70 Words to use with proof

Then he caught at a proof-sheet, and catched up a laundress's bill instead; made a dart at Bloomfield's Poems, and threw them in agony aside.

From a letter to Taylor, of the London Magazine, belonging to the summer of 1821, we gather that the proof-reader had altered the last word of the third line to "air" to make it rhyme to "fair."

Surely it is not necessary to go back to the second century to find parallels for the use of 'proof texts' without reference to the context; but, as we have seen, context counts for little or nothing in these early quotations,verbal resemblance is much more important.

The consequences were many defects in plot, style, and arrangement, that were entirely owing to precipitation and inexperience; and quite as many faults, of another nature, that are to be traced solely to a bad manuscript and worse proof reading.

"During nearly two years' preparations the enemy had spared no pains to render these defences impregnable," says the Commander-in-Chief; and he goes on to describe the successive lines of deep trenches, the bomb-proof shelters, and the wire entanglements with which the war correspondence of the winter has made us at homeon paperso familiar.

BOTANY INDUSTRIES, INC. Botany wrinkle proof ties.

Incidentally it meant a rain-storm by evening, and its mysterious presage had prompted Colin to the furnishing of our knapsacks with water-proof cloaks, which, as the afternoon wore on, seemed more and more a wise provision.

In order to expedite the business, a proof house was established by government, in Lancaster-street, under an inspector from the board of ordnance.

I am the only one of the party who has a pair of water-proof boots, and I was up and out of the tent this morning before daylight cutting into cordwood a pine log, and before noon I had more than a half cord at the tent door.

One can now have fire-proof ware which is not unsightly.

It ought to have been published, but never got beyond the galley-proof stage.

The temple is believed to be the most nearly fire-proof church structure on the continent, the only combustible material used in its construction being that used in the doors and pews.

The amount of pollen was determined by exposing slips of glass, each having an area of a square centimeter, and coated with a sticky mixture of glycerine, water, proof spirit, and a little carbolic acid.

" He held out what looked like a wooden cage covered with a piece of water-proof cloth.

As the rain falls almost daily in much of the coast country, we made it a point to supply ourselves liberally with rubber boots and rain-proof clothing.

It is not a bad plan to have available one or two good warm coats for the benefit of guests, and always carry water-proof coats and lap-covers.

It was attempted to be set up that the goods belonged to citizens of the United States, but in the absence of documentary proof condemnation was decreed on the ground of hostile ownership.

"It's a good thing that we've got that new fool-proof contrivance that Mr. Wright invented, on this machine right now, because only for that you'd be giving me more than a few scares when you swing from one side to the other so quickly.

GLADSTONE A little later Mr. Gladstone sent Lady Russell a proof copy of an article by him on the Melbourne Ministry, from which the following passages are here quoted: ...

IV Arthur Dayson and his proof-correcting lost all interest and all importance for Hilda as Mr. Cannon came into the room.

He might have obtained good work as classical proof-corrector; but he feared, that, though his classical attainments were good, his training had not qualified him for the necessary accuracy.

One of Colt's rifles is a companion which should be specially cared for, and a water-proof cover should always be taken to protect the lock during showers.

In emergency, thin black oil-cloth, purchasable at any country store, makes a good water-proof covering.

But it was a fatal shell that came careening and screaming toward them, and before Conwell or his men could leap into the bomb-proof embankment, it struck the hub of the very wheel against which he leaned, and burst.

Without remembering that a large sheet of paper ought to be held in two hands, they will lay hold, with one, of an invaluable proof-engraving of some drawing which cannot be replaced, like a conceited politician laying hold of a newspaper, and passing judgment by anticipation, as he is cutting the pages, on the occurrences of the world.

70 Words to use with  proof