21 adjectives to describe kneels

No other sheep were near; the Lamb was all alone, And by a slender cord was tethered to a stone; With one knee on the grass did the little maiden kneel, While to that mountain Lamb she gave its evening meal.

[ALIBECH kneels, and kisses her dead sister.

Not long ago, a mountain kneeled on a little mining village as an angry elephant kneels; but it did not get up again, and the half of that camp was no more seen on earth.

Now, at this moment, through the gray light, and across the candles, I can see him leaning against the font, while Barbara kneels with bent head at his feet, completing the ornamentation of the pedestal.

Since the night when Tisquantum had seen his young captive kneel in prayer, and had questioned him as to the object of his worship, he had never spoken to him on the subject of his religion; and, Henrich had feared to address the stern old Chief, or to introduce a theme which, though constantly present to his own mind, and the source of all his consolation, would, probably, he rejected with scorn and contempt by the Sachem.

A cardinal kneels behind him but there is no other ecclesiastic among the seventeen courtiers standing behind.

The programme is this: First, they enter the cathedral, kneel at the glistening shrine of the black crucifix, kiss its golden slipper, and hear mass.

Yon hoary form, with aspect mild, Deserted kneels by anguish prest, And seeks from Heav'n his long-lost child, To smooth the path that leads to rest!

His foeman kneels by his side, And raises his head to his knee Oh, God!

I, late his boast, his heir, his pride, Must like a guilty vassal kneel; I, who was gallant Edwin's bride, Must to my widow'd state appeal!

Isaac kneels in the attitude of a submissive victim, though his head is turned aside, as if attracted by the rush of pinions through the air; while Abraham has but just lifted his hand, and the sacrifice is only suggested as a possibility by the naked knife.

On the left kneel four femalesthe mother, the grandmother, and two daughters.

A lovely little girl kneels at the feet of the Doge, but there is no compassion in his stern features, and it is easy to see that her father is doomed.

MARIAN kneels down.

Even in the most debased forms of fetichism, where the negro kneels in reverential awe before the shrine of some uncouth and misshapen idol, which his own hands, perhaps, have made, the act of adoration, degrading as the object may be, is nevertheless an acknowledgment of the longing need of the worshipper to throw himself upon the support of some unknown power higher than his own sphere.

It is something like that which happens when the pilgrim kneels on Easter Night.

Piero himself in scarlet kneels in the middle; Giuliano, his second son, doomed to an early death by assassination, is kneeling on his right.

sit, sit down; couch, squat, crouch, stoop, bend, bow; courtesy, curtsy; bob, duck, dip, kneel; bend the knee, bow the knee, bend the head, bow the head; cower; recline &c (be horizontal) 213.

165 As with raised hands the suppliant traitors kneel

Descending from the sky and floating through the arches are three of the Apostles, while one who has just alighted from his aërial transit kneels and folds his hands in adoration.

In a curious picture by Francesco da Cotignola, Mary stands on a sculptured pedestal, in the midst of an architectural decoration of many-coloured marbles, most elaborately painted: through an opening is seen a distant landscape, and the blue sky; on her right stands St. John the Baptist, pointing upwards; on her left St. Francis, adoring; the votary kneels in front.

21 adjectives to describe  kneels