425 phrases avec le mot over

The courtier poet could not refuse, and the result was the play of Esther, performed in January, 1689, by pupils of St. Cyr, not one of whom was over seventeen

reigns over Persia.

in honor of Distributed Proofreaders having posted over 10,000 ebooks.

It is said to be the largest library in the world, containing over 2,500,000 volumes, and 90,000 manuscripts.

-top over the rear seat only)

=se de=, to get over, outgrow.

=couler=, to flow, run over, cast;

=feuilleter=, to turn over leaves.

=-dessus=, thereon, thereupon, in addition to that, over that.

=méditer=, to meditate, think over.

, to traverse, pass over.

=par-dessus=, over, into the bargain.

, to pity, lament, grieve over;

=présider=, to preside over.

, to make over, do again.

= à neuf=, do over

=à plusieurs s=, several times over.

=rêver=, to dream, think over.

, to satisfy. =sauf=, except. =sauter=, to jump, leap over;

=surveiller=, to watch over.


We saw each other again recently over a good bottle of wine and swapped memories and discussed our plans. = And your worst experience?

This site allows individuals from all over

Software has a product called "Internet with an Accent" which claims to be able to display over 30 different language encodings.

in it, it will keep our Indians from going over the narrow part of the lake Ontario by this only pass of the Indians without leave of the French, so that if it were demolished the far

425 phrases avec le mot  over