762 Metaphors for  people

762 Metaphors for people

So that the Grange people, though they pay their way handsomely, and plough deep and manure lavishly, and lead the van of agriculture, are not, perhaps, an unmixed good.

The study considered how people’s happiness and drinking change alongside each other over a period of time.

"The people in their wisdom"this is the kind of wisdom most needed by the people.

The French sent envoys to dissuade them from their purpose, but the war chiefs and sachems answered that the red people were at last united in opposition to "the men wearing hats," and gave a belt of black wampum to the wavering Piankeshaws, warning them that all Indians who refused to join against the whites would thenceforth be treated as foes.

HRD changed the rules and now HRD are not allowing the people to be EI eligible, which is beyond me.

I been here in Pine Bluffwell I jest had got here when the people was comin' back from that German war.

"We colored people are livin' under the law, but we don't make no laws.

The people committing arson and assault are not peaceful protestors; they are criminals.

Each newly subjugated people, smarting under defeat and the heavy hand which Rome laid on its dissidents and opponents, became a potential center for disaffection, conspiracy and rebellion against Roman authority.

People against another people should never feel hatred, but brotherly sympathy.

And at that moment the others near the breach gave the alarm whistle: some people were, doubtless, drawing near.

The priest and Gabriel walked slowly through the silent naves talking the while; the only people to be seen were a group of the household at the door of the sacristy, and two women kneeling before the railing of the high altar praying aloud.

In the Garden of Roses, Sadi makes the remark:You should know that foolish people are a hundredfold more averse to meeting the wise than the wise are indisposed for the company of the foolish.

We are all Treaty People is a new book by Maurice Switzer communications director at the Union of Ontario Indians west of North Bay.

Nothing special there, the people are all drunk in-your-business assholes, and everything is expensive.

One of the main reasons people become mentors is to help someone benefit from your experiences, good and bad.

The first people to reach the top were Hans Schell and his expedition, in 1965.

But in time of Cicero the people were still powerful legislation and elections, and the public finance was disorganised and in confusion; and the result was that the corn-supply was mixed up with politics, and handled by reckless politicians in a way that was as ruinous to the treasury as it was to the moral welfare of the city.

She was evidently a gypsy, for at this time these people were the minstrels of Europe.

But there is a perversity in this antithesis, an ill-intentioned ruse designed to insinuate that the people are the totality of the State.

These people are considerd inferior caste in social system.

"The people among whom I am are six hundred thousand footmen, and thou hast said I will give them flesh that they may eat a whole month; shall the flocks and the herds be slain for them to suffice them."

Chief among the impalpable throng that people the state galleries is Marie Antoinette, and her spirit shows us many faces.

It is a time when base, heartless, cruel people can become heroes.

But I guess those people hadn't ever been boys themselves; and all of us can appreciate this liking for the open that Roland showed."

Today most people are Buddhist, some Christians and animists.

This victory of the tribunes and people was well-nigh terminating in an extravagance by no means salutary, a conspiracy being formed among the tribunes that the same tribunes might be re-elected, and, in order that their own ambition might be the less conspicuous, that the consuls also might have their office prolonged.

In fact, the only people who seem to oppose this legislation are some colleagues on the other side, who have been misinformed through outdated and misguided talking points.

The people responsible for delineating these boundaries is the governing state legislature.

I told you, I believe, in a former letter, that the people of Amiens were all aristocrates: they have, nevertheless, two extremely popular qualificationsI mean filth and incivility.

The first people to reach the top were Hideki Nagata and Yoshioki Fujioji, in 1976.

Wherefore the people anon were afeard, and murmured against Moses and would return again into Egypt.

A stranger, in paying his shilling for admission into an exhibition, which has been dubbed nation (by whom?) in contradistinction from another in the Surrey Gardens, very naturally suspects that the people are partners in this contemptible transaction....

He belongs now to a German house, the people around him are his kinsmen; the prefiguring ideals, which he had once sketched to himself at the coronation of his brother, of the warm rays wherewith a prince as a constellation can enlighten and enrich lands, were now put into his hands for fulfilment.

Private people with missions are nuisances, but public people with such ideas are simply unbearable.

Musick among those who were styled the chosen People was a Religious Art.

At the outset the peoples were amateurs in the science and art of expansion, occupation, consolidation, exploitation.

Our people are our greatest resource.

If the only immediate effect was the substitution of an unlimited autocracy, the Osmanli peoples would be able thenceforward to ascribe their misfortunes to a single person,

"It suits the dog, though; and the people, I suppose, are" "Oh, Agnes, look at that horrid worm on your dress!"

People are all cheats, cheats," said the old man, breathlessly.

These people can be mayors, councilmen, members of Parliament, or other government officials.

I have often had occasion to remark that, in this republic, the people in the country are a little less country, and the people of the towns a good deal less town, than is apt to be the case in great nations.

The people are themselves Gauls, and dwell next to Celtica, and their territory extends straight along the Pyrenees to the ocean.

Is the science we use to diagnose and treat people different when the people needing help are outsiders or have less influence in society?

In the near future, people who are near death can be тАЬuploadedтАЭ into virtual reality environments.

The only people that are present in the arena are the wrestlers, referee, and the camera crew.

It is probable that no people ever became resident on or near the west coast except under compulsion.

After a twenty years' struggle between royalists and republicans, the monarchy was restored, and the English people again became subjects of the head of the Scottish house of Stuarts.

This country had for its prime minister, a statesman named Count Cavour, who, like all Italians, strongly hoped for the day when all the people living on the Italian peninsula should be one nation.