596 phrases avec le mot then

' The beggar is then made to use, as it were, a technical phrase, to name a well

But the nymph first attracts the attention of the boy and then sighs out her desire (as again on l. 19).

Then were we no taller than this young columbine.

Then Damon: 'Thus passed the days of our childhood, when in our games thou wast my wife and I was thy husband.

' He then criticizes his own achievement, and we shall, in our notes, avail ourselves of some of his remarks.

But then it would not have rhymed

This shows that Chénier was then meditating the poem L'Amérique, of which he wrote only fragments.

, but then come Apollo, Calliope,

namely, to carry the insects in their paper cornets about a hundred paces in the opposite direction to that which you intended ultimately to carry them, but before turning round to return, to put the insects in a circular box with an axle which could be made to revolve very rapidly first in one direction and then in another, so as to destroy for a time all sense of direction

Cette pénurie connue, une autre méthode me fut soumise, plus simple que la première, et d'un résultat plus sûr, d'après Darwin lui-même: «To make a very thin needle into a magnet: then breaking it into very short pieces, which would still be magnetic, and fastening one of these pieces with some cement on the thorax to the insects to be experimented on.

In these moments he always spoke of a dear friend, Émile Erckmann, a graduate of Phalsbourg, who was then following the study of law at Paris as one who shared his ambition and who had been and would be a partner in his efforts for literary distinction.

A constitutional monarchy was then

The word faubourg originally signified "village," or "suburb," then, as the outlying districts were absorbed

the servants, as I then thought, of God, and were principal in the holy temple, to do his work therein.

' Then I chose to stand under a main beam that lay over-thwart

but then I thought again, should the bell fall with a swing, it might first hit the wall, and then rebounding upon me, might kill me for all this beam.

Then the water stood in my eyes, and I asked further: But Lord, may such a great sinner as I am be indeed accepted of thee, and be saved by thee?

Then the interpreter took Christian by the hand, and led him into a very large parlour that was full of dust, because never swept;

Then said the interpreter to a damsel that stood by: Bring hither water and sprinkle the room;

Then said Christian:

Then she counselled him, that when he arose in the morning, he should beat them without mercy.

Note 437: I argued to myself that, if unchastity in a woman, whom St. Paul terms the glory of man, be such a scandal and dishonour, then certainly in a man, who is both the image and glory of God, it must, though commonly not so thought, be much more deflouring and dishonourable. (Ibid.

Note 495: But else in deep of night, when drowsiness Hath locked up mortal sense, then listen I

Then to come, in spite of sorrow, And at my window bid good-morrow, Through the sweet-brier, or the vine, Or the twisted eglantine: While the ploughman near at hand Whistles o'er the furrow'd land, And the milk

Towered cities please us then, And the busy hum of men, Where

596 phrases avec le mot  then