50 Nouns for  ones

50 Nouns for ones

My hundred thousands digit is two more than my millions digit and three more than my ones digit.

A break up brings a lot of bitterness in ones life and often it is difficult to overcome the tragedy.

The Valour of this Gentleman in his Distress, brings to ones memory the Knight of the sorrowful Countenance, who lays about him at such an unmerciful rate in an old Romance.

Most of the events have been on the professional calendar for decades and the oldest ones date back to the 19th Century.

If Mr. Such-a-ones Lady?

I’m using freecad at the moment, it was not exactly easy to pick it up at first, but is quite logical after one gets a few designs under ones belt.

A mother, one morning, gave her two little ones books and toys to amuse them while she went up-stairs to attend to something.

In Paris, at the restaurants one goes to, there is only the one classunless, of course, one is doing Montmartre, but I mean the best ones bourgeoises would not think of thrusting themselves in; and in London there is only the Ritz and Carlton where one goes, and it is the rarest thing certainly at the Ritz to see any awful people there.

"Then, Mousey and Deer have sore throats, and I thought the rest had better stay and keep the sick ones company.

They called the colored ones coverlets.

Thanke you, madam,I, I will goe to and goe to, and there be ere a wench to be got for love or money, rath[er] then plot murder: tis the sweeter sinn of [the two]; besides, theres noe danger of ones cragg; [the] worst is but stand in one sheet for ly[ing] in two: and therefore goe to and goe to,

I suppose it depends on ones definition of hatred or their level of sensitivity about debatable issues.

In what concerns the fairy tales it is, above all, the children for whom they are destined, "when at night, at the end of their wearisome days, the mothers gather their children around them under the tent, under the shelter of her Bon Rabah, the little ones demand with tears a story to carry their imaginations far away."

These locusts are like grasshoppers, as long as ones finger, and of a red and yellow colour.

build sure in the beginning', An' then don't never tech the underpinnin': Th' older a Guv'ment is, the better 't suits; New ones hunt folks's corns out like new boots: Change jest for change is like those big hotels Where they shift plates, an' let ye live on smells.

The finale of the evening portrays what ancient ones foretold, that He will one day return for all mankind.

I can't attend loved ones funeral, but protesters can gather?

The love that cannot save, Will hover with despairing cry Around the dear ones grave.

"It is a great mistake to have straws in ones hair," Uncle John would say gravely; and Toby knew that it was true.

I was struck with the delicacy and tenderness of the hoofs, which divide very far up, and the one half could be pressed very much behind the other, thus probably making the animal surer-footed on the uneven ground and slippery moss-covered logs of the primitive forest.

We all know that Kachasu has high or let me say abnormal alcohol content which could go a long way in disinfecting some ones hands and therefore prevent the transmission of corona virus.

I admit to an obsession with boiled wool, a northern European tradition I can indulge easily at Germany's Christmas markets, buying myself and loved ones hats, mittens, vests, jackets and more with a European design flair you don't find at home.

Therefore the results suggest that both short and long sleep durations can be hazardous to ones health & well being.

I jes am used ter dis dress and thar is no way foh youse to had me git shud of hit, dese pockets is powerful venient foh weh I goes inter some ones house why I turns dose pockets wrong side out and dat always brings me good luck.

Authors, older ones indecent.

They, who had rallied their very dejected courage, demanded terms, and hard ones indeedpromise of never consulting Lord Bute, dismission of his brother, and the appointment of Lord Granby to be Captain-Generalso soon did those tools of prerogative talk to their exalted sovereign in the language of the Parliament to Charles I. The King, rather than resign his sceptre on the first summons, determined to name his uncle Captain-General.

For he saith, By the strength of my hand I have done it, and by my wisdom; for I am prudent, and I have removed the bounds of the people, and have robbed their treasures, and put down the inhabitants like a valiant man: and as I have gathered all the earth, as one gathereth eggs, therefore shall the Lord of Hosts send among his fat ones leanness, and under his glory He shall kindle a burning like the burning of a fire."

exclaimed the Captain; "are you not positive about it?" "No," said the other; "no one living has ever tasted the fruit in its perfection.

This site has always been improving and every ones love of this site is proven over and over again.

servile, obsequious; supple, supple as a glove; soapy, oily, pliant, cringing, abased, dough-faced, fawning, slavish, groveling, sniveling, mealy-mouthed; beggarly, sycophantic, parasitical; abject, prostrate, down on ones marrowbones; base, mean, sneaking; crouching &c v.. Adv

ET or the tall ones matter.

Both were built at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in Queens, where rows of desks are covered with half-constructed muppets and older ones midrepair.

Great way to clean up ones neighborhood.

I quite enjoyed this film and I think that gentrification is always present and will always take place whether ones opinion is for or against it.

And these the smallest ones possess,

They also add to the wealth and well being of the community on the widely accepted utilitarian formula: happiness comes in direct proportion to the extent and variety of ones possessions.

Not all the glitter fops and fair ones prize, The pride of fools, and pity of the wise; Not all the show and mockery of state,

I think that anything that causes this much damage to ones psyche should be labeled evil and that includes rapists,child molesters,murderers,and in some cases religion.

A guiding vision of the team is to deepen ones relationship with the natural world.

In the two preceding ones revolts and risings had, as we have seen, been the rule rather than the exception.

I, Madam, but they saie, he will beat one in jest, and byte in kindenesse, and teare ones ruffes in Courtshippe.

Ralph watched with interest the dry leaves blaze and the green ones splutter, and then he thought it would be a pity to scorch those vines, which were among the few green things about them, and he tried to put out the fire.

Co'se I knows dere's w'ite folks an' black folks,but dere's manners, suh, dere's manners, an' gent'emen oughter be de ones ter use 'em, suh, ef dey ain't ter be fergot enti'ely!"

In fact the streets Nuova, Nuovissima and Balbi are the only ones thro' which carriages can pass.

"But it's not about the difficulty, it's about ones ability to realize when something is worth fighting for and ones willingness to push thru to the potential greatness of a situation."

Even dey clo'es an' meat dey hide, an' de soljers didn' find nothin' 'cepin' de hosses, an' dey lef' dey tired ones an' tuk our fresh ones wid' em.

With enchanting illustrations by Baynton, the book is a must read for little ones ages 2-7,

Silas licked his lipsforgetting the paintand tried the deep ones agin.

However desirous the larger States might be to reorganize the Government so as to give to their population its proportionate weight in the common counsels, they knew it was impossible unless they conceded to the smaller ones authority to exercise at least a negative influence on all the measures of the Government, whether legislative or executive, through their equal representation in the Senate.

Chance had made them get into the same carriage as General Bedeau and the two bullies who were keeping guard over him, and throughout the night Madame Coppens had been in terror lest, in the presence of the policeman, one of the little ones awakening, should throw its arms around the neck of the servant and cry "Papa!" CHAPTER XVI.