21 Metaphors for shaded

After the hot, stifling, dusty glare of the yellow slope and the burning of the manzanita brush, the cool shade was a welcome change.

Death smites passion still upon the mouth, And its grim shade is silence'Tis no sign.

The shades of night were fast descending, and had settled on the still waves and the little group of islets, called the Treshnish Isles, when our vessel approached the celebrated Temple of the Sea.

Dark shades become the portrait of our time; Here weeps Misfortune, and there triumphs Crime!

These cypress shades are witness of my woes; The senseless trees do grieve at my laments; The leafy branches drop sweet Myrrha's tears: For love did scorn me in my mother's womb, And sullen Saturn, pregnant at my birth, With all the fatal stars conspir'd in one To frame a hapless constellation, Presaging Sophos' luckless destiny.

The budding groves appear'd as if in haste To spur the steps of June; as if their shades Of various green were hindrances that stood Between them and their object: yet, meanwhile, There was such deep contentment in the air 1800.]

There is only a shade of difference between the two styles of performance, and that slight shade is only burnt cork.

The shades of the wicked are 'earth-bound' and mischievous, especially ghosts of men slain in battle.

The only shade I could find in the daytime was the rosin weed on the prairie.

Strange is that ant-like down's appearance circling the oval of thy face; Yet musky shade is not a stranger within the Hall which paintings grace.

If funeral rites can give a ghost repose, Your Muse so justly has discharged those; Eliza's shade may now its wandering cease, And claim a title to the fields of peace.

Yours are Hampden's Russell's glory, Sydney's matchless shade is your, Martyrs in heroic story, Worth a thousand Agincourts!

A shade is a departed soul, as conceived by the ancients; one to each mortal part is the proper allowance.

The shade of the flower is a deep golden yellow.

The kingdom of heaven has not come a hair's-breadth nearer for my being a parson of the Church of England; neither are the people of England a shade the better that I am one of her land-owners.

Those whose great Talents and high Birth have placed them in conspicuous Stations of Life, are indispensably obliged to exert some noble Inclinations for the Service of the World, or else such Advantages become Misfortunes, and Shade and Privacy are a more eligible Portion.

The shades of this portraiture are an extreme of delicacy, bordering on fastidiousnessa trifle of hauteur, not in manners, but dispositionand, perhaps, a tincture of affectation.

He was missed from the party, but no one could tell when he left, for no one saw him as he sprang down into the garden, and taking refuge in the paths where the shades were the deepest, escaped unobserved into the street, and so back to his own room, where he went over all the past and recalled every little act of affection on Ethelyn's part, weighed it in the balance with proofs that she did not care for him and never had.

" The shades of nite was a fallin, so thankin H.G. for posten me up on his farmin nolidge, I left him, with my mind fully made up, that, with the Filosifer, the pen was a heep site mitier in his hand than a farm is, in which opinion any well-bred, onprejodiced farmer will fall into.


In the presence of a supreme standard, every shade of discriminative criticism and appraisal became threads woven into a fabric of rapture.

21 Metaphors for  shaded