Which preposition to use with find

in Occurrences 9658%

However, a sufficient amount was found in the country, and he was able to make his journey.

at Occurrences 2678%

But on account of its settling and compacting, and the almost constant waste from melting and evaporation, the average depth actually found at any time seldom exceeds ten feet in the forest region, or fifteen feet along the slopes of the summit peaks.

on Occurrences 1021%

being as shrewd a man as you could find on a summer's day: for he could see, as they say, before and behind.

among Occurrences 492%

They are found among the broken rocks where the shores are bold and bluff, or near the mouths of the cold brooks that come down from the hills.

for Occurrences 388%

"And I've a hunch that that ship is not a lucky find for this ship.

with Occurrences 267%

There was the beginning of a log in the ensign's handwriting, which Ives had found with high excitement and read with bitter disappointment.

of Occurrences 230%

The earliest mention that I have been able to find of the wild sheep in America is by Father Picolo, a Catholic missionary at Monterey, in the year 1797, who, after describing it, oddly enough, as "a kind of deer with a sheep-like head, and about as large as a calf one or two years old," naturally hurries on to remark: "I have eaten of these beasts; their flesh is very tender and delicious."

to Occurrences 201%

"I may be a prejudiced judge, but I believe the whole secret of these continued successes is to be found to the kind of training that comes with the playing of America's national game, and our competitors in other lands may never hope to reach the standard of American athletes until they learn this lesson and adopt our pastime.

by Occurrences 183%

On the top of the copper chest and on the outside, we had as much of the lunar metal (which I shall henceforth call lunarium) as we found by calculation and experiment, would overcome the weight of the machine, as well as its contents, and take us to the moon on the third day.

from Occurrences 116%

I longed to have speech with her, but I found from the servant that Doctor Blair had left that morning on a journey of pastoral visitation, and had taken her with him.

within Occurrences 112%

I drew away to leave him room, with mingled pity and horror that this poor wretch should be the partner of the only shelter I could find within so short a time of my arrival.

near Occurrences 90%

Those in advance seemed inclined to cross his path, as if to turn him towards the centre of the lake, while those behind went further and further from the shore, as if to surround him; and thus they travelled for near half a mile, Mark making for the open water, which in the coldest weather is always to be found near the outlet of the lake, determined, if they came to close quarters, to take to that and swim for it.

under Occurrences 82%

"I have examined the ironwork of the window, sir," he said, "and have found under the magnifying-glass traces of the fraying of a rope as though caused by friction against the iron staple.

amongst Occurrences 68%

Numerous examples are to be found amongst the Roxburgh Ballads.

as Occurrences 66%

Who found as Men'twas impossible to enjoy 'em, And therefore try'd this Stratagem.

about Occurrences 58%

ROBERT ADAMSON, New York, writing from the office of Mayor Gaynor, says:"Seeing the Giants play is my principal recreation and I am interested in reading everything I can find about the game.

without Occurrences 52%

"That's one of the adventures that I went out into the wilderness arter, and found without lookin' for it; and I've found a good many others that put me and Crop in a tight place more than once.

than Occurrences 49%

Being back in the home town, where would Midshipman Darrin be more naturally found than in the parlor at the home of his sweetheart, Miss Belle Meade?

between Occurrences 49%

As I have told you no glove was found between the gate at Riversbrook and the room in which Sir Horace was murdered.

after Occurrences 48%

The nearest approach to a mention that we find after that is in the Book of Psalms: "To bind their kings in chains and their nobles in fetters of iron."

along Occurrences 38%

Humming-birds, too, are quite common here, and the robin is always found along the margin of the stream, or out in the shallowest portions of the sod, and sometimes the grouse and mountain quail, with their broods of precious fluffy chickens.

against Occurrences 30%

" "Is it also true that no direct evidence could be found against him?"

throughout Occurrences 28%

These animals are found throughout the plains, living together in a sort of society; their numberless burrows in their "towns" adjoin each other, so that great care is necessary in riding through these places, as the ground is so undermined as often to fall in under the weight of a horse.

beneath Occurrences 26%

They passed to and fro about the country, carrying off all they found beneath their hands.

out Occurrences 26%

After an ordinary passage, except great mortality from small pox, which broke out on board, we arrived at the island of Barbadoes: but when we reached it, there were found out of the two hundred and sixty that sailed from Africa, not more than two hundred alive.

Which preposition to use with  find