60 Verbs to Use for the Word wrapping

" "Then I think we ought to have the Prize for Promptness," said Elsie, as she took off her wraps.

Angy, thinking that she divined a touch of jealousy, hastened to throw off her wrap and display the familiar old worn silk gown beneath.

Remembering that all was well, she smiled as they entered the library, and when she had removed her wraps, said, in repressed triumph: "You need never attempt the role of Shylock again.

in a tone sharp with such authority that Liane Delorme instinctively obeyed, and the woman whom Lanyard had seen that morning coming down the stairs with the lighted candle entered rather precipitately, carrying over one arm an evening wrap of gold brocade and fur.

He saw her gather the wrap a little closer about her shoulders, and that sign of fear made him sick at heart.

Even in the mighty arms of the detective, he managed to struggle vigorously, and for a moment prevented Nick from tearing away the white and ghostly wrappings.

Sophie was taking her wrappings off.

Before the last call, she donned her wraps and went out to Plume Street.

" "Nor I;" and Saul and Sophie smiled at one another as they saw how carefully Randal arranged Emily's wraps.

The place was poorly lighted and badly ventilated, and there were fully two hundred women and girls crowding and jostling each other while they hung up their wraps and put on false sleeves and black aprons.

" By this time I had unwound the voluminous wrappings and exposed the injurya deep gash in the palm that must have narrowly missed a good-sized artery.

As we laid aside our wraps and seated ourselves in a sort of cosey corner nook deep with pillows, and fur rugs nestling about the feet, I drew my first comfortable breath since entering, and as Miss Lavinia naturally took the lead in the conversation, giving her invitation for the next night, I had ample time to study Sylvia.

" So, laughing and excited, the girls obeyed her, putting on their wraps hurriedly and laughing at Laura when she got her hat over one eye.

It is the month of December, yet no cold biting wind meets him, and he needs no warm wraps to shield him from the frost or snow.

" Miss Diana's eyes grew misty as her little cavalier adjusted her wrap.

" The others sat in absorbed silence while the chief delicately removed the wrappings of the mysterious parcel.

When she had unfastened his wraps, her hands trembling the while with nervousness, she found that he was pot-bellied, with small legs and arms.

Do let me see it?" Tenderly the grandmother unfolded the wrappings, and presented the little stranger.

" Without another word both girls flew into the room near the front door where they had left their wraps.

It took but a moment pounce on their cloaks, and Betty also seized a long dark wrap, which lay conveniently at her hand, thinking it might be useful.

Genius, I am told, sometimes locks its door and, if unrestrained, peels its outer wrappings.

Charlton wrapped Katy in every way he could, but still the storm penetrated all the wrapping, and the cold rain chilled them both to the core.

In awful silence each of us produced his wrappings and his caskets, extracted the shining briar, smeared it with cosmetics, and polished it more reverently than a peace time Guardsman polishes his buttons when warned for duty next day at "Buck.

Then, as she pulled off his wraps, "How tired you must be!

I was going to say a round parcel, which it would have been but for something which ran out in a sharp tangent from one side, and pushed the wrappings into an odd angle.

60 Verbs to Use for the Word  wrapping