21 collocations for generalizes

Both in composition and action they excel in details; but they do not so much generalize their ideas as men, nor do their minds seize a great subject with so large a grasp.

A great and original thinker may not have the time or opportunity or taste for a minute and searching criticism of original authorities; but he may be able to generalize previously established facts so as to draw most valuable moral instruction from them for the benefit of his readers.

When you consider this multiplicity of symptomatic indications, you will not be surprized that such numbers are pronounced in a state of disease; but our republican physicians will soon generalize these various species of aristocracy under the single description of all who have any thing to lose, and every one will be deemed plethoric who is not in a consumption.

"I've generalized a great deal over that affair of Smudge, the whole of this v'y'ge," he continued, "and I've had sore misgivings consarning the explite.

The difference between the French and English schools, in this department of the Art, well proves that mind has scope for its powers in portrait, and that genius alone can so generalize the details "as to identify the individual man with the dignity of his thinking powers.

In singling out and generalizing the evils and public misfortunes of the reign of Louis XV., perhaps the derangement of the finances was the most important in its political results.

Not a few of these surveys have been unworthy of reproduction in the books of the explorers who made them, and the best that could be done was to generalize their information on maps of comparatively small scale.

And when it shall be illumined with the light that must break upon it from the superior reason, I feel that my reason can generalize instruction, and will be all-powerful in arranging the conclusions that it may deduce.

I must have inherited from my father a synthetic mind, because I always try to generalize matters, and for that reason science attracts me more than philosophy.

Apparently modern society, if it is to cohere, must have a high order of generalizing mind,a mind which can grasp a multitude of complex relations,but this is a mind which can, at best, only be produced in small quantity and at high cost.

The disposition of the human mind to generalize the objects of thought, and to follow broad analogies in the use of words, discovers itself early, and seems to be an inherent principle of our nature.

In reality, this is the most that a man can make of himself if only he succeeds in generalizing his perceptions and making his feelings his supreme law.

I do not see all at first sight; but let us generalize the question

Self-possessed and wary, almost provokingly unsympathetic in his report of what he saw, pronouncing no judgment on isolated facts, and drawing no undue inferences from them, he has now generalized his results in a most interesting and valuable book.

The good die first, And they whose hearts are dry as summer dust Burn to the socket; a passage not only beautiful in itself but dramatically true, in the mouth of the bereaved mother who utters it, to that human instinct which generalizes a private sorrow into a universal law.

" "Ay, ay't is generalizing its strength, as one may say.

They seize upon a few names, relics of Roman rule, and from them generalize a complete system of taxation and administration.

A euphonic particle, sometimes indicating action at a distance, at other times generalizing the action of the verb.

From such massive examples one easily generalizes Hegel's vision.

Its civility seemed to him to be disagreeable suavity; its failure to particularize the points he made to be a disgraceful evasion; and the liberty it took in generalizing his case to be an enormous insult.

He sought to generalize the conversation, diluting this accumulated emotion by spreading it.

21 collocations for  generalizes