Which preposition to use with family

of Occurrences 2652%

As he put it, there was no joke in sleeping in a room with a numerous family of healthy Irish in one corner and the pigsty in the other, while overhead a ragged colony of roosting fowls distributed their blessings impartially, and the whole place so full of peat smoke that it made a fellow sneeze his head off just to put it inside the doorway.

in Occurrences 952%

I soon became keenly interested in politics (I suppose it is in the bloodall the men in my family in America were politicians) and in the discussion of the various questions which were rapidly changing France into something quite different.

at Occurrences 245%

He knew what it was to be without peace; for having got into debt when he was first in the army, and knowing the distress it caused his family at home, his mind was so troubled that he wrote to his mother: "Oh, what agony I have endured!

to Occurrences 233%

It is now a primary moral duty, enforced by all our juvenile instructors with every citizen, to adapt his family to his means; and thus a regard which each individual has for his offspring, is the salvation of the State.

with Occurrences 209%

We had a family dinner at my uncle's on New Year's night, and all the family with wonderful unanimity said the best wish they could make for W. was that 1880 would see him out of politics and leading an independent if less interesting life.

for Occurrences 174%

We have had a peep at the Palaces of Holland, and many of us will know more of the country and its reigning family for the visit.

from Occurrences 163%

After the boat had proceeded some little distance, I made the acquaintance of several families from Indiana, who were en route to Kansas.

as Occurrences 126%

It is a familiar creature, seems to regard the human family as its Blood relations, and is always ready to sucker them.

on Occurrences 111%

"It seems strange to be starting with a family on a gypsy life in a canoe," wrote Mary, "but God will take care of us.

by Occurrences 101%

" "It's all very fine for you fellows to stand here and talk," replied Milligan, "but I am not doing justice to my family by remaining.

into Occurrences 55%

He knew it was the Bona Nova in the November of 1619,for the first Musgrave had settled in Virginia, prior to his removal to Lichfield,which had the honor of transporting the forebear of this family into America.

under Occurrences 38%

General Lee, their kinsman, had shaken his Socratic head solemnly when Rosa, at the War Department, told him, as an excellent joke, the strange chance that had brought Vincent's college chum and his family under the kind Rosedale roof.

like Occurrences 36%

If Ican't have a trousseau like other girls and the things that go with marrying into aa family like Lester'sIthenthere's no use.

during Occurrences 33%

I know of an instance where the office of town-clerk was filled by three members of one family during one hundred and fourteen consecutive years.

about Occurrences 28%

Always she told the family about Christ and His power to save.

than Occurrences 27%

My keeper, whose name was Sing Fou, and who, from a long exercise of magisterial authority, was rough and dictatorial, behaved to me somewhat harshly at first; but my patient submission so won his confidence and good will, that I soon became a great favourite; was regarded more as one of his family than as a prisoner, and was allowed by him every indulgence consistent with my safe custody.

without Occurrences 24%

It is not allowable for people to have families without knowing how they will be able to nourish them.

among Occurrences 24%

Grace was allied by blood, too, with the higher classes of England, as, indeed, was the fact with most of the old families among the New York gentry; and the traditions of her race came in aid of the traditions of her colony, to continue the profound deference she felt for an English title.

out Occurrences 20%

The messenger returned a half-hour later, reporting the family out of town; that they had taken the major to their country-place near Williamsburg, on the banks of the James.

within Occurrences 18%

It is a belief, as we have noticed elsewhere, widely spread in Devonshire, that to transplant parsley is to commit a serious offence against the guardian genius who presides over parsley-beds, certain to be punished either on the offender himself or some member of his family within the course of the year.

around Occurrences 15%

In the evening of this Sunday, Erick sat in the midst of the pastor's family around the four-cornered sitting-room table, as snugly and familiarly as if he long since belonged there.

after Occurrences 15%

In his periodical trips to the farm he had seen the old church grow older and more forlorn, as one family after another moved away, and the multiplying cars brought the town and its allurements almost to the front gate of every farm.

through Occurrences 9%

The bob cat just walked around and snarled and spit at the happy family through the bars, and kept them awake all night on the road, and the happy family held a sort of convention and I could see by the way they all looked at me that they were passing resolutions inviting me to break up the bob cat business.

over Occurrences 9%

Bolivar broke up a millinery store by throwing tomatoes at the women in the windows, and he went into a yard where a woman was washing and squirted the bluing water all over the woman, and all over pa, and then he chewed the clothes on the line, and drove the family over the fence.

before Occurrences 9%

(Yes, I called him Frederick, what I never did out of my own family before in my life.)

Which preposition to use with  family