45 Verbs to Use for the Word reckonings

"We keep a merry inn here in the greenwood, but whoever becometh our guest must pay his reckoning.

In eager talk they pass the day, And borrow hours ev'n from the night; So pleasantly time past away, That they have lost their reckoning quite.

He kept the reckoning straight by means of cut in a shingle.

He teaches devilish play in his school, but when he fights himself he doth it in the fear of a good Christian; he compounds quarrels among his scholars, and when he hath brought the business to a good upshot he makes the reckoning.

proceed"Your brother has brought us a heavy reckoning for you and Charles.

While the storm is not yet past and the waves have not wholly subsided, it is natural that everywhere thoughtful men as true mariners are taking their reckonings to know where they are and whether the frail bark of human institutions is still sufficiently seaworthy to keep afloat.

Sir Richard then returned home, having retired that day only to avoid his creditors, and composed the pamphlet only to discharge his reckoning.

" He pronounced the latter word with an emphasis which rendered it questionable if he did not mean to pun; the more especially as he threw down his reckoning and instantly left the field to the quiet possession of Nightingale.

Joe confirmed his reckoning and, without even igniting the power, was learning to pilot the alien craft.

When it was all over and we came to cast up the reckoning we found we'd lost a hundred and fifty pounds sterlingno small loss for two young and ambitious artists to have to pocket.

A nature half-transformed, with qualities That oft betrayed each other, elements Not blent but struggling, breeding strange effects, Passing the reckoning of his friends or foes.

On December 13th the meridian altitude gave 89° 37', dead reckoning, 89° 38'.

To lessen the fear which they entertained of the length of way they had to sail, he gave out that they had only proceeded fifteen leagues that day, when the actual distance sailed was eighteen; and, to induce the people to believe that they were not so far from Spain as they really were, he resolved to keep considerably short in his reckoning during the whole voyage, though he carefully recorded the true reckoning every day in private.

Pilot and captain had both together missed their reckoning,neither of them could ever afterward tell how,and there they were, stuck fast in the sand, with the noise of breakers ahead of them, and the dense fog all around.

Unto no other end I sent for thee, But to demand a reckoning at thy hands, How well or ill thou hast employ'd my wealth.

And so like grasshoppers, whilst they sing over their cups all summer, they starve in winter; and for a little vain merriment shall find a sorrowful reckoning in the end.

'Tis a strange thing the Gulder, and not even sailors can count closely with it; for on the Dorset coast the tide makes four times a day, twice with the common flow, and twice with the Gulder, and this last being shifty and uncertain as to time, flings out many a sea-reckoning.

"I've discovered you, anyhow; and now I suggest to you that swearing won't help the reckoning between us.

The accounting, however, included no reckoning of interest on the investment or of anything else but money income and outgo.

For however Pym's bill may inflame the reckoning, the honest vermin have not so much for lying as the public faith.

He will draw a modest veil over certain still wider misses that the idle may find for themselves in his books; he prefers to count the hits and leave the reckoning of the misses to those who will find a pleasure in it.

Sir Archy tells Charlotte, "In the house of M'Sarcasm are two barons, three viscounts, six earls, one marquisate, and two dukes, besides baronets and lairds oot o' a' reckoning" (i. 1).

Because Mrs. Carberry was one of his father's patients, and Dr. Bird esteemed her very highly, Frank had postponed the reckoning just as long as he could endure the insults of the bully.

"After a long time," we read in another parable, "the Lord of those servants cometh and maketh a reckoning with them.

While thus pursuing her way through the Atlantic, she was unfortunately driven from her course, by adverse winds and currents, more to the southward and westward than was required, and it became desirable to reach the island of Tristan d'Acunha, in order to ascertain and rectify the reckoning.

45 Verbs to Use for the Word  reckonings