29 Metaphors for descendants

She had a large family of children, who became about as wicked as herself; her descendants have been a plague and a curse to that county ever since.

Ruaidri descendant of Concobar was king of Connacht, holding the land from the western ocean up to the great frontier of the river Shannon.

It was made by the gods, whose lineal descendant is the Emperor.

The sole descendant of the giants was the scout behind the door.

Why did the descendants of Noah become almost idolaters before he was dead?

The tribe of Judah remained in Jerusalem, forming one small kingdom; their descendants are the Jews of today.

The youngest Descendant of the first Family was Pleasure, who was the Daughter of Happiness, who was the Child of Virtue, who was the Offspring of the Gods.

"It is the rule to deprive of life, promptly and painlessly, children to whom, from physical deformity or defect, life is thought unlikely to be pleasant, and whose descendants might be a burden to the public and a cause of physical deterioration to the race.

It is very extraordinary that the advocates for slavery should consider those Africans, whom they call negroes, as the descendants of Canaan, when few historical facts can be so well ascertained, as that out of the descendants of the four sons of Ham, the descendants of Canaan were the only people, (if we except the Carthaginians, who were a colony of Canaan, and were afterwards ruined) who did not settle in that quarter of the globe.

Many Bulgars adopted Islam, and their descendants are the Pomaks or Bulgarian Mohammedans of the present day.

[Footnote 148: It was among these hardy shepherd slaves that Spartacus recruited his army in 72-71 B.C., as did Caelius and Milo in 48 B.C., while their descendants were the brigands who infested Southern Italy even in the nineteenth century.]

It is curious to think that the descendants of the great grizzlies which were the dread of the early explorers and hunters should now be semi-domesticated creatures, boldly hanging around crowded hotels for the sake of what they can pick up, and quite harmless so long as any reasonable precaution is exercised.

Prince Edward was fortunately at court on his brother’s demise; and though the descendants of Edmund Ironside were the true heirs of the Saxon family, yet their absence in so remote a country as Hungary, appeared a sufficient reason for their exclusion, to a people like the English, so little accustomed to observe a regular order in the succession of their monarchs.

The descendants of Cain in glad idlesse throve, Nor hunted prey, nor with each other strove; but all was peace and joy with them.

His descendant, the Earl of Chatham, was member for Old Sarum when it was the most celebrated, and execrated, of all the "rotten boroughs."

With better opportunities and a chance to build up homes in a new land, their descendants are at least the equals of those who stayed behind.

And truly the last legitimate descendant, as she was, of the great Cosimo, was a prize in the matrimonial marketif not for her beauty and her virtues, at all events for her wealth and rank.

When the number is unequal the last one is half free and half slave; and the descendants born of such half slayes and those who are free are quarter slaves.

His immediate descendants were famous and sturdy Puritans, characterized by their thrift and force of character.

There can be none: a "collateral descendant" is not a descendant.

The best descendants of Alister were Kildee, Tiree, Whinstone, Prince Alexander, and Heather Prince.

His descendants were Earls of Chester until the reign of Henry III., when the earldom was conferred upon Prince Edward, whose son, Edward of Carnarvon, was the first Prince of Wales.

The universal detestation of Richard's conduct turned still more the attention of the nation toward Henry; and as all the descendants of the house of York were either women or minors, he seemed to be the only person from whom the nation could expect the expulsion of the odious and bloody tyrant.

It means that the members of a tribe whose ancestors were criminals from time immemorial are themselves destined by the use of the caste to commit crime, and their descendants will be offenders against the law till the whole tribe is exterminated or accounted for in the manner of the Thugs.

Mochuda's foster son begat sons and daughters and he gave himself and them, as well as his inheritance, to God and Mochuda, and his descendants are to this day servile tenants of the monastery.

29 Metaphors for  descendants