66 Verbs to Use for the Word yields

They thus devote their own capital and intellect to increasing the yield of their estates; while the central factories, it is said, pay dividends ranging from twenty to forty per cent.

And yet the lyon, that is lord of power, And reigneth over every beast in field, In his most pride disdeigneth to devoure The silly lambe that to his might doth yield.

Thy friends shall no assistance yield; Thy foes shall tread thee in the field; For thou the woman-slayer, then, Shall meet thy final fate from men.

The early lumbermen often made mistakes in estimating the timber yields of the forests.

Trust me, dear ladies, (for I know 'em well), They burn to triumph, and they sigh to tell: Cruel to them that yield, cullies to them that sell.

"Thine for a space are they Yet shalt thou yield thy treasures up at last; Thy gates shall yet give way, Thy bolts shall fall, inexorable Past.

Be merry, wench, we'll have a frolic feast, Here's flesh enough for to suffice us both, Say, sirrah, wilt thou fight, or dost thou yield to die? MUCEDORUS.

There was an occasional pool here and there, but generally the only water procurable was in deep wells giving a poor yield.

In the next year John Screven of St. Luke's parish planted thirty or forty acres, and sold his yield at from 1s.

The earth to thee her incense yields, The lark thy welcome sings,

In 1876 it was estimated that there were between 15,000 and 20,000 hives in the county, producing an annual yield of about 100 pounds to the hivein some exceptional cases, a much greater yield.

The wheat was yellowing to harvest, and promised a yield of forty-two bushels to the acre.

It is especially necessary that all the joints should be carefully filled, as any small open spaces would admit air, and would materially decrease the yield of the kiln.

His gracious edict the same franchise yields To all the wild increase of woods and fields, And who in rocks aloof, and who in steeples builds: 1250 To Crows the like impartial grace affords, And Choughs and Daws, and such republic birds: Secured with ample privilege to feed, Each has his district, and his bounds decreed; Combined in common interest with his own, But not to pass the Pigeon's Rubicon.

Lucan, in his "Pharsalia" (915-921), has enumerated some of the plants burned for the purpose of expelling serpents: "Beyond the farthest tents rich fires they build, That healthy medicinal odours yield, There foreign galbanum dissolving fries, And crackling flames from humble wallwort rise.

What right had I to expect any better yield from it?

indicating surprise wonderful, gracious *castigar* punish *castillo* m. castle *castizo* chaste, pure *causa* f. cause, sake ** ts (hissing sound made to call some one's attention) *cebolla* f. onion *cebón* fattened *ceder* yield *ceja* f. eyebrow; *entre y * in one's head *cenar* dine *cenefa* f. border.

Love ends with hope, the sinking statesman's door Pours in the morning worshipper no more; 80 For growing names the weekly scribbler lies, To growing wealth the dedicator flies; From every room descends the painted face, That hung the bright Palladium of the place; And smoked in kitchens, or in auctions sold, To better features yields the frame of gold; For now no more we trace in

She finding him yield, held still harder, until they both sowsed completely under the water, where they lay floundering and struggling for some time, amidst the shouts and laughter of the multitude assembled on shore.

The spring which keeps the whole of this vast array of bathing appliances going yields three hogsheads per minute, and issues from the earth at a temperature of 117° Fahr.

Honest breeders improved the yield considerably; but the succession of hoaxes roused abundant skepticism.

Wishing to know much a family of six consumed in a year, we inquired the yield of their property.

" So Stroza Filius, that elegant Italian poet, in his Epicedium, bewails his father's death, he could moderate his passions in other matters, (as he confesseth) but not in this, lie yields wholly to sorrow, "Nunc fateor do terga malis, mens illa fatiscit, Indomitus quondam vigor et constantia mentis.

The succession of wet seasons was more serious, of course; it lowered the actual yield, and increased the cost of procuring the yield; but as his lands were well drained, and had been kept clean he believed he could have withstood the seasons for awhile.

Each lute for them its music yields.

66 Verbs to Use for the Word  yields