596 phrases avec le mot then

' The beggar is then made to use, as it were, a technical phrase, to name a well

But the nymph first attracts the attention of the boy and then sighs out her desire (as again on l. 19).

Then were we no taller than this young columbine.

Then Damon: 'Thus passed the days of our childhood, when in our games thou wast my wife and I was thy husband.

' He then criticizes his own achievement, and we shall, in our notes, avail ourselves of some of his remarks.

But then it would not have rhymed

This shows that Chénier was then meditating the poem L'Amérique, of which he wrote only fragments.

, but then come Apollo, Calliope,

ROMÉOWhy, then is my pump well flowered.

[Note 23:Put out the light and then put out the light:

Put out the light, and then.

Apprehensive of the danger but resolved not to deny his real faith a second time, he kept out of sight till accident betrayed him to the police, and he was then thrown into prison.

was then submitted to the most cruel punishment to compel him to re-abandon his original belief, and was even paraded through

The Grand Vizier then said, "I really do not know what would become necessary in such a case

then scarcely heard the rumour, and he spoke of it as a kind of accident, which had

But then, there will be another.

Since then, the CEVEIL has stopped putting out weekly news bulletins and its monthly magazine.

then came a flush of red into the yellow light;

then flings itself despairingly upon

Such, then, was the intellectual condition of France in 1815uncertainty and division and dearth of ideals and purposes, in

to the Classicists, and then comparing them and picking out the essential differences.

But if this is all, then Corneille was a Romanticist, for his first successful tragedy, the «Cid», is also a drama of Spanish life, and is set, moreover, in the Middle Ages.

Then he stands off and says: «Behold what I have done!

, who was then elected.

» Ramage originally meant only «boughs», «foliage», then also chant ramage, «bird-song among the branches».

596 phrases avec le mot  then