50 adjectives to describe pushes

repeated the latter, giving Diggory's arm a gentle push.

Laura gave him a little push which precipitated him in a rather abrupt manner into a chair and completely spoiled his gallantry.

In another place, he curiously contrasts the too timid practice of some regular physicians, with the hazardous treatment, which is the leading feature of quacks: "The timid, low, insipid practice with some, is almost as dangerous as the bold, unwarranted empiricism of others; time and opportunity, never to be regained, are often lost by the former; while with the latter, by a bold push, you are sent off the stage in a moment.

But Nancy was a girl rich in courage and enterprise, while Gilbert's manliness and leadership and discretion and consideration for others needed a vigorous, decisive, continued push.

For answer Jack gave him a sharp push, and the discomfited plunderer hurried on with a good-humored grunt.

Nothing had any stability; so that the slightest push or jerk would upset everything that was not fixed.

" She gave him a sudden push and darted away.

What blood-vessels the poor struggler burst in his desperate push for lifehow much he was bruised and lacerated in his plunge through the forest, or how much the dogs tore him, the Macon editor has not chronicledthey are matters of no momentbut his heart is touched with the merits of Mr. Adams' 'EXCELLENT DOGS,' that 'soon run down and secured' a guiltless and trembling human creature!

Now the lady held out her hand and said in a friendly tone, "Come here, dear child" Churi....unexpectedly gave him such a severe push that Erick rolled down the rest of the mountain side

Little John Clinton darted out and gave the child a violent push, at the risk of being run over himself, and got the little one to the side of the road in safety.

He gave one extra hard push, and there he was through the big crack, and outside the pen.

So Ulysses wandered over the oceans as had the king of Ithaca over the Mediterranean, guided by a fatality which impelled him with a rude push far from his country every time that he proposed to return to it.

Now if the 1st of these constructions could be arranged, I have no doubt that it would be the best of all, because a sea does not break against a perpendicular face, but recoils in an unbroken swell, merely making a slow quiet push at the wall, and not making a violent impact.

"Well, we are not wanting electric push buttons," said Tom.

Quite a light push might do it.

About the second or third one he operated upon, his treacherous friend stumbled against him, giving him a tremendous push, and with a sheep in his arms he drove head foremost among the washers.

" Harry Underwood elbowed his wife away from my side with a playful push, and held out his hand.

To give the last decisive push to those who are already toppling over the border-line that divides England from Rome, to reap and gather-in the harvest already ripe for the sickle, is a useful, a necessary, and a charitable work; one that calls for a certain kind of patient skill not to be underestimated; but there is a wider and perhaps more fruitful field whose soil is as yet scarcely broken.

This is necessary because the nervous current pushes on past obstructions, through areas in the brain, until it ends in some form of movement, and in finding the way out, it seeks those pathways that have been most frequently travelled.

Those boys were not unkind, they simply represented that onward push which is one of the grandest characteristics of your sex; and the little girls, on the other hand, represented that gentleness and thoughtfulness of others which is eminently a characteristic of women.

She gave the candy-box a petulant push.

Giving his feet a prodigious push against the window sill, he shot forward and downward.

No, there was one Absent when the deed was done. 'Erb, with his accustomed push, Was advancing when the bush Dragged the last remaining stitches From the bag he called his breeches, Leaving nothing but the dregs Of the red stripe down his legs.

I am sunk in heavy sleep, and wake only very gradually, to find her, in conformity with her engagements, giving my shoulder reluctant and gentle pushes, and softly calling me.

Not even dimly could he have conceived a picture of the endless wheat-fields that would stretch across the plains, of the farmers who would pour into the North by hundreds of thousands, of the cities which would rise in the sand hills as a monument to man's restless push of progress and his indomitable hope.

50 adjectives to describe  pushes