61 collocations for mined

The economics of mining non-ferrous metals.

The engineers had mined the bridge and were waiting to blow it up.

And I made clean the Diskos, from her sight, and afterward I put on the scrip; and I took the Maid to mine arms again, and had the Diskos in my hand beside her.

So Landis has been mining the gold and we've been drawing it away from him.

For to mine eyes thine eyes, through Love, reveal The smile of God; to me God's healing breath Comes through thy hallowed lips whose pray'r is Love.

One man mines coal upon his acres.

] Months were spent by the victorious Parliamentary forces in mining the foundations and in the systematic destruction of the magnificent defences.

By way of preparation, the British sappers and miners had spent an entire year in mining the earth beneath the German positions, and the offensive was begun with an explosion so terrific, when the mines were sprung, that it was heard in London.

to mine Elder Brother William Burton of Lindly Esquire during his life and after him to his Heirs I make my said Brother William likewise mine Executor as well as paying such Annuities and Legacies out of my Lands and Goods as are hereafter specified I give to my nephew Cassibilan Burton twenty pounds Annuity per Ann.

It was proposed that the British should mine Area B, the requirements being 67,500 mines, and that the United States should mine Area C, for which 18,000 United States mines would be required.

And mine the watchfull sin-remembring cocke.

I call by that name every sentiment that is not founded upon reason, and own I cannot justify to mine the concern I feel for one who never gave me any view of satisfaction.

"Sweet Marian do not mine age disdain, For thou canst make an old man young again.

Schemes were also being devised by Admiral of the Fleet Sir Arthur Wilson, who devoted much of his time to mining devices, by which mines some distance below the surface would be exploded by an enemy submarine even if navigating on the surface.

And more aboue hath his soliciting, [Sidenote: more about solicitings] As they fell out by Time, by Meanes, and Place, All giuen to mine eare.

I mine energy from the sun directly with an entirely new process.

We would trust them no more after that, but the Bart moved his men to the front of the inn, and I mine to the back, the English all scowling and silent, and our fellows shaking their fists and chattering, each after the fashion of their own people.

"But mine the sorrow, mine the fault,

Thus her friendships with the many she loved and served have closed with unalloyed satisfactionto me and mine a sincere friend for more than thirty years!

"Well, den"recognizing her voice"would you mine lightin' de gas till Ah can tie mahself loose from dis hyar throne ob glory?"

Yea, all my being I would lift, An offering of me; Then only truly mine the gift, When so received by Thee; Then shall I go, rejoicing, swift, Through thine Eternity.

But thou shalt learn,my arts will teach thee well, And when thy guileless heart shall be ensnared, Then thou art weak, and lost,and mine the Grail!"

Jesu, well may mine hearté see That mild and meek he must be, All unthews and lustés flee, bad habits.

For thine own, thy kingdom's sake, Look, Alfonso, to mine honor!

to mine honour. l. 11.

61 collocations for  mined