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11 phrases avec le mot  focus

11 phrases avec le mot focus

The Economist, magazine économique anglais qui fait référence, est également disponible en ligne, comme le sont aussi le grand quotidien espagnol El Pais ou les magazines allemands Focus ou Der Spiegel, parmi tant d'autres.

Due to the board's experience in the matter, Haitian Creole (Kreyol) has been a prime area of focus.

The tendency to go quickly from one link to another and skip through the information was a permanent danger you have to focus on what you're looking for so as not to waste time.

It is now actively acquiring dictionaries and grammars of all languages with a particular focus on endangered languages.

of the reasons for CEVEIL's existence, because we focus on things like language use and processing on the Internet.

Also, the detailed statistics can be gleaned about interest in an advertisement or in content itself will force greater adaptability and a questioning of previous beliefs gained from focus groups.

provide a European focus for all aspects of the use of technology for language learning;

FOCUS: Foreignword: France

FOCUS: Foreignword: France

Du latin focus, foyer.

] Clandestinis malefidus conventiculis novas siquidem parituris molitiones, edicto cavit, ut pulsata ad horam noctis octavam campana, focus ubique obrueretur (Curfu,