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Which preposition to use with  find

Which preposition to use with find

However, a sufficient amount was found in the country, and he was able to make his journey.

But on account of its settling and compacting, and the almost constant waste from melting and evaporation, the average depth actually found at any time seldom exceeds ten feet in the forest region, or fifteen feet along the slopes of the summit peaks.

being as shrewd a man as you could find on a summer's day: for he could see, as they say, before and behind.

They are found among the broken rocks where the shores are bold and bluff, or near the mouths of the cold brooks that come down from the hills.

"And I've a hunch that that ship is not a lucky find for this ship."

Ives had found with high excitement and read with bitter disappointment.

The earliest mention that I have been able to find of the wild sheep in America is by Father Picolo, a Catholic missionary at Monterey, in the year 1797, who, after describing it, oddly enough, as "a kind of deer with a sheep-like head, and about as large as a calf one or two years old," naturally hurries on to remark: "I have eaten of these beasts; their flesh is very tender and delicious."

Ah, Antonio, I find by that sad look of yours, you have over-heard our hasty Doom.

"I may be a prejudiced judge, but I believe the whole secret of these continued successes is to be found to the kind of training that comes with the playing of America's national game, and our competitors in other lands may never hope to reach the standard of American athletes until they learn this lesson and adopt our pastime.

I drew away to leave him room, with mingled pity and horror that this poor wretch should be the partner of the only shelter I could find within so short a time of my arrival.

I longed to have speech with her, but I found from the servant that Doctor Blair had left that morning on a journey of pastoral visitation, and had taken her with him.

Those in advance seemed inclined to cross his path, as if to turn him towards the centre of the lake, while those behind went further and further from the shore, as if to surround him; and thus they travelled for near half a mile, Mark making for the open water, which in the coldest weather is always to be found near the outlet of the lake, determined, if they came to close quarters, to take to that and swim for it.

"I have examined the ironwork of the window, sir," he said, "and have found under the magnifying-glass traces of the fraying of a rope as though caused by friction against the iron staple.

Who found as Men'twas impossible to enjoy 'em, And therefore try'd this Stratagem.

As I have told you no glove was found between the gate at Riversbrook and the room in which Sir Horace was murdered.

ROBERT ADAMSON, New York, writing from the office of Mayor Gaynor, says:"Seeing the Giants play is my principal recreation and I am interested in reading everything I can find about the game.

These animals are found throughout the plains, living together in a sort of society; their numberless burrows in their "towns" adjoin each other, so that great care is necessary in riding through these places, as the ground is so undermined as often to fall in under the weight of a horse.

Numerous examples are to be found amongst the Roxburgh Ballads.

Over the heart of criminals who have paid with their lives, no matter by what immediate agency, for wrong to us, is found after death the image of a small blood-red star; the only case in which any of our sacred symbols are exposed to profane eyes.

He opened the box, found inside a silk napkin, which he opened, and in which he found seven folds.

Humming-birds, too, are quite common here, and the robin is always found along the margin of the stream, or out in the shallowest portions of the sod, and sometimes the grouse and mountain quail, with their broods of precious fluffy chickens.

"That's one of the adventures that I went out into the wilderness arter, and found without lookin' for it; and I've found a good many others that put me and Crop in a tight place more than once.

he Yosemite birds are easily found during the winter because all of them excepting the Ouzel are restricted to the sunny north side of the valley, the south side being constantly eclipsed by the great frosty shadow of the wall.

Being back in the home town, where would Midshipman Darrin be more naturally found than in the parlor at the home of his sweetheart, Miss Belle Meade?

They clutched at school memories of Columbus, Americans finding through him the way to Spain, as through him Spaniards had found the way to America.

There are always to be found around every frontier post some men who will sell whisky to the Indians at any time and under any circumstances, notwithstanding it is a flagrant violation of both civil and military regulations.

"Is it also true that no direct evidence could be found against him?" "That also is true, monsieur.

He related what Birchill had said when arrested, and declared that he was positive that the footprints found outside the kitchen window were made by the boots produced in court which Birchill had been wearing at the time he was arrested.

After an ordinary passage, except great mortality from small pox, which broke out on board, we arrived at the island of Barbadoes: but when we reached it, there were found out of the two hundred and sixty that sailed from Africa, not more than two hundred alive.

They passed to and fro about the country, carrying off all they found beneath their hands.

The monogram is hardly to be found before the time of Constantine, and, as it is very frequently met with in the inscriptions from the catacombs, it affords an easy means, in the absence of a more specific date, for determining a period earlier than which any special inscription bearing it cannot have originated.

The cones are green while growing, and are usually found over all the tree, forming quite a marked feature as seen against the bluish-gray foliage.

"Look at this skull, JOHN McLAUGHLIN," he says, referring to an object that he has found behind the ladder.

The next day they were found across the street with Jerry Andrews' pigeons, as unconcerned as you please.

They won't be no trails left to find above the timberline.

Even in those early days experts were of opinion that oil might be found below the croppings of bituminous rock by any pioneer enterprising enough to bore for it.

The two little ones both tried hard to put the biggest strawberries they had found into the mouths of their mother and uncle.

Given the most perfect scientific methods, you will find beyond abysses which you are powerless to explore."

A cold October rain fell; but he was not found until morning, when he was carried home more dead than alive.

Such is the tragic necessity which strict science finds underneath our domestic and neighborly life, irresistibly driving each adult soul as with whips into the desert, and making our warm covenants sentimental and momentary.

For this, it is infinitely superior to the stag; for the real sportsman can only enjoy that chase when the deer is sought for and found like other game which are pursued with hounds.

The resolution proved to be a good one; for when night came on, the Persians were found off their guard, many of them being intoxicated, and the havoc and destruction committed among them by the Tartars was dreadful.

Unable from his lameness, says Hobhouse, to be of any assistance, he in a short time was found amid the trembling sailors, fast asleep.

I did not find the courage to tell her then what we had found aboard the Namur, although I could not prevent my own eyes from wandering constantly toward the doomed vessel.

Before she went from the doctor's room she destroyed those colored collars that were found beside the body.

The result is that perfect snow can often be found alongside the beaten track, and when this gets spoilt, it is only necessary to go a little further afield in order to get a good run.

Transportation Security Administration said Monday at the more than 300 guns found via security screenings represent a three-fold increase in the number of weapons found in July 2019.

"You find Olinto a good servant, I suppose?"

His body was found past the spring at the mouth of the river, seven miles below where he made his fatal leap.

The Whistler family is of English origin, and is found toward the end of the 15th century in Oxfordshire, at Goring and Whitchurch, on the Thames.

Woe on the poor girl who with ticket 2, 7, was found opposite a youth marked 5, 9!

All the same one found pointsfor instance, his desire that someone (apparently England for choice!) should colonise Macedonia; and his most right and appropriate plea for fairer recognition of those who have sacrificed their health in the national service.

Sam, he found Re and La. And in the course of two months we got so we could play Old Hundred.

As he stood before his two new-found friendsfor such Haines now considered the Mississippian and his daughterhe could not suppress feelings of surprise tinged with uncertainty.

And what explanation would you have given for having found themfor having come over here in defiance of your orders from Inspector Chippenfield?" "The true explanation, sir," said the butler, with a mild note of protest in his voice.

"Brother Paul found themfound us having a sรฉance with the Shamรกn."

Cite her by thy apparitors to come and receive a robe of honor, but she will be found en contumace.

By it the French Government engage to pay a sum which, if not quite equal to that which may be found due to our citizens, will yet, it is believed, under all circumstances, be deemed satisfactory by those interested.

She went with the intrepid old lady (who continued to ignore the revolution as much as possible) wherever they could find distractionto the play and to the houses of their friends still left in Paris, where a little dinner or a game of quinze or whist could still be enjoyed.

Originally intended to form a part of the volume afterwards published as the Sentimental Journey, it was found necessaryunder pressure, it is to be supposed, of insufficient matterto work them up instead into an interpolated seventh volume of Tristram Shandy.

It is produced like Indigo, from the plant chiefly found towards the head of Essequibo, Parima, and Rio Negro.

Charlotta, of late so timid and alarmed while she thought Horatio was in question, was now all calmness and composure, when she found de Coigney the person for whom she had been suspected.

"Then he found outabout the murder?" he gasped.

Another evil sprite was the Clobher-ceann, "a jolly, red-faced, drunken little fellow," always "found astride of a wine-butt" singing and drinking from a full tankard in a hard drinker's cellar, and bound by his appearance to bring its owner to speedy ruin.

We found lowland Nature still the same; Ayboljockameegus was flowing still; so was Penobscot; no pirate had made way with the birch; we embarked and paddled to camp.

The children of such a father could only be found amidst the lowest dregs of the Parisian population; fit instruments for the infamous work which was afterwards to be done.]

That did not alarm me much, for I was confident that I had left it on the refectory table, and would find itlike my silver chestsjust where I had left them.

It is certain that even this is larger than the reality, because it has been found impossiblewithout an excessive expenditure of time and labourto trace the cases of men being sent from one ship to another, and thus appearing twice over, or oftener, as 'prest' men.