Which preposition to use with favour

of Occurrences 2151%

This man you see, who for so many years has been masquerading under my name, has done me the favour of murdering two Julias, great-granddaughters of mine, one by cold steel and one by starvation; and one great grandson, L. Silanussee, Jupiter, whether he had a case against him (at least it is your own if you will be fair.)

with Occurrences 273%

We had, in singular succession, dead calms and fresh breezes, stiff gales and sudden squalls; saw sharks, flying-fish, and dolphins; spoke several vessels: had a visit from Neptune when we crossed the Line, and were compelled to propitiate his favour with some gallons of spirits, which he seems always to find a very agreeable change from sea water; and touched at Table Bay and at Madagascar.

in Occurrences 133%

The use of the word "homotaxis" instead of "synchronism" has not, so far as I know, found much favour in the eyes of geologists.

from Occurrences 94%

Compared with them the prisoners of war had been most highly favoured from the first.

to Occurrences 91%

" Nicholas approached trembling, but no doubt remembering how necessary it had been to add to the Shamán's offering before he would consent to listen with favour to Pymeut prayers, he pulled out of their respective hidingplaces about his person a carved ivory spoon and an embroidered bird-skin pouch, advanced boldly under the fire of the Superior's keen eyes and sharp words, and laid the further offering on the lynx-skin at his feet.

at Occurrences 49%

Your father and myself were suitors for her favour at the same time, though I can scarcely say, Edward, that any feeling of rivalry entered into the competition.

on Occurrences 43%

I am always ready to die," answered the pasha; "and so far from fearing your putting me to death you would confer a favour on me by so doing.

by Occurrences 41%

It is with a proper sense of the weakness of my own abilities, that I venture to lay before the publick the reasons which hinder me from concurring with this opinion, which I am not only inclined to favour by my respect for the authors of it, but by a natural affection for monarchy, and a prevailing inclination to believe, that every excellence is inherent in a king.

for Occurrences 39%

When Willie entered his room, he greeted him with a very friendly nod; for not only was he fond of children, but he had a special favour for Willie, chiefly because he considered himself greatly indebted to him for something he had said to Mrs Wilson, and which had given him a good deal to think about.

as Occurrences 25%

If you can recommend one such to me by telegraph, stipulating her amiability must begin to function this evening, you may depend on my not hesitating to ask further favours as occasion may arise.

among Occurrences 19%

The perfected article comes from America (Nos. 5 and 6), and, being lighter, less clumsy, and more easily concealed, finds general favour among the officers at Scotland Yard.

than Occurrences 16%

Left now to my own meditations, and unsupported by the example and conversation of my friend, I felt my first apprehensions return, and began seriously to regret my rashness in thus venturing on so bold an experiment, which, however often repeated with success, must ever be hazardous, and which could plead little more in its favour than a vain and childish curiosity.

towards Occurrences 12%

Acton displayed marked favour towards the Triple Alliance, and was even more friendly with Diggory and Jack Vance than with his room and class mates, Shaw and Morris.

during Occurrences 9%

The magistrature of the supreme courts had been less favoured during the preceding reign.

above Occurrences 5%

No man is so contented with his little, and so patient under miseries; because he knows the greatest evils are below his sins, and the least favours above his deservings.

beyond Occurrences 4%

Hubert, while he enjoyed his authority, had an entire ascendant over Henry, and was loaded with honours and favours beyond any other subject.

against Occurrences 3%

As it behoved me to prepare them in my favour against whatever might come from Miss Howe, I improved upon the hint I had thrown out above-stairs against that mischief-making lady.

before Occurrences 3%

Therefore in receiving the approbation of so reverend and learned a body, he felt that he received the approbation of religion itself; and as if an angel voice from heaven had declared to him"The cause you plead has found favour before Heaven.

until Occurrences 3%

" "My father will hear nothing in my favour until" and she paused.

unto Occurrences 3%

Why then do I this honor unto thee, Thus to ennoble thy victorious name, Sith thou doest shew no favour unto mee, 150 Ne once move ruth in that rebellious dame, Somewhat to slacke the rigour of my flame?

through Occurrences 3%

But the collection from New Holland, at the school of Mines, with a list of which I have been favoured through the kindness of Mr. Brochant de Villiers, relates principally to Van Diemen's Land; and that of the Jardin du Roi, which Mr. Constant Prevost has obliged me with an account of, does not afford the information I had hoped for.

like Occurrences 2%

"They possessed no real knowledge of the fine arts, and these were merely favoured like other foreign fashions and inventions of luxury.

without Occurrences 2%

I wish, my generous Prince, as it is in your power to give Honours and Offices, it were also to give Talents suitable to them: Were it so, the noble Pharamond would reward the Zeal of my Youth with Abilities to do him Service in my Age. 'Those who accept of Favour without Merit, support themselves in it at the Expence of your Majesty.

between Occurrences 2%

Miss Blitch occupied a position of distinction as the only New York girl at the school, and for a time there had been sharp rivalry for her favour between Undine and Indiana Frusk, whose parents had somehow contrivedfor one termto obtain her admission to the same establishment.

into Occurrences 1%

"The American Republic," he says (p. 11), "has greatly influenced the favour into which popular government grew.

Which preposition to use with  favour