5 Words to use with brasen

35 First, th'Earth, on adamantine pillers founded Amid the Sea, engirt with brasen bands; Then th'Aire, still flitting, but yet firmely bounded On everie side with pyles of flaming brands, Never consum'd, nor quencht with mortall hands; 40 And last, that mightie shining cristall wall, Wherewith he hath encompassed this all.

Which he hath made in beauty excellent, And in the same, as in a brasen booke, 130 To read enregistred in every nooke His goodnesse, which his beautie doth declare; For all thats good is beautifull and faire.

Oij): 'The prynters haue founde a crafte to make bokes by brasen letters sette in ordre by a frame,' which is thus latinized: 'Chalcographi artem excogitauerunt imprimendi libros qua literæ formis æreis excudunt.'

In which they see such admirable things, 260 As carries them into an extasy; And heare such heavenly notes and carolings Of Gods high praise, that filles the brasen sky; And feele such ioy and pleasure inwardly, That maketh them all worldly cares forget, 265 And onely thinke on that before them set.

O, who shall powre into my swollen eyes 115 A sea of teares that never may be dryde, A brasen voice that may with shrilling cryes Pierce the dull heavens and fill the ayër wide, And yron sides that sighing may endure, To waile the wretchednes of world impure!

5 Words to use with  brasen