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34 Metaphors for « rice »

34 Metaphors for « rice »

  • The following extract from a speech made in that convention by a member of it, Mr. Rice, a native Virginian, is a specimen of the free discussion that prevailed on that "delicate subject."
  • Although rice is a very prolific crop, yet it is subject to many casualties, from the locusts and other insects that devour it; the drought at other times affects it, particularly the aquatic varieties.
  • Rice is the common food of the Indians, who eat no wheat; but the Chinese use both indifferently.
  • Said Cherrie: "It's a busy time now for Fred Rice"Fred Rice is the hired man, and in sugar time the Cherrie boys help him with enthusiasm, and, moreover, are paid with exact justice for the work they do.
  • Rice is, perhaps, of their agricultural products, the article upon which the inhabitants of the Philippine Islands most depend for food and profit; of this they have several different varieties; which the natives distinguish by their size and the shape of the grain: the birnambang, lamuyo, malagequit, bontot-cabayo, dumali, quinanda, bolohan, and tangi.
  • Donald Blessing Rice (born June 4, 1939) is an American businessman and senior government official.
  • As Biden finalizes the search for his No. 2, Rice remains an unlikely choice, yet also a surprisingly plausible one.
  • Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice: Brent Scowcroft was the very definition of a public servant a man of integrity, grace, love of country, and humility.
  • Talking specifically about the needs of the residents of Essequibo, Prime Minister Nagamootoo said: Rice is Essequibo and Essequibo is riceand last year, Guyana recorded the second highest paddy production in five yearsthis is because we invested.
  • "Colonel Rice was a pretty fair mana pretty good fellow.
  • Further on were cultivated fields, with luxuriant crops of great variety: rice, sweet potato, egg-plant, peas, millet, yams, taro, melons, &c. &c.
  • The government has reassured residents that their food supply is securethe country of 25 million produces enough food for 75 million and imports only 11 per cent of food and drink by value but rice remains a gap in domestic production.
  • He laughed, and said rice and cotton crops were the ornamental gardening principally admired by the planters, and that, to the best of his belief, there was not another decent kitchen or flower garden in the State, but the one he had mentioned.
  • Write out the following: "Rice is a grass on which many seeds grow.
  • The rough rice is first ground between large stones, and then conveyed into mortars, and pounded with iron-shod pestles.
  • On arriving at Glendive Creek we found that Colonel Rice and his company of the Fifth Infantry, who had been sent there by General Mills, had built quite a good little fort with their trowel-bayonetsa weapon which Colonel Rice was the inventor of, and which is, by the way, a very useful implement of war, as it can be used for a shovel in throwing up intrenchments and can be profitably utilized in several other ways.
  • Rice in India is a luxury that can be afforded only by the people of good incomes, and throughout four-fifths of the country is sold at prices beyond the reach of common working people.
  • "Colonel Rice was our master.
  • Rice, fish, meat and lard, flour, and manufactured tobacco are the principal ones.
  • Andrew R Dodge, Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-2005 (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 2005), p. 1804 Rice was president of the Minnesota Historical Society.
  • That was an important change in the province and now Valverde is a province where rice is an important product.
  • They have had them since the days when Christmas was a pagan celebration of the winter solstice, when dried codfish was the staple winter food, and when rice was the rarest of imported delicacies.
  • Rice was Edward Rice.] LETTER 448 CHARLES LAMB TO EDWARD MOXON [P.M. Feb. 18, 1828.]
  • Michael Rice (born 25 October 1997) is a British singer.
  • With the Chinese, rice is the "staff of life," but all kinds of animal food are eagerly devoured; and pedlars offering for sale rats, cats, and dogs, may be seen in the streets of Chinese towns.
  • Between A.D. 300 and 600 rice became the main staple in the southern states although, theoretically, wheat could have been grown and some wheat probably was grown in the south.
  • The Esquimaux fattens on his diet of blubber and train-oil; the slaves on the sugar-plantations grow fat in the boiling-season, when they live heartily on sugar; the Chinese grow fat on an exclusively rice diet,and rice is chiefly starch.
  • Colonel Rice was a high stepper.
  • Nat Rice is a mean, stingy, complaining manhis leg notwithstanding.
  • Rice is the chief support of the population.
  • That was his master; Colonel Rice and him were boys together.
  • Rice is the bread and principal aliment of these natives, for which reason, although its cultivation is among the most disagreeable departments of husbandry, they devote themselves to it with astonishing constancy and alacrity, so as to form a complete contrast with their characteristic indifference in most other respects.
  • After the rains have fallen in sufficient quantities to saturate the ground, a seed-bed is generally planted in one corner of the field, in which the rice is sown broadcast, about the month of June.
  • Heat one-fourth cup of butter or other fat in a spider, add one cup of rice and let simmer, stirring constantly until rice is a golden brown; add one quart of boiling water, then the drained peas and one-half teaspoon of salt, and one-half cup of granulated sugar.

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