16 Verbs to Use for the Word getting

When we reached the spot selected for the sacrifice, the crowd that had there assembled, was not so great as to prevent our getting near the funeral pile; but the numbers continued to augment, until nothing could be seen from the slight eminence on which I stood, but one dense mass of heads, all looking one way, and expressing the intense interest they felt.

Zey forget France make it possibul for zem to conquaire Engalande an' get ze freedom zey ware aftaire.

Here is a little box, Containing all my gettings twenty year, Which is mine own, and no man's but mine own: This they would rifle, this I do defend, And about this we only do contend.

It is not meant here to discuss the question of how many of the restrictions that control the getting of property are wise and how many are foolish; it is only meant to give the facts as they affect life and conduct.

The two were discussing the getting of despatches through to Beauregard, and decided no one could succeed but a fellow they called Billie, some relative or friend of Hardy's.

They want to run about and fool around an get by.

She had invented thatto get into the house where she had arrived now so unexpectedly.

Now, shepherds' purses are crisp, and crackle to the touch, and sometimes I have known a pebble get inside one and rattle like a pea in a drum; and this little bag that I pulled out was dry too, and crackling, and had something of the size of a small pebble that rattled in the inside of it.

Perhaps they have had a small estate left them, which they knew not the getting of.

For those like Dawson who begin quite at the bottom, the rule seems to be inverted: the more work one does, the less pay one gets.

Their mimicry became at length annoying, and precluded our getting at any of their words or ideas.

Your modest man stands behind in the crowd, is shoved about by every body, his cloaths tore, almost squeezed to death, and sees a thousand get in before him, that don't make so good a figure as himself.

"But if there be a greater yet, A king or god whom he doth fear, My service he shall no more get, My strength shall rust no longer here.

Not one farthing above that shalt thou get."

Folco concluded with explaining how Rahab had come into the third Heaven, and with denouncing the indifference of popes and cardinals (those adulterers of the Church) to every thing but accursed money-getting.

On December 13, 1841, he says in a letter to Vail: "We are all somewhat crippled, and I most of all, being obliged to superintend the getting up of a set of machinery complete, and to make the greater part myself, and without a cent of money....

16 Verbs to Use for the Word  getting