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Which preposition to use with  rang

Which preposition to use with rang

of Occurrences 833%

Afar to my right, within the sky, there burnt a gigantic ring of dull-red fire, from the outer edge of which were projected huge, writhing flames, darted and jagged.

in Occurrences 634%

Feeling excited, and wondering to where it could lead, I laid my gun on the floor, and, sticking the candle in the trigger guard, took the ring in both hands, and pulled.

with Occurrences 430%

The sun had ceased to have the appearance of a tail; and now rose and seta tremendous globe of a glowing copper-bronze hue; in parts ringed with blood-red bands; in others, with the dusky ones, that I have already mentioned.

for Occurrences 337%

He had just, by way of a finishing touch, expended nearly half a penny bottle of red ink in a somewhat exaggerated reproduction of the fiery hue of Noaks's nose, when the bell rang for afternoon school, and the bombardment had to be postponed until the following day.

on Occurrences 305%

" He laid the ring on the table, not too near Arthur, not within reach of his hand, but close enough for him to see it.

through Occurrences 191%

It was a glorious sound in the old forests, the music of those two hounds, as their voices rang out bold and free, like a bugle, and went, ringing through the forest, echoing among the mountains and dying away over the lakes.

at Occurrences 166%

It was a little after nine when there was a ring at the hall door.

from Occurrences 125%

Louis drew his ring from Evadne's finger and laid her hand in that of his friend.

to Occurrences 83%

" As he spoke, Dalton gave back the ring to the Duke, who received it with his usual grace.

like Occurrences 66%

Presently a thunderbolt crashes through the crisp air, ringing like steel on steel, sharp and clear, its startling detonation breaking into a spray of echoes against the cliffs and caรฑon walls.

around Occurrences 56%

"In fact, we just ran rings around them.

about Occurrences 45%

The speed of the planets, appeared to increase; and, presently, I was watching the sun, all ringed about with hair-like circles of different colored firethe paths of the planets, hurtling at mighty speed, about the central flame.... "...

as Occurrences 36%

"There is just as much gold in thy ring as sufficeth to gild handsomely a like superficies of brass, which is not saying much.

into Occurrences 26%

The question as to who had dropped the ring into the casket if Arthur had notthe innocent children, the grieving servantswas latent, of course, in every breast, but it had not yet reached the point demanding expression.

under Occurrences 20%

He was the first to call attention to the neglected beauties of those great Elizabethans, Webster, Marlowe, Ford, Dekker, Massinger,no longer accounted mere "mushrooms that sprang up in a ring under the great oak of Arden."

in Occurrences 19%

Here at least a tone of confidence rang in the Sergeant's voice.

by Occurrences 17%

LAKE STAKE KING A beautiful variety of the bench-top lakes occurs just where the great lateral moraines of the main glaciers have been shoved forward in outswelling concentric rings by small residual tributary glaciers.

per Occurrences 16%

In general, rapidly grown wood (less than eight rings per inch) is relatively weak.

over Occurrences 15%

Lord Nick was suddenly close; he had paused; his voice rang over the street and struck upon Donnegan's ear as sounds come under water.

out Occurrences 14%

For the branch above though it bends will never break; And close by my side rings out the voice of my matemy lover; Oh, the days are long, and the days are brightand Summer will last forever.

down Occurrences 14%

A cry rang down the Canal Grande from the gondoliers of the Ca' Giustiniani, who were waiting this sign to start their own train from the palazzo; for the bridal gondolas were coming in sight, with felzi of damask, rose, and blue, embroidered with emblems of the Giustiniani, bearing the noble maidens who had been chosen for the household of the Lady Marina, each flower-like and charming under her gauzy veil of tenderest coloring.

without Occurrences 12%

He heard the bell of dinner ring without stirring; and when some of us pulled out our private storesour cold meat and our saladshe produced none, and seemed to want none.

round Occurrences 11%

Again I must quote one of our soldiers: 'I don't say', he remarked, 'that our average can run rings round their best; what I say is that our average is better than their average, and our best is better than their best.'

after Occurrences 9%

I was so beset with shame for my seeming ingratitude, that I was forced to send the ring after him.

with Occurrences 9%

And the court-room rang with derisive laughter.

within Occurrences 8%

[The sacring bell rings within the Chapel. Cesario.

off Occurrences 8%

They'll plunder even the rings off a corpse's fingers.

above Occurrences 8%

Axe and pike, sword and gisarm hedged him in nearer and nearer, his sword grew suddenly heavy and beyond his strength to wield, but stumbling, slipping, dazed and with eyes a-swim, he raised the great blade aloft, and lifting drooping head, cried aloud the battle-cry of his house high and clear it rang above the din: "Arise!

across Occurrences 8%

The trail followed its edge and when a loon's wild cry rang across the woods Grace stopped.

throughout Occurrences 6%

And methinks, this is my duty: to do such deeds as shall ring throughout this sorrowful Duchy like a trumpet-blast, bidding all men arise and take hold upon their manhood.

like Occurrences 6%

The stag sank to his knees; a sharp yelp rang like a pistol-shot through the still woods; then the pack rolled in like a whirlwind, and it was all over.

beneath Occurrences 6%

It was a bright, frosty night, and the hard ground rang beneath their feet like stone.

for Occurrences 6%

The idea of a captain of Ronleigh being reported to the doctor was something novel indeed, and by the time the first bell rang for tea, a report of the collision between Mr. Grice and the prefects had spread all over the school.

through Occurrences 6%

With steady aim the volley was returned; and ere the smoke rose a cheer rang through the ravine, and Riley fell with a swoop on the intrenchments.

on Occurrences 5%

Boom!" Three more shots from the sea rang on the air, and there could now be no doubt that a ship was near the island.

from Occurrences 5%

No cry, no sudden prayer Rang from thy rooms that night....

along Occurrences 5%

An occasional Madison Avenue car could be heard ringing along the cold rails, or rhythmically bounding down hill on a flat wheel.

before Occurrences 5%

There was one whom they called "the Consul," who eluded them for some time, but was finally caught and placed in the ring before us.

against Occurrences 4%

The bell of Mochuda, by the way, which the saint rang against Blathmac, was called the 'glassan' of Hui Suanaig in later times.

toward Occurrences 4%

" "Yes," Godfrey agreed, and blew a meditative ring toward the ceiling.

at Occurrences 4%

" A telephone bell rang at the Prince's elbow.

beside Occurrences 4%

And, when on the arena the mighty bull was freed, Straight to the deadly conflict one warrior spurred his steed; His mantle was of emerald of texture damascene, And hope was in his folded hood as in his mantle green; Six squires went with him to the ring beside their lord to stand; Their livery was brilliant green, so did their lord command.

between Occurrences 3%

Donkeys that talked after their heads were cut off, just as well as some donkeys do with them on,old cats turned into beautiful damsels,birds that obligingly carried rings between parted lovers,one soon had enough of.

above Occurrences 2%

Aunt Jane stared at him, while Louise and Beth looked their astonishment, but Patsy's clear laughter rang above Uncle John's gasping chuckles.

among Occurrences 2%

No wonder, then, that as he climbed the ladder up the side of the barn, with the ladder quaking beneath his weight, Bull Hunter began to sing, his thundering bass ringing among the ranch buildings until Mrs. Bridewell opened the kitchen window to hear the better, and old Bridewell stopped his ears in mock dismay at the thunder of Bull's voice.

behind Occurrences 2%

he asked, and while he was occupied with the glasses the telephone bell rang behind the partition.

during Occurrences 2%

He had never heard of the Master before, but then he had lost touch of the ring during the last few years of hard work.

forth Occurrences 2%

All Spaine rings forth Medina's name and his Confederates. Rod.

than Occurrences 2%

Little girls too young to dress themselves should be attended by their mothers or by their maids, but an older girl no more needs guardianship at riding-school than at any other place at which she receives instruction, and there is no more reason why her mother should follow her into the ring than into the class-room.

astride Occurrences 1%

As for a lance, I have oft tilted at the ring astride a forest pony, and betimes, have run a course with wandering men-at-arms.

outside Occurrences 1%

To provide against an attack by the city brigands who are always prowling in the vicinity of picnic parties, it will be judicious to attend to the following rules: Select all the fat women of the party, and seat them in a ring outside the rest of the picnickers, and with their faces toward the centre of the circle.

opposite Occurrences 1%

Sometimes the part of the other ring opposite the arm is formed into a mortise, and the arms are wedged tight in these holes by wedges driven in on each side; but the plan is an expensive one, and not satisfactory, as the wedges work loose even though riveted over at the point.

to Occurrences 1%

It was a peal of laughter, loud, evil, triumphant; and, as if it had been a signal, other mocking voices took it up, until the great vault rang to a fiendish din.

ob Occurrences 1%

"Dat's Dr. Graham, sah; I knows dat ring ob his," said the valet quickly.

towards Occurrences 1%

" The General puffed three perfect smoke rings towards the chandelier (an accomplishment he had acquired thirty-five years previously at the "Shop" and was still proud of) and smiled.

amid Occurrences 1%

The mighty voice that rang amid the clouds bade me "Answer."

Unto Occurrences 1%

With joy now gushing forth,with pain now ringing Unto the hearer's heart resistless singing.

after Occurrences 1%

" They turned their horses hastily to the hills, and, when the voice of Sinclair rang after them, not one dared turn his head.

beyond Occurrences 1%

" We slipped out behind the platform; turned down the dark long passage, hearing the new speaker's voice like a bell ringing beyond thick walls, and found our way into the open.

of Occurrences 1%

Appollo hence a great suspition growes: Yeare not so pleasaunt now as earst in companie; Ye walke alone and wander solitarie; The pleasaunt toyes we did frequent sometime Are worne away and growne out of prime; Your Instrument hath lost his siluer sound, That rang of late through all this grouie ground; Your bowe, wherwith the chace you did frequent, Is closde in case and long hath been unbent.