41 Metaphors for attention

Internal attention is application or advertence of the mind.

External attention is attention of such a kind that it excludes every exterior action physically incompatible with the recitation of the officee.g., to write or type a letter, to listen attentively to those conversing, are acts incompatible with the simultaneous recitation of the office.

He became quite wild then, and said he would kill himself with grief; and such a lot of things about love; but I was so wanting to join in the farandole againwe heard them coming nearerthat my attention was all on that, and I did not listen much.

The Dyaks themselves clearly understand that such attentions are mere bids for favors.

But I suppose that all reasonable people now believe that scrupulous attention to personal cleanliness, freshness, and neatness is a Christian duty.

In weighing the evidence, we must bear in mind, that the much greater public attention at present paid to such matters, is itself a source of erroris apt to generate the belief that evils now becoming recognised, are evils that have recently arisen; when in truth they have merely been hitherto disregarded, or less regarded.

The scene of judgment on which attention is concentrated forms but an episode in the universal, sempiternal scheme of things.

The prior, whose curiosity was strongly excited, took the stranger apart, and discovering who he was, shewed him all the attention becoming his fame; and then Dante took a little book out of his bosom, aid observing that perhaps the prior had not seen it, expressed a wish to leave it with his new friend as a memorial.

The two natural features which would attract, perhaps, the most special attention of the traveller are the two Inches, North and South, divided by the city.

The first piece of his which claims our attention is a satira entitled Egle, which was privately performed at the author's house in February, 1545, and again the following month in the presence of Duke Ercole and his brother, the Cardinal Ippolito d' Este.[401]

His attentions to the young widow soon became a subject of general conversation, and, at last, the report reached the ears of M. d'Ablaincourt.

The first consideration that claims our attention is the reverence due to the senate, to the great council of the nation, which ought always to be consulted when any important design is formed, or any new measures adopted; especially if they are such as cannot be defeated by being made publick, and such as an uncommon degree of expense is necessary to support.

Non-attention to this is a capital error; and, if persisted in, must be followed with dismissal.

This steady and undissipated attention to one object is a sure mark of a superior genius, as hurry, bustle, and agitation are the never-failing symptoms of a weak and frivolous mind.

The theory of trade is yet but little understood, and, therefore, the practice is often without real advantage to the publick; but it might be carried on with more general success, if its principles were better considered; and to excite that attention is our chief design.

Though attention to prisoners was the mission to which Friend Hopper peculiarly devoted the last years of his life, his sympathy for the slaves never abated.

The only business that really claims their earnest attention is love, making conquests, and everything connected with thisdress, dancing, and so on.

Indeed, the calm, impersonal interest that he displayed in Thorndyke's analysis, his unmoved attention, punctuated by little nods of approval at each telling point in the argument, were the most surprising features of this astounding interview.

From praise of hands, no sure account he draws, But fix'd attention is, sincere applause.

Attention in reading the hours is a much more discussed and much more difficult mental effort.

She is flattered into the belief that his attention to her is purely the result of friendship and benevolence.

Intention is an act of the will; attention is an act of the understanding.

he answered, "I know which I had rather read" (meaning the Odyssey).' 'Composition is, for the most part, an effort of slow diligence and steady perseverance, to which the mind is dragged by necessity or resolution, and from which the attention is every moment starting to more delightful amusements.'

Superficial attention is that advertence of soul which applies itself to the correct recitation of the words, avoiding errors of pronunciation, mutilation, transposition, etc., etc. II.

Feeding a guest is equivalent to a sacrifice, and the pleasant looks the host casteth upon the guest, the attention he devoteth to him, the sweet words in which he addresseth him, the respect he payeth by following him, and the food and drink with which he treateth him, are the five Dakshinas in that sacrifice.

41 Metaphors for  attention