27 Verbs to Use for the Word pursue

Let not the insulting foe my fame pursue, But shade those laurels which descend to you: And take for tribute what these lines express: You merit more; nor could my love do less.

Nor dost thou, SARAH, with unequal pace Her steps pursue.

You ask me if I ever knew Court chaplains thus the lawn pursue.

Never, until the platform sank beneath him, did any enemy ever dare pursue.

Through every homestall, and through every yard, His midnight walks, panting, forlorn, he flies; Through every hole he sneaks, through every jakes Plunging he wades besmeared, and fondly hopes In a superior stench to lose his own: But faithful to the track, the unerring hounds With peals of echoing vengeance close pursue.

So the poor fury-haunted wretch (his hands In guiltless blood distained) still seems to hear The dying shrieks; and the pale threatening ghost 470 Moves as he moves, and as he flies pursues.

Acacis, do not hopeless love pursue; But live, and this soft malady subdue.

120 So the staunch hound the trembling deer pursues, And smells his footsteps in the tainted dews, The tedious track unravelling by degrees: But when the scent comes warm in every breeze, Fired at the near approach, he shoots away On his full stretch, and bears upon his prey.

[Sidenote: howsomeuer thou pursues] [Sidenote: 30,174] Taint not thy mind; nor let thy Soule contriue [Sidenote: 140] Against thy Mother ought; leaue her to heauen, And to those Thornes that in her bosome lodge, To pricke and sting her.

'These dreadful secrets of the sky 'Alarm my soul with chilling fear: 'Do planets in their orbits fly? 'And is the Earth, indeed, a sphere? 'Let planets still their aim pursue, 'And comets round creation run 'In Him my faithful friend I view, 'The image of my Godthe Sun.

With hate the blatant herd of creatures mean Ceaseless pursue.

When, after storms that woodlands rue, To valleys comes atoning dawn, The robins blithe their orchard-sports renew; And meadow-larks, no more withdrawn, Caroling fly in the languid blue; The while, from many a hid recess, Alert to partake the blessedness, The pouring mites their airy dance pursue.

20 [* Closely, secretly.] Nathelesse, the cruell boy, not so content, Would needs the fly pursue, And in his hand, with heedlesse hardiment, Him caught for to subdue.

There will be need; For honest men delight will take To spare your failings for his sake, 20 Will flatter you,and fool and rake Your steps pursue; And of your Father's name will make A snare for you.

All work together, all together rest, The morning still renews their labours past; Then all rush out, their different tasks pursue, Sit on the bloom, and suck the ripening dew; Again, when evening warns them to their home, With weary wings and heavy thighs they come, 240 And crowd about the chink, and mix a drowsy hum.

Where e'er the pleasing search my thoughts pursue, Unbounded goodness opens to my view.

" Wi' that the water they hae ta'en; By anes and twas they a' swam thro'; "Here we are a' safe," quo' the Laird's Jock, "And puir faint Wat, what think ye now?" They scarce the other brae had won When twenty men they saw pursue; Frae Newcastle toun they had been sent, A' English lads baith stout and true.

It is one of those days that look charming, when seen through the window; bright and sunny, with lights that fly, and shadows that pursue; but it is a very different matter when one comes to feel it.

Thy guardian still, in every shape, Shall covertly those steps pursue, And keep thy welfare still in view!

No bloodless shape my path pursues; No shiv'ring ghost my couch annoys, Visions more sad my fancy views, Visions of dear departed joys, The shade of youthful hope is there.

Greater sins than thou canst commit have been committed by thousands far greater than thou, and these sins would plead as thy excuse, shouldst thou pursue that course which others have pursuedothers who far excel thee.

one bad example shown, How quickly all the sex pursue!

His steps the youth pursues; the country lay 160 Perplex'd with roads, a servant show'd the way: A river cross'd the path; the passage o'er Was nice to find; the servant trode before; Long arms of oaks an open bridge supplied, And deep the waves beneath the bending glide.

The enraged soldiers seek, from tent to tent, With lighted torches, and in love to you, With bloody vows his hated life pursue.

and still adore her Still the flying fair pursue: Love, and friendship, still implore her, Pleading night and day for you.

27 Verbs to Use for the Word  pursue