13 Verbs to Use for the Word high

It seemed as if, agreeably to Indian fable, Ishkwondameka himself was raising a tempest mountain high for some sinister purposes of his own.

Its reader cast a wide look over the heads of the dancers and lifting the missive high beckoned with it to Mandeville.

Euery Shoomakers or Taylors wife will haue a gowne of silke, and one to carie vp her traine, wearing their shooes very neere halfe a yarde high from the ground: if a stranger meete one of them, he will surely thinke by the state that she goeth with, that he meeteth a Lady.

Her scarlet, buckled shoes they clicked, her heels a-twinkling high; With mistletoe her steeple-hat bobbed as she capered by; But never a dint, or mark, or print, in the whiteness for to see, Though danced she high, though danced she fast, though danced she lissomely.

Thrust and parry HIGH.

But this we bring is but to serve the time, A poor device to pass the day withal: To loftier points of skill we dare not climb, Lest (perking over-high) with shame we fall.

The Lakerimmers piled the coal high in their stoves, and piled their overcoats, and even the rugs from the floor, over their beds.

It came up from the east for full ten miles, an advancing column of tall ghostly cumuli, leaden, above a leaden sea; and slid toward the island, whose lines seemed to leap up once to meet them; fail; then, in a second leap, to plunge the crater-peak high into the mist; and then to sink down again into the western sea, so gently that the line of shore and sea was indistinguishable.

My watch ticked on, "When you live on a marsh where the tide may suddenly rise house-high without warning, if you are a wise man, you will keep a boat always moored at the door.

But I will seeke out some high slipperie close Where every step shall reache the gate of death, That feare may make thee cease to follow me.

There is a break between his endeavor to exalt the absolute high above the phenomenal world of individual existence, and, at the same time, to bring the former into the closest possible conjunction with the latter, to make it dwell thereina break between the transcendent and immanent conceptions of the idea of God.

It was a long time before I could turn my eyes from her, and thought to myself, Lord, one can't tell the high from the low nowadays!

But was it where he fell two-story-high From a window-ledge, on which he had fallen asleep And rose up free from injury?

13 Verbs to Use for the Word  high