11 adjectives to describe doer

"He who aideth an evil-doer is enemy to the good!" BELTANE.

If, after listening to a sermon that has by implication denounced the dishonesties he has been guilty of, the rich ill-doer finds, on leaving church, that his neighbours cap to him; does not this tacit approval go far to neutralise the effect of all he has heard?

The good man, in Psalm xv., non accipit opprobrium, doth not take up, or accept, a reproach against his neighbour: "but a wicked doer," saith the wise man, "giveth heed to false lips, and a liar giveth ear to a naughty tongue."

Be ye doers of the Word, not hearers only."

The rapidity and the order with which this torch-light scene was acted, without a single accident among the numerous doers, has excited the wonder of almost all its early historians.

A restless, inexhaustible energy makes them perpetual doers and workers, who get up early in the morning, flit about all day, retire late, and frequently suffer from insomnia, planning in bed what they are to do next day.

Relinquish my right over the principal doer of the evil, and receive the unsupported pledge of a subordinate's word!

Justice, lame-footed as she is, at length overtook a pair of notorious evil-doers.

The building is cruciform in shape, and has a strong, yet tastefully-finished, galleried transept, approached by collateral doers, which also give ingress to the church on the ground floor.

We were not able to see the grave of William Sherwood, that humble but hopeful wrong-doer who lies under the chiselled words, "A Great sinner Waiting for a joyfull Resurrection.

"He were an old man to wander off alone, and there's allays evil-doers round about for the unprotected.

11 adjectives to describe  doer