Which preposition to use with advising

with Occurrences 50%

At some distance of time he advised with me what books he should read in defence of the Christian Religion.

of Occurrences 39%

The Emperor wishing to keep himself advised of what was passing in the University of France, yet without attracting public attention, was wont on certain occasions to send to the University a trustworthy and intelligent person from his household, who was to bring back a report.

in Occurrences 35%

"It ain't reasonable not to hear a man's say," he advised in his most conciliatory manner, "I'm talking for all of us.

against Occurrences 35%

Overtime was advised against, a double or triple shift being recommended.

to Occurrences 12%

In 1847 the duchess was advised to winter in the south of Europe.

on Occurrences 11%

How could any one advise on such a subject?

for Occurrences 7%

Mix thoroughly, and divide into three powders, which are to be taken as advised for an infant one year old; for younger or weakly infants, divide into four powders, and give as the other.

about Occurrences 7%

"I don't know what I need to be advised about.

as Occurrences 6%

The nasal douche, so often advised as a home remedy for nasal catarrh, should be used only with great caution, and always in accordance with detailed directions from a physician.

by Occurrences 5%

"'I think he felt naturally annoyed that he had been so ill-advised by his solicitors.'

at Occurrences 4%

Now, shut your mouths, you loafers all, You vex me with your twaddle, You own a nag or big or small, A bridle and a saddle; I you advise at once be wise And waste no time in talking, Procure some bags of damaged rags And make your fortune hawking.

from Occurrences 3%

The Vrishnis will fight in the battle, while Krishna himself will merely advise from a distance.

than Occurrences 2%

But yet I think it impossible that she should have baffled me as she has done (novice as she is, and never before from under her parents' wings) had she not been armed by a virago, who was formerly very near showing that she could better advise than practise.

into Occurrences 1%

She is in a bad state of health, and is advised into the Hampstead air.

under Occurrences 1%

Had their innocence been purer than alabaster or whiter than the driven snow they were probably well advised under existing circumstances in not remaining to take their trial.

Which preposition to use with  advising