21 Verbs to Use for the Word yellowing

Her eyes were the most limpid brown Peter had ever seen, but her oval face was faintly unnatural from the use of negro face powder, which colored women insist on, and which gives their yellows and browns a barely perceptible greenish hue.

BASTARD-HEMP.This produces a yellow; but is not easily fixed, therefore it presently fades to a light tinge.

Ha, sirrah; you'll be master, you'll wear the yellow, You'll be an over-seer?

He's brought out the yellow, my friend.

At the heels of these three were six soldiers bearing upon their shoulders a wooden box painted a glaring yellow; and so narrow was the box and so shallow-looking, that on the instant the thought came to me that the poor clay inclosed therein must feel cramped in such scant quarters.

Fanning turned a pasty yellow.

JOHN'S WORT.The flowers dye a fine yellow.

Dip the hot butter over them with a spoon, fry a deep yellow and sprinkle powdered sugar over them.

Ahead, a black, disreputable little steamer lay anchored, her nametwo enormous hieroglyphics painted amidshipsstaring a bilious yellow in the morning sun.

I've seen cinnamon black bears an' I've seen cinnamon grizzlies, an' I've seen browns an' golds an' almost-yellows of both kinds.

The sandwiches are bread and butter, and some "good-to-eat" daisies can be made from hard-boiled eggs, by cutting the whites petal-shaped, and by mixing the yellow with salad mayonnaise to form the centers.

" Then he would chuckle and rub together his yellow, wrinkled hands.

Item, she had a quite incredible amount of yellow hair, that was not in the least like gold or copper or bronzeI scorn the hackneyed similes of metallurgical poetsbut a straightforward yellow, darkening at the roots; and she wore it low down on her neck in great coils that were held in place by a multitude of little golden hair-pins and divers corpulent tortoise-shell ones.

The bent-grass on the hillside shone a warm yellow, wet rocks glittered like silver in the strong light, and the higher slopes, where belts of green moss checkered the heather, were streaked by lines of snowy foam.

The pulse is raised from the normal to as many as 80 or 90 a minute, muscular tremors are in evidence, the respirations are short and hurried, and the temperature rises to 105°, 106°, or 107° F. The visible mucous membranes are injected, that of the eye, in addition to the hyperæmia, often tinged a dirty yellow.

We saw its eyes reflecting the sunset, and gleaming an odd yellow as the body turned over.

All the Indians I had ever seen were of a reddish color, sometimes approaching a yellow; but now, look to what quarter I would, most of those who were coming were pale faces, and, in my disappointment, it seemed to me that the hue of death sat upon their countenances.

" For a month before Miss Myrover's death Sophy had been watching her rosebushthe one that bore the yellow rosesfor the first buds of spring, and, when these appeared, had awaited impatiently their gradual unfolding.

roll'd in his head, And glared betwixt a yellow and a red: He look'd a lion with a gloomy stare, And o'er his eyebrows hung his matted hair: Big-boned, and large of limbs, with sinews strong, Broad-shoulder'd, and his arms were round and long.

"The outline is well; but the colorsmayst thou not change this yellow?

Eat no saffron, for saffron-eaters contract a terrible Tartar-like yellow.

21 Verbs to Use for the Word  yellowing