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596 phrases avec le mot  then

596 phrases avec le mot then

Then for three years the family was in Paris and Victor got a little education in a small school.

then, therefore, pray, do, just, now;

then, next, afterwards.

jusqu'à, to, as far as, up to, until, even; là, till there, till then; jusqu'ici, till now;

then, that time;

pour , then, thereupon;

depuis , since then.

that, in order that, than, as, whether, why, how, but (after a negative), let, see that (used also to avoid repetition of a conjunction, then takes the meaning of the first conjunction);

*alors*, then, in that case.

*donc*, accordingly, so, then, therefore.

*ensuite*, then, afterwards.

*ensuite*, afterwards, then.

' The beggar is then made to use, as it were, a technical phrase, to name a well

But the nymph first attracts the attention of the boy and then sighs out her desire (as again on l. 19).

Then were we no taller than this young columbine.

Then Damon: 'Thus passed the days of our childhood, when in our games thou wast my wife and I was thy husband.

' He then criticizes his own achievement, and we shall, in our notes, avail ourselves of some of his remarks.

But then it would not have rhymed

This shows that Chénier was then meditating the poem L'Amérique, of which he wrote only fragments.

, but then come Apollo, Calliope,

namely, to carry the insects in their paper cornets about a hundred paces in the opposite direction to that which you intended ultimately to carry them, but before turning round to return, to put the insects in a circular box with an axle which could be made to revolve very rapidly first in one direction and then in another, so as to destroy for a time all sense of direction

Cette pénurie connue, une autre méthode me fut soumise, plus simple que la première, et d'un résultat plus sûr, d'après Darwin lui-même: «To make a very thin needle into a magnet: then breaking it into very short pieces, which would still be magnetic, and fastening one of these pieces with some cement on the thorax to the insects to be experimented on.

But the same safeguard should have proved effectual in case of Ménage first of all, says Sainte-Beuve, who then gives the true relation of Mme de La Fayette to the Hôtel de Rambouillet: "Mme. de La Fayette, qui avait l'esprit solide et fin, s'en tira à la manière de Mme. de Sévigné, en n'en prenant que le meilleur.

who must even then have given evidence of those charms which later made her brief reign at Court as brilliant as it was unhappy.

"We find now and then," says La Bruyère, "a woman who has so obliterated her husband that there is in the world no mention of him, and whether he is alive or whether he is dead is equally uncertain.

In these moments he always spoke of a dear friend, Émile Erckmann, a graduate of Phalsbourg, who was then following the study of law at Paris as one who shared his ambition and who had been and would be a partner in his efforts for literary distinction.

A constitutional monarchy was then

The word faubourg originally signified "village," or "suburb," then, as the outlying districts were absorbed

«This then, Mylord, is the point;

forgive me then this once, if I

Then they are read and corrected twice, sometimes by two different people.

since MT is slow, it helps if you can do SUM in the foreign language, and then just do a quick and dirty MT on the result, allowing either a human or an automated IR-based text classifier to decide whether to keep or reject the article.

love to have something that tells me, when next I am at a conference and someone steps up, smiling to say hello, who this person is, where last I met him/her, and what we said then!

, rather than your having to make a phone appointment and then us talking for 15 minutes.

It seems to me that we will not get a big breakthrough, but we will get a somewhat acceptable level of performance, and then see slow but sure incremental improvement.

that provides a good targeted answer, pinpointed and evaluated for trustworthiness, then I think it is not unreasonable

in words and word positions across the two languages and then builds up large tables of rules for what gets translated to what, and how it is phrased.

But when the majority of society starts working with and on information per se, then the society can be called an information society.

We had little practical experience then, and the pages were very cluttered.

It goes faster than the human brain and can then be used by the recipient in a very ugly way.

Le Dr. O'Callaghan m'écrivait d'Albany, le 17 juillet 1852, «If you are to blame the movement, blame then those who plotted and contrived it and who are to be held in history reaponsible for it.

Then if my lip once murmur, it must be

The Odyssey, as Fénelon's Achilles tells Homer in Hades, and as Perrault knew, is a mass of popular tales, but then these are moulded by the poet's art into an epic which Boileau could not over-praise.

' Then he declares that his Contes have abundance of moral, which is true, but there are morals even in Cupid and Psyche.

' Then she herself takes the trouble to write the story of Diamonds and Toads, a story known in a rough way

' Here, then, is Mlle. L'Heritier speaking of one of Perrault's children who has

It is to this union of old age and childhood, then, of peasant memories, and memories of Versailles, to this kindly handling of venerable legends, that Perrault's Contes owe their perennial charm.

=filer=: to spin, then to spin along, to run fast.

The mobile is the reserve force of the French army, called under arms in case of war, and then only to replace on garrison duty the regular soldiers who have

He still wore his uniform, and he thought to himself: "If I were only a prisoner of war, then, at least, I should not be hungry, and I could pass

then he felt that he was going mad, and finally he resolved to start for the château in the distance rather than suffer longer.

then that he had slaves and gold mines and everything else.

They cried a little, then the wife asked: "Why does he not speak about the money?

then, toward the end of his voyage, he remembered the object of his journey, and he asked the purser, who was very busy on the eve of landing, where he should go.

Then a thought entered the commander's head;

Then the queen said: "Heaven wanted to warn me of the danger which threatens the monarchy.

Then the drums beat, and in less than an hour

Then came other hasty orders;

He dined merrily, and then went

The blacksmith stopped, and then said: "Well, to-morrow we shall see what to do.

was but a child but nine or ten years old, did so distress my soul, that then, in the midst of my many sports and childish vanities, amidst my vain companions, I was often much cast down and afflicted in my mind therewith, yet could I not let go my sins.

Yea, I was also then so overcome with despair of life and heaven, that I should often wish either that there had been no hell, or that I had been a devil, supposing they were only tormentors, that if it must needs be that I went thither, I might be rather a tormentor than be tormented myself.

the servants, as I then thought, of God, and were principal in the holy temple, to do his work therein.

' Then I chose to stand under a main beam that lay over-thwart

but then I thought again, should the bell fall with a swing, it might first hit the wall, and then rebounding upon me, might kill me for all this beam.

but then I thought again, should the bell fall with a swing, it might first hit the wall, and then rebounding upon me, might kill me for all this beam.

for if a bell should then fall, I can slip out behind these thick walls, and so be preserved notwithstanding.

In these days, when I have heard others talk of what was the sin against the Holy Ghost, then would the tempter so provoke me to desire to sin that sin, that I was as if I could not, must not, neither should be quiet until I had committed it;

would serve but that: if it were to be committed by speaking of such a word, then I have been as if my mouth would have spoken that word whether I would or no;

Note 419: I saw then in my dream, so far as this valley reached, there was on the right hand a very deep ditch.

Then he went on, and I heard him here sigh bitterly: for, besides the danger mentioned above, the pathway was here so dark, that often times when he lift up his foot to set forward, he knew not where or upon what he should set it next.

Then the water stood in my eyes, and I asked further: But Lord, may such a great sinner as I am be indeed accepted of thee, and be saved by thee?

Then the interpreter took Christian by the hand, and led him into a very large parlour that was full of dust, because never swept;

Then said the interpreter to a damsel that stood by: Bring hither water and sprinkle the room;

Then said Christian:

the room with water, upon which it was cleansed with pleasure,this is to show thee that when the Gospel comes in and the sweet and precious influences thereof to the heart, then, I say, even as thou sawest the damsel lay the dust by sprinkling the floor with water, so is sin vanquished and subdued, and the soul made clean through the faith of it, and consequently fit for the King of Glory to inhabit.

Then he asked her also what he had best to do further to them.

Then she counselled him, that when he arose in the morning, he should beat them without mercy.

, and there first falls to rating them as if they were dogs, although they never gave him a word of distaste: then he falls upon them, and beats them fearfully, in such sort that they were not able to help themselves, or turn upon the floor.

Then I heard in my dream that all the bells in the city rang again for joy, and that it was said unto them, 'Enter ye into the joy of your Lord.

Note 437: I argued to myself that, if unchastity in a woman, whom St. Paul terms the glory of man, be such a scandal and dishonour, then certainly in a man, who is both the image and glory of God, it must, though commonly not so thought, be much more deflouring and dishonourable. (Ibid.

Then was the priest set to con his motions and his postures, his Liturgies and his Lurries, till the soul by these means of overbodying herself, given up justly to fleshy delights, bated her wing apace downward;

Note 495: But else in deep of night, when drowsiness Hath locked up mortal sense, then listen I

Then to come, in spite of sorrow, And at my window bid good-morrow, Through the sweet-brier, or the vine, Or the twisted eglantine: While the ploughman near at hand Whistles o'er the furrow'd land, And the milk

Towered cities please us then, And the busy hum of men, Where

Note 529: In this the region, this the soil, the clime, Said then the lost Archangel, this the seat

"Silence, ye troubled waves, and thou, Deep, peace," Said then the omnific word;

Such, then, was the intellectual condition of France in 1815uncertainty and division and dearth of ideals and purposes, in

At this time Napoleon was re-establishing order, and as he considered religion necessary to political security, and was just then courting the Pope, he showered favors upon the young author, to the latter's manifest harm, for they made him fickle and ambitious, and turned his natural sentimentality into the most repulsive egoism.

to the Classicists, and then comparing them and picking out the essential differences.

But if this is all, then Corneille was a Romanticist, for his first successful tragedy, the «Cid», is also a drama of Spanish life, and is set, moreover, in the Middle Ages.

We have seen that the conservative reaction, represented by Chateaubriand, Lamartine, Lamennais, and Hugo, lasted from 1815 to 1830, and that the new spirit, of Romanticism, which had been working all along, finally became dominant then.

So then after fifteen years of invigorating rest

spirit was, we must first inquire who were the prominent men that breathed it, and then possibly attempt a definition.

He makes us see the man he is talking about, he makes us know and appreciate his productions, and then, with a few brief, luminous suggestions, leaves the whole matter to settle itself properly in our minds.

Then he stands off and says: «Behold what I have done!

It is true that his career as an active politician was a failure, but then it must have been soon apparent to him that he ought never to have entered upon

but then he was a mere boy, and I have

Connétable d'Espagne, by thus naming him the Emperor appoints Alcala to this high office, and then in the same manner gives Almuñan the Admiralty of Castile, a position of great honor.

Kings then as now addressed each other as «my brother».