10 Words to use with lasses

Lo! a white goat, and twins, I keep for thee: Mermnon's lass covets them: dark she is of skin: But yet hers be they; thou but foolest me.

Lastly, there are scattered throughout the play not a few graphic touches, as when Mercury at sight of Oenone exclaims: Dare wage my wings the lass doth love, she looks so bleak and thin!

zu mir schauen, Deine Hülf versage mir nicht; Lass mich nicht vergeblich schreien, Sondern hör und lass gedeihen; So will ich, Gott, halten still, Gott, dein Will ist auch mein Will.

Like to fair Will, I have no title to my ditty, but thus it runs: "O Lady mine, the spring is here, With a hey nonny nonny; The sweet love season of the year, With a ninny ninny nonny; Now lad and lass Lie in the grass That groweth green With flowers between.

"I kess," said Amos, "it mus' have peen your team I put in de parn lass night.

"Thet's the lass noo.

cruel o' thee to play an innicent trustin' lass sich a trick.

Maids of Pieria, of my slim lass sing!

Lass täglich deine Huld und Macht Um meine Schwachheit schweben!

Ye'll be kenin' the lass thet helps in the boardin' shack where you and the bosses eat?" "La Vaune?" grinned Barney, poking Bruce in the ribs.

10 Words to use with  lasses