Which preposition to use with rang

of Occurrences 833%

Afar to my right, within the sky, there burnt a gigantic ring of dull-red fire, from the outer edge of which were projected huge, writhing flames, darted and jagged.

in Occurrences 634%

Feeling excited, and wondering to where it could lead, I laid my gun on the floor, and, sticking the candle in the trigger guard, took the ring in both hands, and pulled.

with Occurrences 430%

The sun had ceased to have the appearance of a tail; and now rose and seta tremendous globe of a glowing copper-bronze hue; in parts ringed with blood-red bands; in others, with the dusky ones, that I have already mentioned.

for Occurrences 337%

He had just, by way of a finishing touch, expended nearly half a penny bottle of red ink in a somewhat exaggerated reproduction of the fiery hue of Noaks's nose, when the bell rang for afternoon school, and the bombardment had to be postponed until the following day.

on Occurrences 305%

" He laid the ring on the table, not too near Arthur, not within reach of his hand, but close enough for him to see it.

through Occurrences 191%

It was a glorious sound in the old forests, the music of those two hounds, as their voices rang out bold and free, like a bugle, and went, ringing through the forest, echoing among the mountains and dying away over the lakes.

at Occurrences 166%

It was a little after nine when there was a ring at the hall door.

from Occurrences 125%

Louis drew his ring from Evadne's finger and laid her hand in that of his friend.

to Occurrences 83%

" As he spoke, Dalton gave back the ring to the Duke, who received it with his usual grace.

like Occurrences 66%

Presently a thunderbolt crashes through the crisp air, ringing like steel on steel, sharp and clear, its startling detonation breaking into a spray of echoes against the cliffs and cañon walls.

around Occurrences 56%

"In fact, we just ran rings around them.

about Occurrences 45%

The speed of the planets, appeared to increase; and, presently, I was watching the sun, all ringed about with hair-like circles of different colored firethe paths of the planets, hurtling at mighty speed, about the central flame.... "...

as Occurrences 36%

"There is just as much gold in thy ring as sufficeth to gild handsomely a like superficies of brass, which is not saying much.

into Occurrences 26%

The question as to who had dropped the ring into the casket if Arthur had notthe innocent children, the grieving servantswas latent, of course, in every breast, but it had not yet reached the point demanding expression.

under Occurrences 20%

He was the first to call attention to the neglected beauties of those great Elizabethans, Webster, Marlowe, Ford, Dekker, Massinger,no longer accounted mere "mushrooms that sprang up in a ring under the great oak of Arden."

in Occurrences 19%

Here at least a tone of confidence rang in the Sergeant's voice.

by Occurrences 17%

LAKE STAKE KING A beautiful variety of the bench-top lakes occurs just where the great lateral moraines of the main glaciers have been shoved forward in outswelling concentric rings by small residual tributary glaciers.

per Occurrences 16%

In general, rapidly grown wood (less than eight rings per inch) is relatively weak.

over Occurrences 15%

Lord Nick was suddenly close; he had paused; his voice rang over the street and struck upon Donnegan's ear as sounds come under water.

out Occurrences 14%

For the branch above though it bends will never break; And close by my side rings out the voice of my matemy lover; Oh, the days are long, and the days are brightand Summer will last forever.

down Occurrences 14%

A cry rang down the Canal Grande from the gondoliers of the Ca' Giustiniani, who were waiting this sign to start their own train from the palazzo; for the bridal gondolas were coming in sight, with felzi of damask, rose, and blue, embroidered with emblems of the Giustiniani, bearing the noble maidens who had been chosen for the household of the Lady Marina, each flower-like and charming under her gauzy veil of tenderest coloring.

without Occurrences 12%

He heard the bell of dinner ring without stirring; and when some of us pulled out our private storesour cold meat and our saladshe produced none, and seemed to want none.

round Occurrences 11%

Again I must quote one of our soldiers: 'I don't say', he remarked, 'that our average can run rings round their best; what I say is that our average is better than their average, and our best is better than their best.'

after Occurrences 9%

I was so beset with shame for my seeming ingratitude, that I was forced to send the ring after him.

with Occurrences 9%

And the court-room rang with derisive laughter.

Which preposition to use with  rang