29 Metaphors for abilities

Yes, Ability is a rare article.

The ability to perceive Nature, when translated into art, is, however, a possession which this painter shares with many.

And the ability to "see a joke" is the infallible American test of the sense of humor.

But while there may be a question as to the existence of precocity in the young lad, there does not appear to be any reason for believing that his unusual abilities were the result of direct heredity.

We discovered further, what no one had ever told us, that the ability to speak French, however poorly, is rather a drawback in learning any less universal language, because the best company in any nation will usually have some knowledge of French, and this tempts one to remain on neutral ground and be lazy.

I have since learned that this ability to laugh heartily is, in part, the salvation of the American Negro; it does much to keep him from going the way of the Indian.

And his remarkable ability to photograph whole pages of his text books on his memory was another powerful ally.

It does not matter that my Bohemian friend's musical abilities are slender.

and I do not know whether most of our orators have not excelled more in genius than in learning; therefore, they have been able to speak better than they could teach, while our ability is perhaps just the contrary.

The ability to determine exactly what images the writer suggests, and what ideas his language expresses, is the first requisite of scholarship and an important element of success in life.

The ability to quote exactly is an accomplishment well worth acquiring.

The ability to support our own cause under any trial to which it may be exposed is the great point on which the public solicitude rests.

It was a natural complaint, though in fact the ability or want of ability displayed by the ministers was a matter of but slight practical importance, so completely had the Assembly engrossed the whole power of the State; but in the course of the autumn some changes were made, one of which for a time certainly added to the comfort of the sovereigns.

Administrative ability is as much a native gift as the poet's voice or the actor's grace, and the managers of any large business are always on the lookout for it.

The ability to influence others is a sure sign of the possession of this psychic power.

The ability to live and thrive under adverse circumstances is the surest guaranty of the future.

The object answered: Fox's abilities are amazing at so very early a period, especially under the circumstances of such a dissolute life.

The annexed extract from his observations on English writers on America is an equally elegant specimen of genuine American feeling:"When the ability to calumniate is the only power which has survived the gradual encroachment of bowels upon intellect in Great Britain, it would be a pity to rob the English even of this miserable evidence of mind ...

The ability to observe accurately the classes of objects named below, and to appreciate descriptions of such objects when made by others, is a desirable acquisition.

His cruises, his explorations, and his methods, combined with his attractive personality, gave him unique power as a teacher; and many of his biographers think that of all his gifts, the ability to instruct was the most conspicuous.

Ability and integrity were the only passports to his favour, while bigotry and injustice were anathemas to him.

NATURAL ABILITY Another achievement of the psychanalysts is the recognition of the influence of organic and functional inferiorities of the individual upon the history of his personality.

This ability in the arena was the chief cause of the emperor's anger against him,an anger prompted by jealousy.

The ability displayed in it is a sufficient compensation.

Eloquence is no objection, but executive ability is the thing most needed.

29 Metaphors for  abilities