his mother.

Undoubtedly she was engaged in disentangling the wool from the leg of the chair.

A boy onct said "b'ack sheep, you dot any wool?" "Uh-huhm," said the lambie, "I dot free bags full.

Cool, sir, cool" "Major, I saw them mount and sweep, And one was humped, or I mistake, And in the skurry dropped his wool" "A wig!

When they had cropped off all their wool, they looked very clean, and white, and pretty; but, poor things, they ran shivering about with cold, so that it was a pity to see them.

I have taken the precaution to entangle the wool in the leg of the chair, so she will be some few seconds entirely at your mercy.

If, in spite of these means, the bleeding continues, a little fine wool or a few folds of lint, tied together by a piece of thread, must be pushed up the nostril from which the blood flows, to act as a plug and pressure on the bleeding vessel.

Upon the stone His wife sate near him, teasing matted wool, While, from the twin cards toothed with glittering wire, He fed the spindle of his youngest child, Who, in the open air, with due accord 25 Of busy hands and back-and-forward steps, Her large round wheel was turning.

"Well," broke in the farmer, folding up his wool, "that's neither here nor there.

There is a place higher up the stream called the Washpool, where every day in May you can watch the men bundling the poor old sheep into the water, one after the other, and dipping them well, to free the wool from insects of all kinds.

It usually contains no real alpaca wool at all, and is fairly cheap.

The chief industries are the rearing of sheep, cattle, horses, and ostriches; coal-mining in the N. and diamond-seeking in the SW.; the exports comprise wool, hides, and diamonds.

His woods furnished timber and plank for the carpenters and coopers, and charcoal for the blacksmith; his cattle killed for his own consumption and for sale, supplied skins for the tanners, curriers, and shoemakers; and his sheep gave wool and his fields produced cotton and flax for the weavers and spinners, and his own orchards fruit for the distillers.